How the psychometric test affects studying in Israel or in overseas

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Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



How does the psychometric test affect studying in Israel or abroad


Psychometric testing is a test that is used in Israel for the students to complete which helps determine the suitability of potential employees to a specific role. Many students dislike the test because in most companies, if you fail the test once they might may never offer you the position in that specific job. Many students are changing from Psychometric tests to SAT tests which is equivalent to psychometric but much easier. And almost every Israeli student is leaving Israel and studying abroad because of lack of success on psychometric testing. There are many disadvantages of Psychometric testing which leaves many Israeli students depressed. Here are the following

  • Very strict Math section: Many students who are ether good or bad at math end up receiving bad results on the math section 
  • Fake centers: Many candidates are using fake websites and stealing money from pupils who think it is the main website for taking the test.
  • Styles of the questions: The styles of the questions are very tricky which leaves many students giving the wrong answer choice
  • Requirements for training: Psychometric tests are very complex to be handled and needs allot of time and training in order to get the results need 
  • Makes the candidate nervous: Many candidates taking the test become nervous at the set of the test which will lead him/her to fail it
  • Costly: It could be very expensive for using re-usable materials or being trained by an administrator or re-doing the test if you had the chance to do so


As you can see above, many Israeli students have to go through many things in order to succeed and become a good leader. But they rather do it the simple way which is by studying overseas and earning a diploma, a degree, a job or what ever they please without having to waste money, time, or effort on something that they know they would not succeed through

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