The Devil's dance

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Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



The Devil's Dance 

As she gazed upon his heavenly blue eyes 
with the look of a thousand oceans trapped inside 
She knew that she was falling becoming lost in her own mind,
Never before had she seen a smile so friendly 
Nor a sparkle in an others eyes like the one she seen in his 
He was a dark mystery she knew she had to solve

Something in the way he moved 
the aura of his presence 
was like a bright light in a dark room 
Revealing dark and hidden shadows 

She knew that he was dangerous 
An unsafe card to play 
But she was lost in the depths of a thousand oceans 
drowning in her ever deepening love 
And she knew that even if she wanted to, 
It was too late to escape 

She began to notice a change 
There was less of a sparkle In his eyes
And the smile she once seen so friendly 
Was no where to be seen 
The dark enigma she once found so intriguing 
Was now nothing but a fear of the unknown

She knew all along that she was dancing with the devil 
but she was so desperate for even an ounce of love 
at the time she didn't care 
If in order to find happiness 
As brief as it may be 
She had to dance The Devil's Dance 
And she would do it all over again
Without a second thought 

In life it's better to have tasted even the smallest bit of happiness 
Than to live your life wondering and never knowing at all. 


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