You Are You

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This is a poem to my girlfriend who means a lot to me.
Lately, we have been getting into a lot of fights that have been leading closer and closer to a break up.
So I decided to put my feelings for her into a poem, what do you think?

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Desperate screams of the mind in the face of cruel paths
Your voice comes out as empty and the words of others as laughs
You feel alone and your heart can’t help but tremble ever so slightly
You’re forced to live in a world where your own thoughts can’t bear the thought of you fighting.
We met along a steady floor, where the tables aligned like stars and the chairs were set for us as if we were the main character’s on stage.
Little did I know is that you were soon to take the story of my life and be the rest of every page.
I became captivated by the grey halo holding onto the blue storm in your eyes.
The paleness of your skin, like a winter’s coat in a literal sense of the term. Your hand’s gentle grip and your alluring scent that made butterflies churn.  
Your hair is like the dying rays of a sunset melting onto the snowy background and your tender lips like that of an angels.
I fell for more than just your appearance.
You were a torch in my darkness, a rainbow after the rain, the hope in front of “hopelessness,” the numbing of my pain./ Your care it shows from the sparkle in your eyes.  The way you have to keep the radio on intervals of five or the cracking of any joint of you and I much to my demise are just a few things of yours that keep me on cloudnine. 
The way your voice raises a pitch when you’re worried and afraid
The way you can give a call when either of us has a bad day.
Or when you can’t pronounce certain words thanks to the vowels inside
To when you call a squirrel or fish when there’s actually none in sight.
Other times you depict your wants with zero words to say
And other times you can playfully insult or fight, but that’s okay…
I still and will always like you...
Because you are you. 


You built walls around yourself because you are afraid and afraid is not a person I want you to be because if being broken goes for you and I both, then we’ll be two halves of a shattered mirror where being together makes us whole. We can hold onto one another or yell, we can accidentally cause bruises and just fight, but when the going gets rough, we’ll be on the same flight.  
I’ll stand beside you wholeheartedly.
Not because I have to
But because I want to
Because I like you for being you.

You are you when you smile.
You are you when you’re depressed
You are you when you’re laughing
You are you when you’re stressed
You are you when you scream
You are you when you try
You are you when you forfeit
You are you when you survive

To be “you,” it isn’t as simple as that. You change people, you change lives, and you change worlds for the better. That’s “you.” 
You can push around and play, you can use verbal jokes and slang, you can cheerfully talk and breathe. That’s “you.”
You can grow gloomy and you can be buried six feet in rainclouds or you can be digging your nails into your skin and asking yourself “Why?” or “How?” That’s “you.”
But what’s wrong with that? 
I’ll accept you for everything you were, everything you are, and everything you’ll become. are you.

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