Love ??

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Girl who always says She doesn't know how love feels like and the one who love her wants to taught her what love is.

Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



She tells me that she doesn't know what love feels like. And I stay quite. There is so much that I don't tell her. So many things that she should know. I wonder if she knows that all the days that the sun sets, Without her, the horizon doesn't feel quite right. There is so much more to her than just everything. She just doesn't see it. It's all black and white now and colors only last till she is around. Her eyes... That shade of brown... That innosence deeper than the ocean... Yes those Goddamn Eyes...!!! I wonder if they ever get tired of holding my entire universe together in place. I wonder if she knows that I didn't know what life felt like until I saw HER exist. And then every beat inside of me was at the mercy of eyes. The ones I see behind my eyelids when I close mine. Yes those Goddamn EYES...!!! And I know that there is so much, so much more that I dont know. That she has never told. She is a mystery I wanna solve. A secret I wanna unfold. A treassure I wanna explore. I want to make love to her thoughts. She is a hurricane, a beautiful one. And I was never scared of it. If anything, it always fascinated me. She tells me she doesn't know what LOVE feels like. And I want to taught her what love was .........

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Love ??

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