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I'm greedy for your love...

Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



Girl you give me feelings that I havent felt before. Im making it so obvious by the way I'm looking at you. By the way I kiss you, by the way I hold you, by the way I grip you close. In this state of mind I just want to show you how I feel. How much I want you. Girl you know Im good for it. Baby you got lucky cause you're fucking with the best. You know that I'm so down for you. You know I can kiss you right and not just on your lips. You know I know what to do. How to please you. How to make you call my name. How to make the thought of my touch linger. Girl Im physically obsessed.How couldnt I be. Got you wondering what I can do to you. How can I make your body feel. Girl Im making it so obvious that I want to take you down. You know that Im greedy for your love. Cant get anything better. Dont want anything better. Girl you know i'll work for it. Push you up against the wall.Pin you down. Girl I'll make you mine. All night long you'll be calling my name. Scratching up my back, girl you know I dont mind. I know you're coming tonight. You know you're coming tonight. Come closer let my kiss, my hands and my body give you what you have been missing.  I dont play any games, fucking with me will leave you breathless. Make you crave more. Promise I'll give you hickies all down your body. Feel that burn deep down? That's pleasure baby and I'm going to give you so much of it. Im greedy for your love baby and I want it so bad. I want to hear your sighs and moans all night long. Move your body with mine. Trust me it will feel so right. So come closer girl, lets get this started and not stop. 

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