Thanks and the Giving

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A lovely thanksgiving story...



Once upon a time, in a small village of Switzerland situated on mountains of canopy mostly covered with clouds, there lived a little boy called Cirrus Smith. The village had very few houses and few shops. Cirrus was a very sensitive child, even from a very young age he used to sense every little thing said to him, where children of his age would not even think about, he used to spend his time thinking about dynamics of life. He used to see his parents fighting all the time over small issues and life seemed a challenge to him. His father was a cobbler and had a small shop in the village. His mother worked in the only flower shop of the village as assistant. His grandparents lived in northern England and he used to visit them once a year near Christmas. He grew up by listening arguments and fights of his parents almost every day of his life. His school was the only school in the village called ‘The Jasmine high school’ and all the children of the village attended school there. Cirrus had a best friend called ‘Nicole Knight’. She was an orphan. Her parents died in a car accident, so she used to live with her granny. Her grandfather died in a war, so it was only Nicole and her granny Osma. Nicole was a very quiet child. She liked playing near the green belt of mountains and spent hours looking on the scenery with Cirrus while holding his hands. When they both turned twelve, Nicole’s grandmother died. Now the only relative she had was her uncle, who lived in Ireland. Nicole’s uncle decided to take Nicole with her to Ireland, which made Cirrus lonelier than ever.

Cirrus was unable to share his heart break with his parents because they were always busy in their own life and disputes among each other. Cirrus used to look at stars at night and tried to imagine Nicole’s face in the sky. When Cirrus turned thirteen his parents decided to get divorce. Cirrus’s mother filed the divorce papers but his father refused to agree, so the case kept pending. But it resulted in separation of his parents and his life became worse, as custody of the child disputed and was pending in Court. He used to spend five days with his mother and two days with his father at their separate flats. 

On the other hand, Nicole felt lonely than ever before. After her parents death the two people she was close with, her granny and Cirrus both were far away from her. Her uncle had a wife and two more daughters, who did not like Nicole at all. Both her cousins hated her and considered her as a burden on the family, but their mother was kind and polite with Nicole. Nicole’s aunt Susan was from New York, America and she moved after she got married with Nicole’s uncle Mathew. Nicole felt a bit relived to think Susan as a friendly figure but her cousins were always jealous of it. Consequently Nicole went quieter with time and used to sit in the back garden of the house and remembered the beautiful moments she spent with Cirrus.


Cirrus on the other hand was trying to fight with fate, separation of his parents and studies were becoming hard for him and he lost his best and only friend Nicole, until a day came where he was able to travel alone to England to see his mother side grandparents as he turned fourteen and because of legal divorce case hearings, his mother was unable to travel with him.


It’s been 2 years since the last time he saw Nicole. He had no contact with Nicole and he was unaware, where she lived in Ireland. He was travelling alone for the first time but an imagination of Nicole holding her hand on mountains gave him strength to take the plunge and feel motivated. He had no clue how he will be able to see her or contact her but had an urge in heart to see Nicole. Cirrus arrived at his grandparents’ house in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northeast of England in nearly November. He got holidays from school for start of November till the beginning of January. His grandparents were happy to have him staying at their place, but even after a week of arrival, he seemed quiet and isolated in the house. His granny noticed his unusual silence.


One day after dinner his grandma went to him and asked him the reason of his unusual behaviour. At first Cirrus tried to ignore the question but then bursted in tears and hugged his granny and told his entire story regarding Nicole and the pressure of his parent’s separation. Granny Emma kissed Cirrus’s forehead and said ‘Son seems like this tiny little heart of yours is keeping a sea of emotions inside, it’s good that you told me about it, I’m sure u will feel light hearted now.’ She wiped his tears and said ‘I have got an idea, when you wake up tomorrow, I will tell you an interesting plan to find Nicole, for now just go to sleep and from today do not consider me only your granny, consider me as a friend.’ After saying this granny Emma kissed Cirrus on the forehead again and went to his room. Cirrus felt relieved to find someone with whom he could share his feeling and went to sleep.


Cirrus Granny Emma used to work in police admin department before she retired so the next morning, when Cirrus woke up, she took Cirrus to her previous work place and said ‘Cirrus this was my workplace where I worked for more than forty years, If Nicole’s Uncle lives in British side of Ireland then we will definitely have their address or information in our database otherwise it might be difficult to find any clue about Nicole. Cirrus it’s all your luck now, let’s try and keep our fingers crossed.’ Cirrus took a deep sigh and started praying inside his heart.


As Cirrus stood consciously to see what news Granny Emma would bring, his heart started beating fast and he started to breathe fast, keeping his fingers crossed, he closed his eyes and remembered Nicole holding his hand on the hills of Canopy Switzerland. Suddenly he heard his Granny coming; he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her with questioning eyes. Granny said ‘Cirrus unfortunately, I’m sorry.’ Cirrus face became very sad and he said ‘it’s ok at least we tried, but granny suddenly replied ‘I was joking my dear just to see your face expressions, I’m happy to tell you that we have found their address.’ Cirrus jumped in the air with joy and said ‘Yahoo’.


Granny gave Cirrus the money for his travel and Cirrus left from his granny’s house to meet Nicole near the end of November. First train then ship journey and again train, Finally Cirrus was standing outside the door of Nicole. He rang the bell, Cirrus Aunt Susan opened the door and asked ‘May I know, who are you Mr’ Cirrus replied in a nervous tone ‘Aunty I’m looking for Nicole Knight, does she live here? Is this her Uncle Mathew’s house?’ Aunt Susan smiled and replied ‘Yes it is Nicole’s uncle house; I am her Aunt Susan, what is your name?’ ‘Ah.. My name is Cirrus Aunty, I am Nicole’s school friend from Canopy Switzerland, just came to see her’. She replied ‘Ah welcome Son, Come in, we are having a thanksgiving dinner today, all our family friends are invited, as I’m from America and I’m keeping my home country tradition alive here and just a reason for get together you know having a thanksgiving dinner, even though we live in Ireland now. Come in’. She kept smiling as she gave me an introduction.


It was a big mansion situated at the outskirts of Belfast Ireland. Cirrus saw a lot of people in the house but his eyes were searching for Nicole, he asked Aunt Susan ‘Aunty where is Nicole?’ She replied ‘She must be somewhere in the house, you can go and find her while I give dinner to the people sitting in the lounge’. Cirrus replied ‘OK aunty’. Suddenly Cirrus felt as if an energy was pulling him in a certain direction, he followed the path towards back garden and saw a girl near the fence of the back garden looking towards the sky. Cirrus conscious mind told him that it must be Nicole, as she was facing the opposite direction from where Cirrus was coming, so Cirrus went from the back and put his hands on her eyes and said ‘Guess who am I ?’


Before she could speak Cirrus felt his hands wet as if she was crying. Nicole turned her face and said ‘what took you so long?’ and hugged Cirrus. Nicole looked into Cirrus eyes and said ‘This year was my last hope and a dream that you will come and visit me because after that even this wish would have gone fade.’ Cirrus replied ‘Fade why?’ She said ‘Next Year all of us are moving to Florida USA because Aunt Susan’s job is transferring and then we would have no hope seeing you for the last time before I would have gone.’ Cirrus replied ‘I did not know what to do, you left no message, no address, my parents getting divorce and I was missing you so badly that my granny helped me trace your address and I finally came to see you.’ She said ‘I wanted to see if fate wants us to be together you will find me one day.’ Cirrus looked with surprising expression at her and said ‘Well I had nearly lost you for forever, Thank God I made it in the end Phew…’. She said ‘Cirrus I want to tell you few things very important just sit down.’ After that they both sat on the chairs in the back garden and had a beautiful lamp on the table in front of them.


Nicole said ‘I know you want to ask a lot of questions, I can read things from your face but before you say anything I want to tell you something. You know I have no family left now apart from Uncle Mathew and Aunt Susan. Isolation has taught me great things in life. I have explored myself internally. My cousins do not like me but I am happy here. I will not be able to go back with you if you are thinking of asking me about that. I want to remind you that you still have a father, mother and even grandparents. Do not be unthankful and complain from life a lot. You will only understand what all these blessings matter in life once they all be gone from your life. There are a lot of things I can complain too but few things in life are not in our hands and if we become friends with the exams of our life then heart start to feel lighter. That’s how I feel. We humans are very unthankful species, we spend our lives gathering things we love or complaining about things we don’t have and sometimes perhaps getting jealous of other of their status and the blessings they have, but I do not feel like that anymore. I feel different Cirrus. Your Nicole has changed a lot since you last met her. I want you to go back and change your fate. Do something which can make you feel that you are not an unthankful person, Use blessings of your life at the most. Cirrus you are the only person whose picture is in my heart but I do not want to be with someone who cannot understand life the way I do. I know we are of same age but Cirrus it will take you time to understand what I’m saying to you right now. So when you go back to Switzerland, I want you make a difference in your life and with every step positive you take, you will feel me near you. I want you to go back finish your high school and I will write to you in two years’ time. If till then you understand the things I said and achieved the goals I set for you then I will send you my address of USA or else I may leave this beautiful feeling I have for you in my heart, the way it is. I may sound very demanding at this stage to you but you will understand the depth of my words one day. I hope.’

Cirrus was shocked to hear all that and before you would have replied anything about Nicole’s conversation, she put her finger on Cirrus lips and said ‘Do not say anything, now let’s have our thanksgiving dinner together and I hope that the advice I gave you, you will think deeply about it before commenting anything. I shared my heart out with you and if you are the guy of my dreams, my heart is convinced that you will triumph in this exam of life too.’ After saying those words she took off her necklace and gave it to Cirrus and said ‘Take this’. Cirrus refused to take it but she insisted and said ‘I want you to take it and keep it with you. Let’s go inside now, and have our thanksgiving dinner.’


After Cirrus had the dinner, he was offered to sleep at Nicole’s uncle house for a night and he stayed overnight. The next day Cirrus left for Newcastle again but before he left Nicole came and said to him ‘Cirrus you are the only person I trust, please do not let me down’. Cirrus was quiet, as if he wanted to say a lot of things but he remained silent. When Cirrus reached his grandparents’ house he told everything to his Granny Emma and the conversation he had with Nicole. Granny said ‘Cirrus didn’t you say anything, what were your feelings at that time’. Cirrus replied ‘Granny I wanted to say a lot of things but seemed like Nicole’s isolation have made her a girl who might look hard and strong outside but she is very soft from inside and perhaps I think her outside appearance as a strong character is based on certain conditions which she assume will have to happen the way she assumed them.’ Granny said ‘Yes Cirrus seems like Nicole found a way to fight with her loneliness by giving herself hope in putting goals and conditions for her future survival and happiness. She has a pre occupied mind-set about her future partner presumably ‘you’ and she wants you to meet some of her expectations. She is not letting her go free and she might not be able to flow with the flow of life because of what has happened to her, so she is hiding her insecurities in setting conditions for her future but some of the things she said were true, perhaps she is right. Sometimes we only realise the importance of blessings in our life when we lose them and she made you understand that you have blessings like mother, father and grandparents which she do not have, so do not just mourn, try to put your effort in making things right. Be thankful on the blessings you already have rather than keep crying about the things you may not have in life. You may not have all the things you want in life but you may have all the things you need in life Cirrus, So good luck with your efforts son.’

Cirrus nodded his head in agreement and hugged Granny Emma and after that conversation, Cirrus and granny went for a tea together.


Cirrus spent hours thinking about Nicole’s conversation. When he returned back to Canopy to live with his mother, he did not know where to start. One day his mother noticed his silence and asked Cirrus the reason, Cirrus did not speak to her at all and went to bed having tears in his eyes. Similarly he did not speak to his father about anything and his father suspected him to be unusually silent, finally one day his mother came to his bed-room and asked him ‘Cirrus why are you behaving like this, first your father and now, you are becoming a reason because of which I cannot have stability and peace in life, I moved to Switzerland for your father but he did not take his responsibility properly. He uses all his money in drinking. He is a careless man and now you are not talking to me properly and all this situation always making me depress and anxious. What has happened to you since you returned from Newcastle?’ Cirrus replied ‘Mother, you are always pointing out mistakes and errors of other people, which is fair enough but you never look at your flaws. Have you ever felt, if you have taken your responsibility properly, I have always felt lonely in this house. You and dad always fighting on some issue, I felt isolated but u took no notice. You pay the bills and keep the house running does not mean that you had done no mistake. You have been so busy in noticing the wrongs in our lives that you forgot that you even had a son. About my education or coming and talking to me about what I think about life, how I feel about you and dad getting separated, in what way it has affected me, you were not bothered about that at all. All you care is criticising dad and pointing out the flaws in your life but you never tried enough to get rid of those flaws and make this home a complete home.’ Cirrus said those words and went to his bedroom crying. His mother went quiet as if suddenly Cirrus words have touched her heart and made her think about her life approach all over again. The next day Cirrus mother came to him before he was leaving for school and said ‘Cirrus whatever you said last night was all true and I am sorry for being such a horrible mother, I have been depress and anxious about so many things in life but never got the time to realise how can I fix those things and make it a complete home. I am sorry my dear but everybody deserve a second chance in life, so will you give me another chance to deal with those things better and make you feel like home?’ Cirrus nodded his head in agreement and hugged his mother.


The same week, when Cirrus went to see his father, he went to him and said ‘Father Look, you work so hard but you waste all your money in drinking at the end of the week, this is why mother was always angry on you. Father it might be possible that mother has been harsh with you and did not handle with your addiction well, she herself was coping with a lot of problems, financial and emotional, so she might not give us the feeling of a complete home ever but it was your responsibility too. You cannot blame only mother for all what has happened. You do not even realise what goes in my mind all day and night. How both of your separation has affected me. I know you do care about me and I think you also like mother never made enough effort, to bring stability and peace to our family life. And if you continue to be same careless then it might not only end up in mother getting divorce from you but I may also tell the court that I do not want to meet my father anymore. You are trying to cure cancer with aspirin. You drink to forget all life worries and responsibilities but why don’t you try and make it work sincerely once?’ Cirrus father looked at him with tears in his eyes and said ‘Son, today I ‘m very proud of you because you have made me see all my fears in the mirror of my heart and confront them with courage. Your words have motivated me to try and put my effort in our family life again. I want to try and get over my addiction and want to be a good father but will your mother listen to me? Will she forgive me and give me another chance?’ Cirrus hugged his father and said ‘Father yes, mother still loves you and she also want to try again sincerely and make effort in bringing peace and stability in our family life. She has been depressed but she still feels for you and wants you to get over your addiction and change your careless approach towards life. Father, you need to start taking responsibility and I’m sure then mother will definitely forgive you.’ Cirrus father smiled with tears in his eyes and said ‘You have grown up my son. Thank you for this.’ Cirrus replied ‘Father you need to go and talk to mother soon, I’m sure, she will listen to you. If you go with a good intention and can promise her that you will change yourself and get rid of your addiction as well as take responsibility of the house then I’m sure that mother’s response will be positive.’ Cirrus father said ‘Ok Son, I will go and speak to her soon but first lets have some dinner.’ Cirrus and his father had dinner that night but seemed like there was hope and positivity coming in his life slowly, just like a star which started to glitter in the sky. Before going to bed, Cirrus thought about Nicole by holding her necklace in his hands and saying in his heart that ‘Nicole thank you, you made me try at least and motivated me to change the course of my life. I have started realising the blessings of life rather than just mourning about it. You will be happy, when you hear that things are changing but I will like to tell you all this, when I meet you again.’ He looked towards the moon in the sky and said ‘Nicole I cannot see you but I can see your face in the moon. Goodnight and see you soon.’ After having a little conversation within him, Cirrus went to sleep.


Cirrus started to perform well in his studies too and achieved good results at the end of his school term. His parents got back together and Cirrus started to enjoy a peaceful happy home. He took admission in high school for further studies, things seemed more positive for Cirrus with the passage of time. It was nearly a year since Cirrus met Nicole, One day he received a post on his name, Cirrus opened the post and the letter was from Nicole. Nicole wrote to Cirrus saying ‘Cirrus I am hoping that you must have realised my actual intention and have achieved the goals I set for you, if you feel change in your life and have become a humble and thankful person, just write to me on this address, I’m sending you in this letter. Please do not lie to me about anything, if you think I have demanded something you could not carry then just be clear with me on that and I would not write to you again but be truthful to me Cirrus. I am sure you will. I’m sending you my address of USA but if you are unable to visit me in US then I will come and visit you in Newcastle at your grandparent’s house. My uncle has given me permission to travel alone now. If you are writing back to me then send me your grandparents’ address of Newcastle and the days you will be spending there. I will come, and I hope to hear a positive reply from you.’ Cirrus was happy to get a post from Nicole but this time he wanted to mention few things he did not like the way Nicole set for him e.g. certain conditions and not letting Cirrus speak on it and give his opinion about it all, the night she told him about her feelings, so Cirrus wrote back to Nicole saying ‘Things are going well and positive but I will not write the details in this letter, I would like to tell you everything when I see you, I would feel much better that way so if you can travel then meet me in the last week of November at my grandparents’ house in Newcastle. I am sending you the address with my letter. Hope to see you soon.’


When Cirrus arrived at his grandparents’ house, he told granny Emma the developments and goals he had achieved. Granny Emma was pleased and delighted to hear such progress from Cirrus and then Cirrus told his granny about the expected arrival of Nicole in her thanksgiving holidays from US. He told his granny that Nicole might stay for a week while she visits him in Newcastle; in response granny Emma welcomed Cirrus decision of calling Nicole to Newcastle and talking matters in detail with her face to face. She advised Cirrus to tell his actual feelings to Nicole and share his concerns but also understand the ways on how to approach towards this topic in front of her. Granny said ‘Nicole’s way of thinking is because of the reason her life has turned out to be, after losing her family in such a young age, so when she visits you, I’m sure you will approach her with a mature and well thought plan. I am happy for you both and wish you luck.’


Finally the day came when Nicole arrived at the Newcastle airport. Granny Emma and Cirrus went to the airport to receive her. Granny Emma said ‘Welcome Nicole, I’m sure you must be tired from the long journey, let’s go home and have dinner and then you can get some rest.’ Nicole was looking very happy and smiling and so was Cirrus. Cirrus said ‘Nicole I’m excited to show you Newcastle, as it’s your first visit to England. I’m sure you will like it over here.’ They went to Granny Emma’s house. Luckily Cirrus grandparents’ house was near the central town of Newcastle upon Tyne, so there were plenty of places to show to Nicole in order to describe the old heritage and civilisation of the city. Nicole was very fond of old heritage, so she found information about Beamish Museum on the internet and decided to visit the Museum with Cirrus. She was also waiting for Cirrus to start the conversation about the matter she wrote in the letter. Cirrus was playing it cool, he wanted to make Nicole happy first and wanted to break the ice between them, so he took his time and decided to talk about the serious matter while they visit Beamish Museum.


Beamish open air Museum was famous for preserving life of 1820s, 1900s and 1940s where staff act to live like the people use to live in primitive times and continues to promote the old heritage and civilisation of old British culture . It stood in 300 acres of beautiful county Durham countryside near Newcastle and it gave you a feeling of how beautiful, slow and less hustled life was at that time. Nicole preferred places like these and it reminded her of how people loved their partners in olden days, where there were values, ethics, manners and etiquettes of treating a woman.  Cirrus was determined to open up about Nicole’s concerns on their visit to Beamish.


It was Thanksgiving Day in US, while the same day Nicole and Cirrus were visiting beamish. It was a nice sunny day with a bit of chill in the air. Neither it was very cold nor do warm enough, very moderate weather condition on that day. Granny Emma dropped both of them at the Museum gate. She bought tickets of Beamish Museum for Cirrus and Nicole as a souvenir and gift from her. Nicole liked the entrance and the way the open air Museum operated to paint a picture of the old times. When both sat down on one of the small green hills inside the Beamish Museum, Cirrus mustered up his courage, approached Nicole and said ‘ Nicole, you see that day when I came to your uncle’s flat in Ireland, I cannot describe my feelings in words, how complete I felt after seeing you there. It was like drops of rain on a dry land. I came only to see you on that day, my intention was neither to take you to Switzerland nor I was expecting such a reply from you. It was all surprising to me, the way you said all those things. Most of the things you said about me were true and because of those conditions you set on me, it helped me see things in a different way and today I am a different person. My mother and father are together now, I’m progressing in my studies. I have become a thankful person, having hope and positive mind-set. But don’t you think you should have given me chance to give my opinion at that time.’


Nicole replied ‘Cirrus I’m really sorry. Yes you are right that I should have given you chance to reveal your feelings and describe your point of view but seems like after losing every close person I had in my life, I have felt scared inside my heart that I will lose you too. I had my insecurities and in order to move on in life with positive mind, it set certain goals and conditions in order to make me feel secure again. I needed the right balance. I waited for you long and when you finally came to Ireland, I could not stop my feelings and emotions to come out. I am sorry that I sounded very demanding but I’m glad that you did not let me down. I don’t know why but your nature just balances me. Even on that day you could have retaliated and told me off, for saying all those things but you did not. You stayed quiet and listened to me and after you left, I have emotionally developed myself too. My heart had hardened but the way you have fulfilled the promise you did with me, my heart have started melting from inside. I have started to soften from inside, your existence and love provides me the right balance to approach in life now. So thank you very much Cirrus.’


Cirrus said ‘That’s beautiful, seems like I don’t need to say anything more on this topic as you have explained everything beautifully. I love you Nicole.’

Nicole replied ‘I love you too Cirrus. Thanks for completing me.’


Cirrus and Nicole hugged and kissed each other and enjoyed their rest of the visit to beamish museum by taking pictures to remember the beautiful moment. They promised to meet every year on thanksgiving holidays. Cirrus agreed to visit Nicole next year in US and meet Nicole’s uncle and family. Nicole suggested that after completing their education, she will talk to her uncle and aunt about their engagement. Cirrus said that he will ask granny Emma to help him talk to his parents about it. Granny Emma wished both of them good lucks for future. After spending a week, when Nicole was leaving for US, Cirrus seemed very sad but Nicole smiled and hugged him and said ‘Cirrus please don’t be sad as we are only separating for some time and it’s not the end of our story, it’s just the beginning.’


The End 

Submitted: November 20, 2016

© Copyright 2021 xainperfect. All rights reserved.

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