Ode to my twin sister

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The story of my twin sister who died when I was 15, on the day I was born.

Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



When I was 15 I was born,

The day my twin sister died.

Nobody noticed

Nobody cried.


When she was a baby she was a girl,

And so she was for years.

A tomboy, they called her

But “boy” didn’t strike her ears.


She would wear men’s clothes

Act like a boy -

But she was told time and again

She couldn’t play with a toy.


She began to see

After a while

Gender is genitals

Not a brain’s toil.


As she grew up,

Bullied by family

Hurt by her brain

Damaged by society -

Her gender wasn’t her own.

She was told she was wrong.


It became too much

My sister had to leave education

So we waited.

I waited for my transformation.


Patience, I watched as she -

My sister, grew and learned

Happiness again

And I began to churn.


My sister had fallen.

Her name had been lost

But in return

I emerged from the frost.


That day I was born

And my sister, buried.

It was better for her

And the weight she carried.


Today I am male,

In the spitting image of her

But changing,

To one with more fur.


To whom I am:

A trans male

Who was born of myself:

Shaped as a female.


My sister is dead,

My birth name is gone

But today, I am me

This is who I have become.


We take today to remember

The ones who we have lost

Because some people

Saw there was a cost

To living their own life

How they wanted to live it

Sometimes it was family

Sometimes mental health was it.


Today we remember the ones who we lost

To society’s fear of being transgender

But to them, we say

You don’t have to ‘mend her’ -

You have to support

You have to love them

Like any other and let them grow up,

May it be as a man or a woman.


Today we remember

Who we were that day

When names of trans kids

Appeared in the dead’s pray.

Today we remember

Those who we lost

Because the price of acceptance

Was clearly too much of a cost.


Accept us

My brothers and sisters

Accept us

Because sometimes misses are misters

And it’s easy to change a “him” to a “her”

If you care enough to do so

And if your heart says

Trans kids aren’t foes.


Thank you for remembering

On the Transgender day of remembrance.

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