True Beauty

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It started on a WhatsApp group chat, we were reminiscing the old times we had together then, a boy picked on a girl saying she wasn't relevant back then until she started mingling with the "big girls" before she got recognized. Somewhere along the line the argument got to looks and he said she wasn't "BEAUTIFUL" she got pissed, defended her self with anger. I tried coming in to make peace and clear the air but she went hard on me. I understood her so I never took offense after which she left the group.
I felt her pain, and in it I wrote this.

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Hello there!

I see you're sad,

What?! Why are you making a big deal out of irrelevancy?! Yeah, You see called ugly, so what?! I've lost count the name of times I have been called ugly. Don't let it getting into your head, Good looks doesn't make you, Good looks ain't err'thing You're beautiful on the inside, That's what makes you standout. I see the lil' children all over you at the sight of your presence, and in your absence, they have a feel of emptiness in them Just because you but smiles on their faces. What could be more beautiful than this?

Most times, we spend time looking at the mirror In search of our beauty, It's a shame it(the mirror) cannot show that which makes us, T'will only show that which we want to see I said, T'will only show the painting and artificials we adorn ourselves with. It's not all about; the size of your cleavage, curves, edges, figure eight body structure, abs, muscular body, Height, Complexion and Other irrelevancies we always try to keep in shape.

I mean no disrespect, but Taribo, Obasanjo, Oshomole, Mugabe, Zuma (TMAF) These men don't have the good looks that many clamor for, Not even an ab, But the impact they've made is outrageous and enviable. You don't need the self torture and low self esteem You pity yourself through. So I say unto you again, Find your purpose in life Archive them, Become that which God has made you to be, Then shall your beauty glow, And those that called you ugly, Will have no choice But to chew back the I'll word they spat at you, And shall confess your beauty.

You're BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are.

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