Reinventing Myself

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Making a new Me!

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Reinventing Myself


It’s way past time, I know it’s true;

it’s something way past overdue,

I need to reinvent myself

so what shall I take off the shelf.


A whole new body, a whole new face,

too many parts otherwise to replace;

the hair? I’ll go for spiky black,

an effort to deflect attack.


But for the rest, I won’t be gentle;

my personality, faults that are mental.

I’m going to change radically

there won’t be so much left of me.


Confidence, I do not have at all,

So some of that, don’t make it small;

a sense of humor that other’s see,

not many with my own agree.


Don’t want conceit or vanity,

they’d never fit with the rest of me,

compassion, that I’ve already got,

add a bit more but just a spot.


I need a bit of self-assertion,

I need to cope with their desertion,

an ability to answer back

when those words launch an attack.


I need some sort of iron shell

to deploy when life, it hurts like hell.

I’ll do away with all my fears

and maybe too, I’ll shed some years.


But I don’t think it’s gonna work,

this change would make me go berserk;

I’ll carry on, I’ll muddle through,

put up with my imperfect view.


This rearrangement went so wrong,

I tried to fit, to go along,

Out on the edge, I’ll watch it all

Invisible and feeling small.

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