Incendiary The Temporary

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Believe it or not this short story stemmed off of pure anger.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



Incendiary The Temporary

By: PikalekThePikaPikachu on

Believe it or not this short story stemmed off of pure anger.


Since the day I was born, a mask of untold proportions was mine


The first doctor to ever lay his eyes on me fell upon his knees with unexpected heart failure


My brother laid his hand on my shoulder, and his arms popped off


At school all the kids sitting next to me had sudden breath loss


Staring at the chalkboard for too long could start a sudden flame, and I didn’t have glasses


Whosoever name I’d call would cause them a nose bleed


Couldn’t make friends because off all the terror and fear I cause


Just thinking of somebody would increase their heart rate, and they’d even sweat


Sometimes I’d think death would leave me alone because of fear


Laugh at me, and I’ll laugh at you


Your eardrums will pop, and you’ll bleed out


I just want to be like everyone else


Not this freak of nature


They don’t give me a chance


I can’t control this power


My name could make your spine shiver


I ignore everyone, and they stare at me


I look at them, and they ignore me


Now doing homeschooling, but it has complications


Supposedly everytime I hit the enter button somebodies tooth falls out


Tired at night, I leaned against a wall


A young boys ceiling collapsed on him in his sleep a few blocks down


In the morning I ate my cereal


My neighbors cereal became poisonous, and became evident days later when they found his body


Every step on the way home would cause a pipe to leak in somebody's house


It turns out I’m not really immortal


I grow more pale and fragile every day


A life full of misery and disarray


© Copyright 2018 PikalekThePikaPikachu. All rights reserved.

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