The Trump Conspiracy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Trump Conspiracy


Copyright 2016

Jackie Rice and Sydney SaintCrow

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Einstein


Paul Coward was sitting at his console in a small room in the CIA pouring over data on the computer screen. His work was tedious and extremely time consuming. His eyes were bothering him as he’d been at it for hours, deep into the night.

Sally Prudence came into his office. “Are you still here?” She was a senior analyst like Paul, but, she worked in a different area than him.

Paul looked over at her, obviously tired. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I’m still here. What time is it?” He looked over at a window and suddenly realized it was dark. “Oh, wow, it’s dark already?”

Sally nodded. “Yeah it it. Come on, it’s time to go home. Tell you what? I’ll give you a ride.”

Paul closed off his console and grabbed his coat. “Thanks. You eat yet?”

Sally shook her pretty head of red hair. “Nope? What you got in mind?”

Paul voiced, “How about the two of us pick up some Chinese from Wang’s?”

Sally smiled and nodded, “Sounds great.” Then the two of them left, Paul turning out the lights for the night.

After they picked up dinner they header to Paul’s flat. It was a modest apartment, overlooking the river, a few monuments could be seen in the distance, nothing spectacular. The two settled in and got comfortable, digging into their meal.

Sally asked, “So, what are you working on? I mean, you’ve been obviously locked in on something for some time now?”

Paul responded, “It is that obvious?”

Sally nodded, “Oh yes. I’ve actually popped in a few times and you didn’t even notice I was in the room.”

Paul spoke with a mouth full of Chine food, “It’s this dammed pattern I keep detecting. I mean, I catch it, and then it disappears.”

Sally questioned, “What is so special about it?”

Paul stated, “Everything and nothing.”

Sally uttered, “What do you mean? Is it a Wraith?”

Paul nodded, “Yes. But, when I try to apply standard detection analyst protocol, it vanishes. Like it is learning each time I try and flag it.”

Sally rested back on the sofa. “Hmm...”

Paul leaned forward, his nerd like face turned towards her. “What? Why Hmm?”

Sally expressed, “Because I’ve had a similar experience, but, with a different analytic fractal.”

Paul uttered, not thinking, “Think they may be connected?”

Sally looked at him hard, “You know, that might be the codex?”

Paul voiced, “What?”

Sally said, “What if your anomaly and my anomaly are connected? I mean, what if by themselves, they act like a Wraith, but, when put together, a clear pattern develops?”

Paul shook his head, “Oh, come on, that couldn’t be happening. I mean, it would have to mean that these Wraiths are coming from International States. Foreign countries that have somehow coordinated. They are acting together, in concert. And at this point, there are only two. What you’ve observed and what I’ve observed.”

Sally thought on it for a moment, then said, “Unless...”

Paul asked, “Unless what?”

Sally blurted out, “Unless there is a third actor that no one has noticed yet. Because they all look like Wraiths. I mean, here one moment and gone the next. There wouldn’t be enough data for a formalize a threat.”

The following days, Paul and Sally started a coordinated effort to tag and investigate any anomaly that had to do with the specific Wraiths that they had noticed. Frequently meeting and pouring over key data. Sub-Director Izan took notice.

Izan said, “I’ve noticed some unusual accounts being accessed. What’s going on with the two of you?”

Paul uttered, “We can’t really say for certain, but, we believe we are seeing a cell. It has far reaching implications.”

Izan raised an eye brow, “What type of far reaching implications?”

Sally interjected, “Like Paul said, we can’t be sure. But, from my station and Paul’s, when you view them in the Alpha dominant fractal, it looks like North Korea and Russia are starting the beginnings of staging something.”

Izan asked, “Okay. What are they starting to stage?”

Paul spoke, “That is just it. There is a piece of the puzzle missing.”

Izan voiced, “What piece?”

Sally answered, “Well, if what we have been able to decipher, there has to be a component operating inside of the United States, Russia and North Korea can’t be doing this on there own.”

Paul said, “This is a conspiracy. Sally and I believe we have detected the Beta Protocol of what might be a fractal quantum matrix.”

Sally added, “With a binomial progressive confluence as its codex. We believe that this might be the beginning of a serious plot and we got lucky and had managed to detect the start of it.”

Izan announced, “I want the two of you to keep this to yourselves. Keep me informed as to what you find. I’ll monitor things from my position. If we can prove serious realtime connections, then I’ll fast track it up the pile line.”

Sally projected, “But, if we just monitor this at this point, we might not be able to do anything about it until it is too late. Shouldn’t we notify the proper channels to start a ground operation for hard intelligence, to verify the data?”

Izan shook his head, “No. We need to know more about what they are planning before we suggest using human intelligence.”

Paul spoke, “So, for now, you just want us to report to you anything that we discover that is new?”

Izan nodded as he walked away, “Good work you two. Keep on working on it, but, like I said, report to me only.”

Paul grinned like a puppy. “Will do...”

When Izan had disappeared around the corner, Sally looked to Paul. “Just what in the fuck was that?”

Paul wiped the stupid grin from his face. “What? He’s the Sub-Director of our division. Don’t you find it an honor to have been visited personally by him. I mean, how many analyst get a visit from someone up that high?”

Sally wanted to slap him in the face, “That is the whole point, you idiot. Why would someone like Izan feel it necessary to reign us in?”

Paul shrugged, “What? He wasn’t reigning us in, didn’t you hear what he was saying at all? He told us to keep up the good work.”

Sally shook her head, “He told us to report our finding directly to him.”

Paul reflected, “So what?”

Sally responded, “So? It isn’t protocol. We have a chain of command for a reason. We are suppose to bump this stuff up the chain of command. Rules are rules.”

Paul voiced, “Maybe there is more to this than what we know of. I mean, after all, he is the Sub-Director. I’d assume that he just might know a little more about all of this than what is expected.”

Sally flopped into a chair, “Look, Paul. We just told him that we believe that Russia and North Korea are planning something in the early stages, and, all he wants us to do is to keep him informed? I mean, really?”

Paul found something to eat in the desk draw and began to eat it. “I don’t see it. I mean, if we did bump the data, it would eventually reach the Sub-Director anyway.”

Sally uttered, “And your point is?”

Paul went on, “This is just fast tracking the data because he is interested in it. Like he said, we are doing a good job.”

Sally conceded, “Okay, let’s say that you are right for the sake of saying so. What about the home grown threat?”

Paul uttered, “What about it? Didn’t you hear what he said? Once there is enough data to warrant human intelligence, then a directive will be ordered.”

Sally said, “We can’t just wait for that. I mean, if we want to know the truth, we need to discover it for ourselves.”

Paul stated the obvious. “What about what Izan told us?”

Sally stated, “Fuck him! If he wants us to continue then we have to have the freedom to go where the evidence sends us. And we shouldn’t have the knowledge hidden.”

Paul muttered, “That is not what is going own. And, we are the CIA. We keep secrets.”

Sally spoke, “What is going on is that we have discovered a threat at the beginning of the plot but instead of telling us to follow protocol, we’ve been told to just sit on the data. Does that sound right to you?”

Paul paused for a moment, “I don’t know what to think. I suppose it is a little out of the realm of good practice. But, it is also a direct order from our boss. So, we either agree and just go on doing what we do, or, we find out who that third state actor is.”

Sally said, “Now that is the Paul I know and love so much!”

Paul uttered, “What? You love me?”

Sally threw an empty food wrapper at him, “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it was just a saying. We are best friends. So, sure I love you and you love me, but, as best friends.”

Paul voiced, “Oh, yeah, best friends. I knew that. You were just talking. I knew that...”

Sally saw his disappointment, “Paul, you are a great guy. And we have talked about all of this before, do you really want to destroy our friendship, with sex?”

Paul spoke, “Fuck yes...”

Sally expressed, “Ah, God, men, you all think with your little brain. If we did that, then it would ruin everything and you know it!”

Paul confessed, “I don’t care. I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time. I just wanted you to know that and if things should ever change and it makes sense to you, that would be great.”

Sally leaned over and kissed him. “Does that ease the tension?”

Paul felt all warm inside, her lips were sweet. “It’s a start...”

Sally fake slapped him, “Oh, you are so incorrigible!. And just to think I had ordered pizza for tonight.”

Paul voiced, “You did? Well, maybe and I mean, just maybe, the kiss was enough, for now...”

Sally smiled, “Fine. Now, let’s get back to work. What did you discover other there?”

Paul explained, “At first I wasn’t sure, but, now I’m fairly certain, there is another person outside of the agency who has been accessing the same stream of data that we have.”

Sally asked, “Really, from where?”

Paul pointed to his screen, “There. The FBI. Some analyst over there is just as interested in the feed as we are.”

Sally uttered, “I wonder what they might know. Maybe they might have a different spin on the meaning of the raw data.”

Paul mindlessly voiced, “We could ask them.”
Sally and Paul sat at a small table out in the open. There were a few passer by’s but other than that, just another little coffee shop. Paul was drinking something that originally was shitted out of some poor animal’s ass, and now cost too much money. Sally had a simple espresso. A short stocky man, dressed awkwardly approached the two of them.

Wally asked, “You are the two I spoke with over the phone?”

Sally looked up. “Depends on who you spoke with.”

Wally pointed at Paul. “I think I spoke with you. Are you Paul?”

Paul was liking his expensive ass coffee. “Yes. I’m Paul and this is Sally. Are you Wally?”

Wally nodded then quickly pulled up a chair at their table. “This all is a bunch of shit!”

Sally uttered, “The world is all a bunch of shit. You’ll have to be more specific than that.”

Wally farted, “Sorry. I get gassy when I get nervous.”

Paul said, “Hey. Settle down. No need to be all nervous. We are all professionals here. We just wanted to talk to you about some of your research. You know, the non-classified stuff.”

Wally frowned, “Non-classified stuff? All of my research is non-classified. I’m a low level analyst with the FBI. I was so stoked when you contacted me from the CIA. I mean, really? You guys are CIA?”

Sally glanced at Paul. Then over to Wally. “We noticed a constant qualifier on your data retrieval. Wanted to ask you a few questions about it.”

Wally was naturally paranoid. “I do a lot of stuff. What did you want to ask me about that was so sensitive that you couldn’t say it over the phone?”

Paul spoke, “You notice any serial activity between Russia and North Korea?”

Sally clarified, “He means as related to domestic resources.”

Wally said, “Well. Yeah! I’ve been working on this fractal algorithm that has resulted in some weird anomaly.”

Paul questioned, “Weird anomaly? What kind of weird anomaly?”

Wally went on, “You know. It is the kind of thing, that if two foreign states were trying to recruit domestic assistance, that they would use that type of stream to mask their involvement.”

Sally uttered, “But, you spotted it. Have you spoken to your superiors about it?”

Wally scuffed, “Yeah I wish.” He looked at the two of them, “Oh. You are serious. Well. It’s not my job to do so. All I do is gather. Someone else higher up does all the real thinking about what it all means.”

Sally said, “But you have a theory...”

Wally scuffed nervously again, “Er no! I don’t have theories.”

Paul spoke, “Look. We are not here to bust your chops. We were just interested in why you seem so interested in that particular feed.”

Wally glanced around and then leaned in, “Okay. But, you have to promise not to laugh.”

Sally returned, “Believe me, if what I think you are about to tell us is what you actually do tell us, none of us are going to laugh.”

Wally nodded, “Okay. I think that the Russians and the North Koreans are in contact with an organization called WAVE.”

Sally questioned, “What is WAVE?”

Wally responded, “It’s a white supremacy group. Low level. Been around for about twenty years. It keeps getting poor uneducated whites to recruit. Basically, your garden variety white trash., who want to blame their lack of ambition and inbreeding on everybody but themselves.”

Paul spoke, “The kind of people who can be easily manipulated into just about anything due to their lack of formal education. Their world view is limited to their front door.”

Wally nodded, “Pretty much.”

Sally asked, “So, the million dollar question is, what would Russian and North Korean intelligence want with a group like that?”

Wally voiced, “That is exactly what I thought. Then I got to digging. It seems that the two foreign state actors are busy engaging to phantom attacks, cyber attacks on various sectors of American society.”

Sally uttered, “Well, duh! That is par for course.”

Wally shook his head, “No, no, no! You don’t understand. These attacks are simply diversions to cover up what they really are targeting. They started off influencing small elections. Local stuff. Things that would go undetected. But, they always use some other attack to mask their real intentions. Russia is the primary while North Korea acts as the stealth. They provide cover for the Russians. One creates a mirror proxy binomial while the other slips in a does the real manipulation. I mean it’s beautiful to watch...”

Sally almost spat her coffee out. “Watch? Are you telling me that you’ve actually witness their conversion in real time?”

Wally nodded, “Oh yes. I spend nights just watching them talk to each other and plot.”

Paul glanced at Sally, “Do they know that you are there?”

Wally voiced, “So far, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve got a pretty deep screw worm. I can see them but they can’t see me.”

Sally asked, “Wally, to what end do you think they are plotting. Have you been able to figure out any of their targets?”

Paul asked, “You know. Are they plotting to blow up planes or crash buildings?”

Wally laughed, “God! You guys. You always think in such retro-fashion. No, there are planning something really big. Best I can tell, they are planning to control a major election. Recently a few Senate races have been manipulated to elect people that would have otherwise not been elected. I witnessed that and some other stuff.”

Sally asked, “You have actual hard data on all of this?”

Wally seemed proud of himself. “Sure. I keep copies of everything. Back it all up and plant trees everywhere.”

Paul questioned, “Do you think you could show us some of your data. I mean, we have ideas of our own as well.”

Wally looked at them, “So. You are saying that you actually believe me?”

Sally touched his hand briefly, as if giving me reassurance, “That is why we are here.”

Wally said, “So. The CIA is interested in what a low level FBI analyst is doing? Why? What are the two of you not telling me?”

Sally told him, “We are senior analysts. We do what you do, but, on steroids. We noticed some confluence patterns and...well...became curious, for lack of a better term.”

Wally said, “They want to fuck with us just like we’ve always fucked with them. If they can swing a major election to favor their countries, then, they don’t have to drop bombs and break out guns. All they have to do is position one of their sleeper agents in place and elect him or her into the White House. You know, like the old Cold War stuff, when Russia planted gobs of sleepers in this country. The sleepers would become part of the American landscape. Some might even become rich and powerful. Influential. All you have to do is look for powerful families who seem immune to changing political rounds. They might rise and fall and then rise back again. Why? Because they are getting foreign of course. Such an actor would seem larger then life and be able to function in the harshest of economic environments, hell, maybe even thrive!”

Sally said, “To the point that they might seem like economic heros as such?”

Wally nodded, “Exactly, But, to the public, that actor would seem to be just part of the American Dream. You know, mom and apple pie. The American story, parents came here back during the Great Depression and stuff like that. Changed their lives by embracing the opportunities and sure propaganda. While all the long, foreign states would be making sure that they were placed at the right time in the right place.”

Paul questioned, “But, that would make them super old. The idea is not viable for the Twenty First Century.”

Wally raised a finger, “They have kids. Their kids are sent to college and do all the stuff that any rich spoiled American kids would do. But, one thing, they have a link to the foreign state. Through their parents and such. They themselves are totally insulated from anything. Even deep background checks couldn’t crack it. Why? Because on the surface they are Americans to the bone. That is the flaw in the system, a nation of immigrants. Everybody came from someplace else. So, it is a piece of cake to slip in grandpa and grandma. This is a long term spy game. Involving possible two or three generations. Very deep cover. And, add to that, records are very merky for stuff after a certain point. Computers were not even invented when all that stuff starts to unfold.”

Sally said, “Gees, Wally, you are one paranoid dude.”

Wally responded, “Trust me. I have proof. Like I said, I plant trees all over the place. Just in case...”

Sally asked, “Just in case of what?”

Wally quickly looked over his shoulder, “You know. In case they off me!”

Paul leaned forward, “In case who offs you?”

Wally raised an eye brow, “You. Them. They are watching us all. They have eyes and ears everywhere. Hell, they are probably watching us right now. I mean, the two of you work for the CIA.”

Paul spoke, “So, you think we are part of the conspiracy?”

Wally shook his head, “Oh hell no! The two of you are too stupid to be part of it. I checked the two of you out before I agreed to the meeting. Besides, I’m talking about the ones who spy on the spies.”

Sally repeated, “The ones who spy on the spies? Now, there is one that I’ve never heard of before.”

Wally stated, “Well it is true. Just think about it. Do you really think that the real threat is from something so obvious? No! They create smoke and mirrors in order to keep you looking over here all the while they are doing stuff other there. You get fucked in the butt and don’t even have the sense to cry that it hurts! And on those occasions when a good ass fucking does come to your attention, you quickly forget about it due to some new distraction. The art of magic is to get you to look over here all the while they are picking your pockets. It’s never what it seems to be. If it seems to be that, then it is something else. Trust me!”

Sally retorted, “So you are saying that the Russians and the North Koreans are plotting something big and are working with this WAVE organization, who is domestic?”

Wally spoke, “It has to be domestic. Someone has to be actually planted within. An inside job but with foreign actors. Think about it. A national election hijacked by Russia and North Korea. Take a bunch of inbreeds and convince them that they finally matter. They have been cast to the out skirts of generations. Resentment and confusion are replaced with clarity. They are the true American people. The true believers. Everyone else is just shit. All the while, it is they who are being controlled. But, because of their ignorance, they can’t truly see it. And even if they did, the magician quickly gets their attention once again and they are captured under his spell. It is like Japanese Kabuki Theater.”

Sally said, “Where you pretend like you don’t see the puppet masters, when all along, there they are in plain sight.”

Wally nodded, “That is what is going on here. Russia and North Korea are using a coordinated attack, working with WAVE to control the results of a major American election. The only thing missing is the domestic actor. The person they have tagged to play the part as the Great American Hero. The one who can save them from the evils of themselves. Who can free the slaves, as you will, no offense.”

Paul uttered, “None taken...”

Sally asked, “But it would have to be someone who has name recognition and who is considered an outsider, yet, a person who the so called chosen woud rally to.”

Wally voiced, “That is the only real question. And you have over three hundred million people to sift through. Whoever is the point man, has to be able to move through American society undetected yet able to make major impact when necessary. Someone who is at home in the media and can manipulate it to his or her will.”

Sally uttered, “An Anti-Christ...”

Wally nodded, “But not in the Biblical sense. We are talking about a Trojan family that came here long ago and have become very successful. One that is in the sport light but for reasons, is also ignored, with the exception of a few hiccups now and then. Someone tested and still manages to move throughout American society undetected. A show man, someone who P.T. Barnum would be proud of.”
 Sally was behind the wheel of a government leased car as they made their way through traffic and across the bridge. They were headed to Wally’s house which was located in a remote area of the state.

Paul said, “What was it that Wally called it?”

Sally spoke, “He called it THE HUMBUG CONSPIRACY.”

Paul grinned, “Yeah. That was it. You got to hand it to old Wally. The guy has got a whole head full of ideas.”

Sally agreed, “Yes. But they are all paranoid ideas. I mean, I thought the two of us were way out there. I mean, WAVE? A homegrown organized group of White supremacy inbreed bigots who are working with the Russians and the North Koreans? Seriously? What do they all have in common?”

Paul answered, “Well, according to Wally, everything. They have this mystery sleeper agent.”

Sally interjected, “More like the off-spring of a sleeper agent or family from the Cold War. Or maybe even before the Cold War. Depending on how far back Russia planted sleeper spies in the United States.”

Paul nodded, “Okay. For the sake of sanity, let’s just go with that. Anyway, Wally thinks that somehow these two countries have been able to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes and manipulate local and regional elections in America, with the ultimate goal of influencing a national election. Basically, picking our next president.”

Sally voiced, “Yes, but to do that, they’d have to systematically hack our defense systems, plant nano worms and then stealthy get out and just wait for the opportunity.”

Paul, stated, “And that would take lots of time and patience.”

Sally uttered, “The North Koreans are very patient.”

Paul added, “So are the Russians. And they have the computing power and expertise to carry out such a thing.”

Sally spoke, “But, it would also have to be ignored over here, because from time to time, there would be anomalies in our cyber-grid.”

Paul voiced, “But, good old Wally said that is exactly what is going on.”

Sally retorted, “That certain people high up in government are just looking the other way.”

Paul said, “Maybe more sleeper agent families? I mean, from what Wally said, the whole country is crawling with Russian spy families.”

Sally laughed, “You know what?”

Paul said, “No. What?”

Sally stated, “For all the crazy things that the poor guy said, what if Wally is right?”

Paul voiced, “Oh, come on, Sally. You can’t possibly believe Wally’s paranoid delusions. He’s just some low level analyst who works for a small department in the FBI. His superiors have just relegated him to some basement, just to get rid of him. Calling him up now and then, when they need a fall-guy.”

Sally said, “So, then, why are we headed out to his secret bat cave?”

Paul shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe we are no better than Wally. We want to see things in the shadows that are not there.”

Sally frowned, “Are we that pathetic? Come on, I don’t want to think of myself in that way.”

Paul said, “Hey let’s get some Chinese food before we arrive. I’m hungry. Wally might not have anything to eat over in his secret high-out.”

They pulled around the corner after having detoured to get something to eat. Pulling into the small rural area, they were shocked to find emergency vehicles, police and helicopters all about. Finding a place to park, Paul and Sally proceeded to find someone in charge. Flashing ID the police captain spoke with them.

Captain Dogers said, “This is a mess. It looks like some poor slob left his gas on and the place caught on file. The problem is that the fire spread to the neighbor’s home as well. So, now we have a block fire.”

Sally asked, “When did this all start?”

Captain Dogers stated, “About two hours ago. Why? What does the CIA have to do with domestic fires anyway?”

Paul answered, “Officially, nothing, we were just curious.”

Captain Dogers looked at the two of them. “Yeah, right. I’ve been a policeman for a long time, never had the CIA just show interest in a local fire before. Who was this guy to you?”

Sally fielded the question, “Just someone we had a professional interest in.”

Captain Dogers spoke, “Yeah well, you might want to express this professional interest to the FBI. Here they come...”

Paul spoke softly to Sally, “Maybe this is not a good idea. I mean, all of our proof just went up in flames. I’m guessing that Wally is dead in the fire.”

Sally suggested, “Do you think that he was murdered? I mean, we all meet and then, when we are so close to uncovering the truth, he’s found dead. In a pile of ashes? I can’t believe that this was just a coincidence.”

Paul uttered, as they tried to avoid the FBI, “I don’t think that Wally was too far off. He might have been a paranoid little sucker, but, even paranoids have enemies. And then, there is the obvious question...”

Sally finished, “Who else knew about our little meeting? In order for them to have followed Wally back to his bat cave, they must have been watching us. And seeing that he was the one with all of the real data connections, they killed him, but, it could have easily have been us.”

Paul murmured, “But, there are two of us and only one of him. Plus, like you said, he was the only real threat to whomever’s plans his information was threatening to expose.”

Sally voiced, “An international conspiracy to control American elections. To do it covertly, so covertly that it would be failsafe. I mean, who would believe that we were that vulnerable to cyber attacks? It would under mind all of our national security, if it got out that we saw what was coming and did nothing.”

Paul stated, “Maybe that is the whole point. Maybe there are people who are suppose to spot this kind of thing and stop it. But, they are just looking the other way for some reason.”

Sally pronounced, “Political gain? Sell to the highest bidder the election. If you can afford to pay the price, you win the election. Make it look like the election was fair, all the while, foreign influences are controlling the outcome.”

Paul looked around at the commotion, “Maybe we are being watched?”

Sally shrugged, “Why? We don’t know anything...”

Paul uttered, “Maybe we do. I mean, we suspect that something is wrong. Perhaps that knowledge is in itself, enough. Maybe that is what go Wally killed. It wasn’t the fact that he had evidence to back up his paranoid claims, but, that he believed them and was doing something about it.”

Sally questioned, “And you think that we run that risk now?”

Paul suddenly realized, “We were suppose to be there. We were suppose to meet Wally. But, we stopped and got Chines food. If we hadn’t detoured, we’d be in the heap of ashes right now. It wasn’t suppose to be just Wally, but, you and me, too.”

Sally proclaimed, “Then, we have no one to turn to for help. Our lives are in danger...”

Paul and Sally sat across from Sub-Director Izan’s office. There were obvious voices coming from the room, sometimes quite loudly. Upon occasion office personnel would pass by, glance at them and then just give then a funny look. Finally, Paul got tired of it and uttered some expiative. Sally nudged him trying to get him to behave.

Paul said, “This is ridiculous. The way everyone is acting, like we did something wrong.”

Sally finally voiced, “Okay, yes...”

Paul questioned. “Okay, yes, about what?”

Sally told him, “Okay, yes, I’ll have sex with you. But, only once. After that, everything goes back to the way that it was.”

Paul didn’t know what to do with the information, did he want to jump for joy or act all cool? “Okay. But, shouldn’t we have dinner first. You know, to set the mood?”

Sally voiced, “Paul, we eat together all the time. Often than not, one of us is at the other’s apartment. Hell, we finish each other’s sentences. So...”

Paul finished, “Sex...”

Sally stated, “Just look at the trouble the two of us have gotten ourselves in. I mean, inside of Sub-Director’s office: the FBI representative, Homeland Security, local police chiefs and British Secret Service. We can’t get in anymore trouble.”

Paul spoke, “It could be worse.”

Sally looked at him for a long moment, “Please, tell me how it could get any worse. I’d really like to know.”

Paul pointed out, “We could be like poor Wally.”

Sally reflected, “Point taken.”

Paul voiced, “In light of what must be going on in Sub-Director Izan’s office right now,” there was even more loud voices, “we’d be better off dead.”

Sally provided, “Don’t think that is not one of the things that is being discussed right now. I mean, if we’d only just stuck to our boring little jobs as analyst. Maybe none of this would have happened. I mean, Wally would still be alive...”

Paul questioned, “What about the plot? I mean, we did good work, we discovered a real threat that because of us, can be stopped.”

The door opened up and the so called important people filed out, some glancing over at Paul and Sally, while others just ignored then like they were not there. A moment later and Sub-Director Izan called them into his office. He pointed to two chairs and they quickly found them.

Paul started out, “Look, boss, we didn’t mean for any of this to happen. In fact, when we first found out about any of this, well...I didn’t want Sally to know about any of it. It’s not her fault, it is all mine.”

Sally gazed at Paul for a second, then towards Sub-Director Izan. “Sir, it is nice and maybe even bold what Paul is trying to do, but, the truth be told, I knew exactly what I was doing. There is nothing that Paul could have done to keep me from wanting to learn the truth.”

Sub-Director Izan nodded, “The two of you are right. Fact of the matter is that a whole bunch of people and agencies have had their eyes on the wraith protocol for awhile. And the WAVE have been on the FBI’s top list even longer. I’d tell you both that you did a good job, and you did. But, there is the little problem with Wally, the FBI analyst who died in the fire. That is where the real trouble begins.”

Sally blurted, “Sir, we are sorry. But, if Paul hadn’t wanted to stop and get some Chinese food, we’d be dead as well.”

Sub-Director Izan nodded, “I noted that in your report. But, the two of you are not field agents. You can’t just go running around Washington, acting like you are. I told the two of you to let me know if some new news came up. Not to go running off, meeting other agency personnel and eventually getting one of them killed. Now, I know that the two of you were just as much at risk, but, that is why we have trained field agents to handle the physical work of human intelligence. I just can’t have my senior analyst running around doing what they were not trained to do.”

Paul voiced, “Sir, like I was saying, it was all my fault. If you are going to fire anyone, it should be me.”

Sub-Director Izan uttered, “The group that just left wanted me to do far more than just fire the two of you. Some were calling for the two of you to be arrested.”

Sally and Paul glanced at each other. Then, back at the Sub-Director, finally Paul said, “What is going to happen to us, sir?”

Sub-Director Izan replied, “The information has been passed on to powers that be. The two of you will not be charged. But, you have to promise me that you won’t go off on another tangent.”

Paul spoke for the two of them, with relief, “We’re just analyst, not field agents.” Then Paul’s cell phone buzzed, he glanced at it while Sally was talking to Izan, the text read: “I planed trees everywhere...”

In the corridor after Izan dismissed them, Paul showed Sally the text> “Wally...? He must have survived the fire.” Sally uttered.  And then there was the 2016 election...

Submitted: November 21, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jackie Rice and Sydney SaintCrow. All rights reserved.

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