It Just Keeps Getting Worser!

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Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



Oh shit! Is it Trump who's deciding on who he wants representing him, or David Duke? Among the first thing he did was name Steve Bannon as Chief Council, a racist who was in charge of Breitbart.Com, THE place to go if you can't get your fill of racist articles and total bullshit, made-up 'stories'. Then he named Michael Flynn to be National Security Adviser, who's said bad things about Muslims. Now, he wants Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, another racist. If you said you didn't care for either candidate, how can you compare Hillary to Trump? If you had other things to do and couldn't be bothered to vote, if anything shows the importance of voting, look what we have now, a dangerous freak who's going to try to implement exactly the platform of division and fear and hate as he promised he would during the campaign. Oh sure, he talks healing and bringing the nation together, but his concrete actions tell of exactly the opposite. When over 40 percent of you couldn't be bothered to vote, the next four years will make it abundantly clear how important every vote is.



So, what do you think about Mike Pence getting told off at a performance of 'Hamilton'? I feel bad for the audience booing him, but I feel like the cast had every right to let him know they disagree with him, and, while I'm embarrassed by the booing, especially when statistics say over four out of ten of them couldn't be bothered to vote, Pence had to expect it, when he hitched his wagon to such a divisive (my description of him wouldn't be nearly so polite!) dude.

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