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learning to trust , awakening to life , only to endure a wounded heart ....

Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



You were my hero

My salvation the light after so much darkness

My spirit woke, my heart felt hope

And I flew in the safety of your protection

I felt alive and free, my soul burst into song

I thought I’d see a brighter life

For all you ‘d come along

But it turned out my mind was mad

To believe in such a miracle

How naïve and childlike I was

To put my trust in such an ideal

To cling to it for all it was worth

When all along you knew it was false

Make believe and untrue

Just a pretence

You watched what I needed and made it real

All so that you could go on to steal

It away from me, and laugh and be glad

And make fun of the little girl who was so sad

You broke my heart and dreams and years from now

I’ll still be sad, and never trust again

In any good that comes along

I’ll never feel that I belong

My hopes lie with the angels now

In far away lands that nobody else on earth can know

Because they don’t live with my heart

My soul

My mind

They can’t understand

They aren’t my kind

And you could have spared me all my pain

Made your act not be so in vain

By making it real and loving and true

You broke my heart

My soul

My life

In two

I hope you are glad wherever you are

To recall the girl with dreams afar

The little girl who was so sad

You won, you drove her further mad

And so gratification is your inner prize

You feel no tears stinging your eyes

But rest assured a lady sleeps

Somewhere under the same skies and for ever weeps

You do not care, you cannot feel

You aren’t there to see her as she kneels

And prays to the heavens that one day

Real love and warmth will come her way

© Copyright 2019 Janine Claire. All rights reserved.

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