All in a Button's Time

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A flash fiction, which revolves around the story of two young kids and their mischievous activities in the 'Weapons Research Center of Australia'...

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



“I wonder what will happen if I press this…” says Juno, touching the button inquisitively. “Don’t!” shouts Ira, warily. Too late! Juno jabs the button with his finger.


Half an hour ago…

“Ma’am, can we move on to the next missile? We’ve already spent an hour ‘discussing’ this one.” pleaded Juno uninterestedly.

“Juno, you are looking at the most potentially dangerous weapon made to boost Australia’s defense and military” explained their teacher. “Children gather along, did you know, this tin bomber is made of highly reactive material whose electrons explode in contact with heat. Come I’ll show you the interiors…”

“Ughh… you know what, Ira, I’m outta here,” muttered Juno as Ira followed him into the subsidiary block.

“Shouldn’t we probably be asking ma’am to let us?”

“You seriously think I care? Anyways, she’ll be in the same spot for the next 2 hours. Where do you think the restroom is?” asked Juno.

“Oh, the sign behind says that way…I probably shouldn’t be accompanying you…” said Ira as she pointed.

“Just help me find it…” Juno started walking where he saw a button. “Why is there a doorbell to a restroom?”

“I don’t know, but you should ring it…its good manners.”

“But it says ‘DO NOT PRESS’, but it’s OK, gotta alert the fellow inside, others are waiting, too”


“Why is there a countdown happening” asked Ira.

“It’ll probably be to make the guy hurry up. Dude, come faster!”  A moment later, a few scientists ran in and stood puzzled at the children.

“God…please don’t tell me they pressed the button.” one prayed as they started coming closer.

“What are you kids doing in the laboratory anyways?” one asked angrily, “There’s a board for a reason.”

“Laboratory…?” Juno shook his head in disbelief, “Ira, you ‘actually’ read ‘laboratory’ as ‘lavatory’? Well then…we’re dead”

In the distance, the missile started vibrating and gradually took off, leaving their teacher in a layer of soot.

“Wow…ma’am! Well, that’s what happens if you want to see the interiors!” said Ira casually as she walked off.

The scientists came to them; “You kids better stay out of this…That missile can wipe out half of Asia and its neighbors. Bet, you don’t know how much trouble you’re in” said the tallest. “The Australian council will take good care of you.”

“Dude, what are you gonna say?” asked Ira inquisitively as they walked off.

“I’ll say it’s because of my dimwit-of-a-friend who mistook ‘laboratory’ for ‘lavatory’!”

“Dude, where do you think it’s headed?”


“She said in Asia”




The tall scientist came towards them. “Try finding a red button with ‘DESTROY’ on it. Don’t you dare press anything, just locate!”

“Pfft…Way too bossy for my liking. I think we should probably help, you know.” said Juno as he got up to search. All the people in the room started searching frantically for it.

Suddenly Ira pulled Juno aside. “Dude, what if we destroy the missile with another one?”

“My luck’s so great, it’ll probably miss and both will hit Asia.”

“No, Juno…this can happen; just without the others knowing…please!”

“And as usual, I … oblige.”

Secretly, they went into another room and set the path just like its predecessor. All was set, and Juno had his hand over the button.

“I’m gonna regret this…” and he pressed.

There was a quick countdown and before anyone else could register, the missile was off. In a quick flash, the missile caught up to the other and caused a major explosion.

“Yay! I always knew I was too young to go to jail” cried Juno in joy.

“Nah, there’s always still juvenile” said Ira as she slumped with exhaustion.

“Dude, you’re making me feel depressed”

At that moment, everyone came running in.

“Hey look, it’s our sooty teacher,” said Juno energetically.

“Ma’am, when’s our next field trip?”

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