Encounter with a planet

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What would A.I really do?

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016





When I first saw the planet, nothing on its surface called out to me.
The cool air of space, though obviously devoid of air, continued to pass by us, or more so we passed through it.
I think we would’ve kept going past it, if the light hadn’t caught the mirror.

A golden glaze glared through the window of the ship, my eyes were briefly uncomfortable, but my mind was a blaze with curiosity.

Upon further investigation I saw the silver sight, the metal all across the planet, this place had no life on it anymore, but the planet was astir.


We landed as soon as possible, a standard landing nothing noteworthy.

Within seconds we were greeted by an organism similar to us, but most definitely not alive.
I don’t just mean that this creature was a robot, which is most certainly was, but that it seemed to have no intelligence within itself whatsoever. Perhaps it was smart enough to keep itself alive, there seemed to be a few more around, and likely many million more.
It spoke to me in some language I didn’t understand, though it seemed like something I could eventually learn, some offset of English an isolated people, or close knit community may speak to one another forgetting the heritage of their dialect entirely.


“Do you know what’s happening?”

“Of course not.”

“Maybe we can find out.”


The robot started to guide us somewhere, I could tell by gesture not by voice.
After a long walk through a metal landscape we eventually came to a printing press.
After a very frustrating conversation between myself, my comrade and the robot we eventually came to the conclusion that this entire world had been destroyed by these robots, who were in fact, the first A.I; An intelligent printing press created to harvest resources and print out stamps, they had done their job far too well, and it seems, destroyed the world’s forests, then covered it in metal, as it makes the workers faster, not considering the need to replenish the forests for the required paper.

All the forest had been killed, all the animals then died, and finally whatever people built these robots faded alongside them, eventually they too were used to create stamps.

We quickly got back to our ship, and left that planet, taking only an archive, as proof that this did indeed happen.

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