My Reflection

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I had a dream once that my reflection was talking back to me

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Two years ago, I was in my room all alone in the house with no one in sight and I pretty much used to it; So I see myself get up from my bed and I start doing my normal daily routines and I saw a note on the fridge where it said At Work and my younger brother was with his dad and now I had the house all to myself. 

Also while I was home alone I kept myself occupied, by doing some household chores,listening to music and etc. anyway I was just doing my own thing until I start hearing a voice and I thought I was being mind trick by my own subconscious which happens all the time but I didn't think to much of it so I just ignore and continue on with my relaxation.

Later, the voice got louder as if it were trying to get my attention and I realized that I wasn't home alone and there was someone inside my home but I said "no it can't be I live on the second floor; how can someone break in" so I thought to myself that either I should go out there and see for myself or stay in my room with the door locked and stay very quiet.

The Voice got even louder and I know for sure I wasn't going to be a coward so I decided to open my door to confront it and I walk to every room inside my home and suprisely they were all empty; so I grabbed a weapon just in case to protect myself from the worse.

Finally, I said "show yourself you motherf*cker" yeah I actually can't believe I swear in my dream then the voice got all quiet and then I heard in my room as I walked in but then I heard what it say " If there's a problem with your family; I would be glad to help you out" and I asked "how do you know about my family"? The voice explained to me "because their my family too" then I said "but I don't have any other siblings just the one... my brother". 

Conversation continues ... The voice said "but I am your family just not the one you think and I was told we have a lot in common" now it was time for big reveal on who the voice was?

When I turn around and looked towards my mirror I realized it was ME my reflection actually was the one messing with my mind but there was something odd about my reflection it had an evil grin and seem to me that it want to do a favor for me and I said to myself was my reflection from another dimension or possessed by parnormal figure?. Then my reflection told me that "we both come from different worlds but we shared the same mindset expect I'm more like you but the opposite of your personality; which is kindness", also I know what your I really that insane? You might be quite right about that you see I have no desired to harm you and if I did then I would no longer exist in my world as exact from yours and in my world everything is the total opposite; so I hope things turns out swell for either one of us. 

I was so mind blown that I couldn't move despite the fact my reflection made me uncomfortable which is why I turn the mirror around to say goodbye and it said "till we meet again" with an evil grin.


 It turned out to be a dream and then woke up in the real world; now since I dreamt about that creepy experience from now till this year I no longer have a tall mirror in my room. 


The End

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