A Wolf in Berlin - Operation Red Comet

A Wolf in Berlin - Operation Red Comet

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



John's novel, ‘A Wolf in Berlin: Operation Red Comet’, is a historical-political thriller, which is set in West Berlin during the cold war. John uses his experience as an Investigator to tell a story which accurately portrays the working practices of Military Police at a time when Investigators pitted their wits against the criminal fraternity without the aid of DNA testing, mobile phones and computers.
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John's novel, ‘A Wolf in Berlin: Operation Red Comet’, is a historical-political thriller, which is set in West Berlin during the cold war. John uses his experience as an Investigator to tell a story which accurately portrays the working practices of Military Police at a time when Investigators pitted their wits against the criminal fraternity without the aid of DNA testing, mobile phones and computers.

Chapter30 (v.1) - The Battle of Clay Allee

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Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 20, 2016







‘Hold up, the bald headed guy, Target Two, looks as if he’s leaving, stated Adrian, ‘Wolf can you get in position to follow, it would be nice to know where he is going or who he is meeting.’

‘Not a problem,’ I replied grabbing my coat.  I went down to the garage, started the motor bike and switched on the radio.  I then rode off up the road and got into position behind a wall where I could get a good view of the road intersection.  I put a radio call through to the Incident Room and gave an update on the situation.  Only a few minutes later the Mercedes 220 drove past me and I followed at a discreet distance.  The vehicle drove through Schmargendorf and Dahlem and into Zehlendorf which was firmly in the American Sector. I followed along Clay Alee named after the American General, it had three lanes with a small central reservation, and trees were liberally dispersed along the avenue. Cars were parking on one lane on each side and so only two lanes were in use by traffic. We passed the US Berlin Brigade Headquarters and the PX or Post Exchange, similar to our NAAFI Shop.  The Mercedes finally pulled over and parked at the side of the road just past Sundgauer Strasse, and the Target just sat in the car. 

I parked the motor bike off the road and got into a position where I was hidden by trees but from where I could observe the car. There were quite a few American cars parked on the road ahead including a Dodge A100 van that looked a little strange to me.  Target Two was watching the opposite side of the road where there were some rather nice houses. About forty-five minutes later an American car with two occupants parked in front of the Dodge van, the occupants, just sat in the car and seemed to be waiting for someone. 

It was almost an hour later that Target Two seemed to become alert, I glanced across the road and saw two men leaving one of the houses, they shook hands and one walked off down the road, the other looked in the direction of the Mercedes and started crossing the street.  He had just reached the central reservation when the back doors of the Dodge van burst open and two men in civilian clothes holding automatic pistols jumped out and faced the man crossing the road. At the same time the two men from the American car parked in from of the van, got out of their car and were also holding automatic pistols and were approaching the man on the central reservation. 

Target Two did not hesitate, he quickly got out of the Mercedes and I could that he was carrying something.  Without warning he raised it to his shoulder and opened fired, it was a pump action shotgun.  The first shot hit one of the men from the Dodge in the back of the head which just seemed to explode, he then fired at the second man from the Dodge and he also went down, in one flowing movement he was firing at the men from the second American car, one of them fell to the ground immediately whilst the second man managed to get off a shot before he too took a shotgun slug and crumpled to the roadway.  As soon as I realised what was happening I stepped out into the open, drew my Walther PPK, cocked it and took aim at Target Two. Adrenalin had kicked in and everything appeared to be in slow motion, I was seeing every detail, it was as if I had loads of time to make decisions, I shouted, ‘Armed Military Police, drop the shotgun or I will open fire!’  Without hesitating, Target Two swivelled round bringing the shotgun to bear on me.  I fired two rounds, dropped to one knee and fired two more.  Target Two fired the shotgun and I felt the blast sear my face, his expression changed from confident to puzzled and he dropped the shotgun and slumped to the ground. 

I kept the Walther ready and searched for the man who had been crossing the road, he was long gone and nowhere to be seen.  I slowly walked over to Target Two and kicked the shotgun out of reach, he was still alive, but barely, blood was spilling from his mouth and he was making loud gasping noises, there were three wounds in his chest and one in his stomach, blood was oozing from the wounds and covering his upper body and pooling on the ground.

Seconds later, before I could check on the other casualties, three US Military Police vehicles screamed to a halt with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring, the police occupants jumped out, weapons drawn. I quickly put my hands in the air and stood stock still, they did not look as if they would take any chances. They all aimed their weapons at me and I knew that one false move and they would fire.

One of them shouted, ‘Keep your hands up, turn around, get down on your knees.’  I complied immediately, ‘Put the gun on the ground,’ again I complied and was quickly pushed face down on the ground and my hands cuffed behind my back, which hurt a great deal.

One of the military policemen picked up my Walther and expertly cleared it; two others pulled me roughly to my feet holding my arms whilst the fourth kept me covered with his Colt 45 automatic pistol.

Now that the situation had calmed down a little, I said, ‘I am Sergeant Wolf, British Special Investigation Branch, my ID is in my left inside pocket, I was following that guy when he opened fire with the shotgun, I brought him down.’

One of the military policemen found my Identity and Warrant cards and kept hold of it whilst he went back to his car and got on the radio. In the meantime, ambulances had arrived and further military police personnel had cordoned off the road and were setting up diversions. Medics were dealing with the five casualties on the ground. It seemed to take ages but was probably only a few minutes when the military policemen returned with my ID and said, ‘Your Boss has confirmed your identity and authority for using lethal force, but asks that if possible can you not kill all of the suspects, it would be nice to interview them.’ He unlocked the handcuffs and handed me my ID.  He noted the serial number of my Walther, counted the rounds in the magazine and handed them back to me. 

‘How are they,’ I asked pointing to the casualties.

‘Your man is dead, so is one of our guys, the other three are alive but seriously wounded. By this time US CID, the criminal investigation division of the US Military Police had arrived and scenes of crime were at work. 

One of the Investigators in civilian clothes came over to me and said, ‘Hi, my name is Special Agent Max Autry, for some reason they call me Gene. So you are Wolf, that was good shooting, I have been talking to your people so I know most of what’s going on, there seems to be mutual interest in these wise guys.’

‘I understand one of the guys from the Dodge van is dead?’ I asked.

‘Yes, he was killed outright, head shot, the others are seriously wounded, one got a slug in the chest and is in a critical condition and not expected to live, your guy was also dead by the time the medics examined him,’ he replied.

Who were the guys from the Dodge van? I asked

‘CID surveillance team, that’s our surveillance vehicle, the car was their immediate backup and the marked MP units were hidden a short distance away. We walked over to the van and Gene held the door open, the vehicle had swivel seats fixed to the floor and cameras mounted against the side of the vehicle, there was also a periscope fixed to the roof and where it extended above the roof there was an extending roof vent masking it.

That’s clever; we don’t have anything like that.’ I said, “My Target obviously came to meet or collect someone from that house over there; two men came out and split up, one came this way.  Your Agents looked as if they were going to arrest him; my Target intervened and seemed to be protecting him, so we have two suspects on the run.’ I commented.

‘Can you give me descriptions and I will get it out to all duty personnel and the German Police? Gene asked.

I provided the descriptions and whilst he went off to radio it through, I collected my motor bike and gave a situation report to the incident room.’

When Gene returned, he said, ‘What about your Target’s car?’

I pointed to the vehicle and said, ‘It’s the Mercedes 220, we need to search it, we observed boxes being put in the boot, and they seemed to be closing down the safe house.’

‘We can give it a quick search now and then have it taken to our secure garage, your Boss is arranging for some guys to come over and go through it with a fine tooth comb,’ suggested Gene.

We walked over to the Mercedes and with high power flashlights provided by the US Military Police we searched the car.  There was a box of shotgun cartridges and a Makarov automatic pistol in the glove compartment with boxes of ammunition. 

I indicated the pistol and said, ‘This could be the weapon we are looking for in connection with the murder of one of our military policemen, to preserve continuity I need to recover this now.’

‘Ok but let’s get it photographed in situ first,’ replied Gene.

With that Gene called one of the SOCO team over and asked him to take the photos. Once that was done, I bagged the Makarov and the box of 9mm rounds and attached an exhibit label, noting the full details of its recovery. We checked the boot or trunk as Gene insisted on calling it and found it was loaded with boxes and luggage.  We had a cursory look and found that there was a great deal of paperwork. 

‘This will take hours, let’s leave this for a full search at your garage,’ I suggested. ‘What’s happening with the house over there,’ I asked.

‘We’ve put MPs on the door and your Intelligence people and my Intelligence people will be arriving to give it the once over, probably tomorrow,’ he replied.”

‘I am going back to the Stadium to log this Makarov in?’ I stated.

‘We may see you tomorrow; your people have asked for two of us to be seconded to your task force, we are reporting to the Stadium at 0900 hours, the other guy is an Agent from Military Intelligence.’

I shook hands with Gene, got on my motor bike and rode back to the Stadium. I parked up and went into the Incident Room, which seemed rather full. 

Chris Jennings greeted me as I walked in, ‘Bit of a rough day I hear.’

‘Just a little,’ I replied.

Dick Holmes, the RSM shoved a glass in my hand and said, ‘Get that down you son.’ Never one to disobey an order, I downed it in one, It was whiskey and I am not too fond of it, but it hit the spot and gave me a nice warm glow.

The OC, Max Rogers, came over and asked, ‘How are you feeling?’

‘A little better now,’ I replied holding up the glass.

The OC just smiled.

I handed the recovered Makarov pistol and rounds over to the RSM for safekeeping, he then said, ‘Make up your notes, a statement will have to wait until we get more time, how many rounds did you expend?’

‘Four,’ I replied.

‘All on target I understand, you will need to hand your Walther, complete with magazine to Brian for forensic examination to match the rounds with any recovered from the body. Chris, would you give Wolf a replacement for his Walther?’

Chris looked up, smiled and said, ‘Yes Boss.’

Chris went over to the arms cupboard and took a Walther and full magazine out of a box and noted the issue in the arms book.  He handed them to me and asked, ‘Was it the guy who slugged me?’

‘No,’ I replied, ‘We will get to him later.’

The RSM looked over to me and said, ‘Wolf, go and get your head down, briefing here at 0900 hours.’

I gladly followed that order and left the Incident Room, parked my motor bike in the garage and changed to the Volkswagen. I drove to Edinburgh House, sat down and considered the events of the day. I then undressed and got into bed exhausted and sleep came without any difficulty whatsoever.

© Copyright 2017 john h. williams. All rights reserved.


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