Nerds In Progress (AOT:Armin x Reader

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This is my first(sort of) story!

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Aine sighed, sitting on a building, hearing rambling and other types of fighting happening in the streets below her. But, hearing the sudden call of Armin, made her jump up. She bolted off the roof, and followed the sounds of crying, and a body slamming on a cobblestone wall. Seeing her friend laying on the ground just made Aine cry. She was like that. She was very easy to break. Suddenly, arms wrapped around her, followed by the weight of my friend. “I, um… It… It’s okay… I’m okay Aine… Don’t cry, okay?” A small voice whispered into her ear. She opened my eyes, tears making her vision all fuzzy. Carefully, her arms gently wrapped around Armin’s fragile body, and smiled weakly. “Stop getting into fights like that Armin,” She whispered gently, hearing faint footsteps of two kids behind us. It was Mikasa and Eren. “Eren, we’re late,” Mikasa said blankly, her monotone voice blank. “I’m sorry,” Eren shot back, then stopped. Seeing the blonde children hug was fascinating in a way. How they were such good friends, but not dating in anyway was just… weird. Almost like they were made for each other to be together. Eren shook off that thought, as Armin gently limped over to grab his books, Aine shaking with fear, scared that he might get hurt. “Let’s go to the river,” Armin suggested, looking up at his friends. “Y-Yeah… I need to tell you guys something,” Aine admitted softly, following her friends to the calm river. She took off her shoes, and gently waded her feet in the water like the rest of her friends. “What did you want to tell us?” Armin asked, looking up at his friend. “I… I’m moving soon, to one of the inner walls,” She sighed, her hands fidgeting slightly. “The M.P.’s going to remove the few houses from my block to make a playground for kids our age and younger,” She whimpered. “And… I’m not going to see you guys ever again,” She sobbed gently, her friends looking shocked. “But… I’m helping the environment to Wall Maria, and my family is helping get more room in this wall,” She gave her friends a weak smile, looking back down at the water, that rippled silently. Then, it came to a stop. “I’m leaving…” Armin hissed quietly, standing up. This wasn’t the Armin, Aine knew. This was someone else. She stood up, looking at where her friend was. Aine darted, in the direction where he left, tripping, and falling, her knees soaking with blood. “Armin please wait!” she cried. There was one root that stuck up from the ground at this one particular road, that she always tripped over. That’s exactly what happened. Aine’s foot caught underneath the small loop, that tripped her, making Aine face plant onto the ground, getting knocked out by the impact of the fall. Armin looked around for a brief moment, and tears stung his eyes. Wobbling over to Aine, he carefully picked her up, his knees shaking as he made his way to his grandparents house. “What’s wrong my dear?” His grandmother wheezed softly, rolling over to her grandson. “Oh my…” She whispered, taking the girl gingerly out of the boy’s hands. “Go get John…” She whispered to Armin. After a few hours of Aine sleeping, now recovered from her injuries, she woke up. Looking around Armin’s room, she smiled faintly at the small male that was studying in the corner. “What are you doing now Armin?” She whispered, his cat sliding underneath her hand. They had rescued the cat after seeing it hurt in an alleyway. She smiled, letting the cat slide underneath her hand

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