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A man who's name is never specified is not in touch with reality.

Submitted: November 20, 2016

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Submitted: November 20, 2016



"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

He grew Agitated. He hates that nursery rhyme. It brung Him bad memories. Why do kids have to sing about that moment, and so Joyfully too?

He walked to the news station, and got the most recent magazine. There was a race coming up, this time all animals allowed. This was a very rare moment. He grew Excited.

But first, He had to do something so important, it meant risking to miss the race. And so He did it. And He missed the race.

Honestly, and surprisingly, He didn't want to do the race. He figured, maybe, He should let another one win. I wonder why, He never thinks like that.

He is actually incredibly Cold, Brutal, and Inconsiderate.

He headed home through a portal in the middle of nowhere. Now He is swimming through Time, a place of glass. Right in the middle of his journey, He heard the song again.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

This time, it was a flashback. A terrible one.

It took Him a while to recover. But, true to His nature, He forgot all about it seconds later and swam on. He saw a pink light.

He went the wrong way.

And there is no backtracking.

He went through the portal. Seconds after, He was surrounded by trees. He was never here before. He did not know where to go.

So, He headed North. Then North-East. In front of Him was a mountain. And at the tip, a purple glow. He headed there.

He swam through Time again. This time, He could smell perfume. The smell was very strong. He regretted His decision right away. He recognized this perfume.

Finally, He reached the portal. He hesitated, but He forced himself to go in.

The perfume was sprayed everywhere. Makeup was scattered everywhere, with bright pink rabbits and hot pink bears. The sheer amount of jewelry blinded Him.

Then He heard the Voice. That squeaky, ear-piercing Voice. And it was very close, and was getting closer and louder by the second. He tried to hide, but it was already too late.

She got Him.

She grabbed and hugged Him very tightly. He gagged. He got very angry, and He twisted free from Her grip, and threw Her at one of Her bears, ripping it, and covering Her in cotton. He escaped through the next portal before She regained consciousness.

While swimming, He took the time to look at Time. Time was beautiful, with a blue glass tube carved with lots of fancy designs, with pictures of the memories of all who ever swam in Time. Time also had glass windows, with pictures carved into them that looks like the person, or thing, that carved it actually put some thought in meaningfulness. Outside the tunnel, it was nothing but blue space with bubbles and glass shards. But they floated around just perfectly enough to pull you in. How come He never noticed?

He then tried to feel Time, but couldn't. No matter how much He swam, He was going nowhere. It was like, Time was moving with Him. Perhaps, Time is a living creature. He came to this conclusion. And it was true.

He then quit trying, and swam to the next portal, this time blue. He entered it, and He was in the ocean, but it had barely any water. At least, it felt that way. He saw the silhouette of a giant male mermaid very far from his position, and going at very high speeds. He walked to it without thinking.

He walked straight into a tornado. And a very strong one. The tornado flung Him, then the song.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

He got a headache this time. The headache felt like the mermaid stabbing Him with his giant trident, all the whole being tortured and claws drilling holes into the back of His head. After minutes of agony that felt like hours, He evaporated into tiny white blocks that floated aimlessly to the top.

The blocks morphed into His formal shape, Him gasping for air. He saw the silhouette again, only much closer. The mermaid leaped into the air, and arched over Him. Then, the silhouette was right under Him. Hopeless, He closed his eyes, expecting to die. But instead, the mermaid jabbed his pointy nose right into His spine, causing Him to wheeze. He soon adjusted to the speed, and crawled up his head, down his neck, and hung onto his back. The mermaid swam through the large body of water like a dolphin, jumping in and out, making very large arches. After a long 30 minutes of intense speed and almost falling constantly, He made it to the portal. He jumped in mid-arch.

He was in Time again. Body heat dried Him quickly. He then looked at the memories in Time. They were interesting, and too many to count. Two kids at the beach playing with a ball. A kid making a friend. A baby walking around the house naked. A parent teaching their child how to play the piano. A couples first kiss. Two silhouettes looking at a meteor shower. A teenager and their dog looking at an eclipse. These were all brown. A kid being abused. A group of people killing a kids parents at a young age. Pets dying. Being bullied. Sitting in the rain alone. Being forced to do drugs. Drinking. Watching a best friend commit suicide. These were all black. He would rather not look anymore, so He swam along, eyes shut.

He went through the portal, and He found it easier to think. He was sitting in a completely white desert. With nothing special, nobody around. Only endless sand that felt like a soft blanket. He decided to sleep to forget about the black memories. The song haunted his dreams.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

He twisted and turned, trying to sleep more, trying to get it out of His head. But He couldn't, and it just kept repeating.

After 10 minutes, He gave up to the song. He got up, and just walked forward, aimlessly.
Hours passed, and nothing. But He just kept walking. An hour and 10 minutes passed, and He saw a shimmer of light. He walked to that. Finally, He reached the portal. He leaped in.

While He was swimming, Time was murmuring stuff to Him, barely audible. It got a tone louder each minute. Impatient, He just swam to the next portal.

He was sweating. The place looked like the first place, but completely made up of fire. It made His eyes sting, and burned His feet. It was hard to walk without extreme discomfort. He walked south, then south-west.

Time started whispering. And this time, then tunnel was oddly shaped. It was bent downwards, the bend starting at the middle. It looked like a leg bending. He just swam to the next portal.

He saw nothing but red, clear water, ice cubes, and countless bubbles. When He tried to swim down, the back of His neck hurt intensely. It sounded like a large chain is wrapped around the inside of His neck. So instead, He swam up. He swam up enough to get to the top of the chain. He yanked the top, and He chocked up blood. It hurt. He yanked again. Again. The chain broke, and evaporated. He then started to swim down. Nothing. He swam left. He saw an oddly shaped ice cube, impossible to be natural. He examined it. Someone somewhere used a chisel to carve into the ice. He saw fingerprints all over the ice. Then the song.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

This time, the people who sung it were not kids. Instead, it was both mechanical, and human. He failed to identify the gender, and the voice had allot of static, like a broken radio. He puked.

He felt something touch Him. It breathed on His neck. He felt sick to his stomach. He puked once more. He couldn't see. He just felt that mechanical hand. Moments before passing out, He thought about the voice. How robotic and human it was.

When He woke up, He was in Time. Time was trying to talk to Him, but He could not understand Time. He never heard of this language before. Suddenly, the voice changed with a scream. The voice was angry. Frustrated. It was yelling at Him. Telling Him to do something other than running. That's when He realized something. Something very important. The voice cut out.

Time... is man-made. A man-made glass organism made to just float forever. This made Him realize everything. There was no portal now, but the tornado again. And there was no water now, just a transparent floor. He walked to the tornado. It flung Him upwards. He broke through the ceiling, and while He was floating in the nothingness outside Time, He saw Time's head. Time was looking straight at Him. Time looked at Him, sadness in its eyes. Time was disappointed at what He become. Very, very disappointed. The tornado appeared in front of Him.

He decided to go to the tornado. It didn't fling Him now, it teleported Him somewhere else.

It was the forest again, only purple with various white stripes. He walked north 4 acres, south 2 acres, east 3 acres, west 7 acres, east 2 acres, north 9 acres. He grabbed a hammer. He headed north, then north-east. The mountain was heavily distorted, making it hard to climb it. He entered the glitching portal.

The tunnel He was swimming through was twisting, glitching, turning, doing everything that isn't normal. He smelled the very strong perfume. This smell was different.He entered the portal. The bunnies were dark purple, and the bears were yellow. There was even more jewelry now. He saw Her again. She was standing right in front of Him. Lookingat Him as if He was a coin. She charged at Him. He held his hammer tightly, and right before She snapped His neck, He swung the hammer at Her, crushing Her. He didn't want money as much anymore. The tornado appeared, He walked to it.

He was at the purple forest again. He walked east 9 acres, west 4 acres, north 7 acres, south 3 acres, and west 10 acres. He grabbed a sword. The tornado appeared, He was in the ocean. But the water was much heavier.

He saw the male mermaid. It was very far away, but He could see it. It looked like it was swimming His direction, and even faster than before. He braced his chest for the jab of 
the lifetime, and His arm to swing as hard as He can. He waited. As predicted, the mermaid swam and jabbed him right in the chest, aiming for the heart. He swung his sword and decapitated the mermaid. Again, the tornado. He walked to it.

Again, the same forest. North 10 acres, south 9 acres, west 12 acres, east 8 acres, south 2 acres, north 4 acres. He grabbed a whistle. The tornado appeared, He was in the place with the ice cubes. Only this time, the water was oil, and the ice cubes were all oddly shaped, and the sky was white.

He saw the same odd ice cube with the fingerprints again, and it was in front of Him. The robot was in front of the ice cube, looking at Him, as if it was disgusted at what it saw. Luckily for Him, the robot did nothing. It just stood there, as if it was paralyzed. He played the whistle loud enough to make the robot malfuntion, and soon after, it shut down. He felt less disgusted at people. The tornado appeared, and took Him someplace He has never been to.

There was nothing but a door. He opened the door, and entered the other place. There was a rather short man standing in the middle. He was breathing so heavily that He could hear it. He could tell that he was MAD. So mad, in fact, he was trembling. He turned, and walked towards Him, clenching his fists. He punched Him in the face, breaking His nose. He stared at Him while He was on the floor. It was then that He realized something. He could not defeat this man. He turned into white blocks again that sunk into the floor and appeared in front of Time.

Time was looking at Him, and was smiling. It was the smile of His mother, and He started crying.

He heard a train.

He knew what the train was. It was Pop, the train that He rides to go to Time and out of Time. And anywhere to and out of the whole program, honestly.

Pop rung its bell. Its bell is large, and is very loud. Of course, nobody can even hear it except for the people that can see it. She rushed to Pop indirectly, so nobody would suspect Her. Off it went.

Pop roared directly to Time. Pop stopped near Him, still crying. She held Him, and reassured Him. He cried for a few more minutes. He cried himself to sleep.

During His sleep, Time sang the song.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

This time, the voice was motherly, and calming. When He woke up, She was sitting on the bed He was sleeping on for quite a while now. He was in a surprisingly clean mental health clinic. It was called Blymthe Health Clinic. Of course, it was in a dimension only accessible by Pop. The clinic is only for those in serious need, and the Blymthe family built the clinic.

Next to Him was a pot full of flowers, and next to that was a music box. Something about it seemed vaguely familiar. Especially the sound it made. The sound was like any other music box, but it seemed... different from all the others. He couldn't quite put his finger on why He thought it was different.

The Blymthe's took care of Him for the day. Fed Him, washed Him, watched over Him, let Him rest. In the morning, they gave Him the music box and watched Him as He headed home, in the rain.

While He was walking, there was nobody. Not even a speck of life. Only Him. Just rain, maybe a few thunder strikes. No other sound. ..Except for the music box. He would wind it up and let it sing the whole time He was walking. He loved the sound it made. Sometimes it would wind itself though.

He finally made it to His home. He sat on the porch, and looked at the clouds. There was always one of them that never changed. No matter how much the other clouds changed, this specific one never changed form, never moved position. It looked like a dog - doberman to be exact - licking its owner in Joy. He thought about it for a while, then He remembered a doberman in the exact same position in Time. It was both black and brown. The dog being black, and everything else was brown. Moments later, He just went into His house.

He sat on the couch and ate a bratwurst with cheese on it. He then wound the music box again. It brung so many good memories of His childhood. Of His mother.

Someone knocked on the door, interrupting His thinking. He opened the door to see who is was. It was Her. She explain to Him that there is a meeting, and the host just so happens to have summoned Him. He decided to go out of curiosity.

Once He got there, the others who went looked at Him as if they have been waiting for decades. The host broke the silence by offering Him a seat. It was at the end of the table, the other side of where the host sat. They asked Him various questions about Time. Stuff like 'did it get distorted, how did you feel during the experience, how did you feel after the experience, did you get hurt and if so, did it effect your physical body in any way.' After all, He is the first one to ever go in Time. He answered each question truthfully, and each of the people there took notes of the answers. The host said a simple 'Thank you' and everyone left. They fixed Time accordingly, and He went home to finish His bratwurst.

After finishing His bratwurst, He wound the music box and watched the rain outside. He payed special attention to the cloud, if it would move, or at least change shape in any way. It didn't change shape. It didn't move an inch. Giving up, he went inside and slept on His recliner. Winding the music box before He slept, of course. The box wound itself while He slept.

When He woke up, He went to the city to simply buy some things he needed, and to pay off His bills and mortgage. But, He was stopped from doing so by the sheer amount of microphones shoved in His face and camera flashes and being bombarded with questions about Time. It was like He was walking around as a model in the middle of Los Angeles. There were even a few news teams taking part of not letting Him do what He needs to do. It wasn't until 3 hours later that they went away. Thankfully, the bank and store were still open. He did what He needed to do. He headed home, winding His music box on the way.

When He got home, He wound the music box again and slept.

A month passed, and He had to go through Time again. She knocked on His door to tell Him this, and got Him to the Blymthe Health Clinic. They set Him in a coma, and He was in Time again.

He was at the spawn point, in the middle on nowhere, with the song.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, My fair lady."

And the spawn location wasn't just white. It was nothing but sand, and the news station, song about terrible moment, and race part was removed, as it was a glitch in the system according to the people in the meeting. He entered the portal.

Instead of just a glass tube filled with water, there was a vein that He swam though, with occasional bubbles, flowing like blood cells. And there was a heartbeat.

He attempted to feel the vein. It was wet, squishy, smooth, and almost transparent. Outside of Time, it was foggy, and if He listened carefully, He could hear what seemed like the source of the heartbeat.

He noticed that there was no portal. Instead, the vein lead directly to the location. He could even see the other veins in the distance, and what direction they went.

He was in the non-distorted forest. This time, it seemed more real than the other three. There were even occasional animals. The air was so sweet.

He headed east. He was in a clearing, with the opening to the vein in the middle, with nothing behind it. He entered, and the vein went south-west. The heartbeat was slightly louder. At the end, a strange place.

He was in the sky, so high that He was unable to see the Earth below. He was standing on a large floating platform. It was a flat chunk of earth with limestone on the top, shaped like a circle. There were smaller versions ahead. Sometimes they had white cartoonish wings.

He went along, jumping from platform to platform. It wasn't a simple straight path. It turned often, sometimes the platforms untouchable, and the platforms sometimes went up and down. When He finally got to the end after falling multiple times, there was a cartoonish heart with those same wings near the top of it. He rode it to the next veins. He decided to go to the left one. it went right, and He felt more kind to others. The heartbeat was significantly louder.

At the end of the vein there was a dark hallway with very dim lights. There was very strong wind coming from behind. He looked behind, and everything behind Him was being torn to pieces by the wind. He advanced as fast as possible as long as possible. After a while, the wind changed direction and started sucking Him in. For the first time, He felt Desperate, struggling to hang onto life as the wind kept sucking Him in, little by little. Eventually, the wind sucked Him in completely, and He was being ripped apart little by little. It was extremely painful. And it wasn't just a rip and gone, it was torture, the ripping going little and slow as possible, sometimes slicing at a open wound. He screamed in extreme pain. It went on and on and on and on, it seemed like forever. After that forever, He exploded into a blue light and was spawned into a vein. He felt more considerate. The vein went north. The heartbeat was considerably louder.

He was in the forest again. Much to His surprise, it was still normal. The only difference was that the heartbeat was loud. Really loud. And there was only 1 vein to go to, not 4. He went into the vein. It took 2 U turns. The first one was south, and the second one was north. The heartbeat was slightly quieter. 

The place He was in now looked like an actual vein with actual blood with red and white blood cells. Sometimes He could even feel the cells bump into Him, as if He wasn't there.

As He swam through the dense blood, there were more and more cells. He could tell that there was a blood clot up ahead, and Time was moaning in pain. He swam up to the clot, and freed the cells from the clot.

After the clot, there were cancer cells. He saw cells trying to kill the cancer, and that He was one of them. He attempted to weaken the stronger cancer cells for the ones killing the weaker ones. The attempt was successful, and the cancer fighting cells went to other areas where it was infested with cancer cells. A few cells released radiation directly into the tumour's created by the cancer. The fight was successful, and Time stopped moaning. Before the cancer fighting cells attacked the brain, the radiation cells killed them off. Another vein in Time opened up before Him. He entered, returned to His normal form, and remembered His mother in the hospital, right before she died of too much radiation exposure. She was an amazing mother, so kindhearted and sweet. The heartbeat was considerably louder.

He was in a dark place with four walls, and a glowing line of string above him. His feet got very wet. He was standing in a thick liquid that was deep blue and shiny. It looked like a melted metal. He noticed a wall that was melting, yet it never changed shape or size, similar to the cloud. The other wall was glass, with something inside of it. The third wall was glitching, it was barely a wall. The 4th one was a normal, wooden wall. The strong was just barely out of reach. He had a feeling He had to figure out how to use the walls and yank the string to go to the next vein. yet, He didn't know how. He touched the glass wall. A glass block fell. He walked to it, and pushed it until it didn't move anymore. He touched the glitchy wall. It burned and twisted His finger. he stopped touching it, and His finger turned to normal. A glitchy 'block' fell. When He tried to push it, it didn't move. After a while, He gave up and touched the melting one. A slimy block fell. It was very light and sticky. He pushed it and placed it south-west of the glass block. He touched the melting wall multiple times, and placed the blocks that fell like a staircase. He then touched the wooden wall. A solid, hard wood block fell. He build a platform with them. He climbed up His creation, yanked the string, and the vein opened. The glitchy 'block' flung itself at the glass wall. It shattered, and a music box dropped to the ground. It was identical to the real world one. He picked it up, and entered the vein. It went up and down three times, in a loop once, and then turned rapidly the rest of the way. The heartbeat was significantly louder. He could solve problems easier.

He was in a very dark room and He only had His music box. The room was filled with white, colorless statues of people. There was an ominous repeating whisper. It gave Him goosebumps. There were also footsteps that never seemed to get louder. He advanced forward. After a while, the whisper was screaming, as if the person whispering was getting tortured by an unknown force. He grew truly terrified. He wondered if the same would happen to Him next. He advanced slower, legs shaking. A snake passed by. He nearly jumped out of His own skin. When He went far enough, there was absolutely no noise except the sound of His music box and His own steps. When He saw the vein, He practically ran to it. It just went forward, the heartbeat getting louder and louder.

He was at the first place, with the platforms. But this time, the heart that He rode on was cracking, and breaking, the heartbeat getting quieter each crack made, and the heart going black. Pretty soon, it turned completely black and shattered. The heartbeat was completely gone, and His chest felt like He got shot. He fell to His knees from the pain. A vein opened, and He crawled to it. It went straight ahead as the last one did.

He landed in a place with a glass floor and an odd pattern below the glass. There was nothing here, except for a light shining in the middle. He walked to it, and He got flung up very far. He landed on a porch on a cloud. He saw the vein open very far from Him. Out of habit, He wound the music box again. A large building appeared before Him, and the door swung open. He entered only because He had no other way to go.

The interior was very fancy. It looked like the person who owned it was very, very rich. And the place was the definition of huge. He walked to the first room, and He was in oneof the master bedrooms. There was a closet the size of a bathroom, an actual bathroom, and a staircase leading to another room. He went to the other room, and it only had a mirror and a cabinet with piles and piles of makeup and a fancy, high-class brush. There were also massive amounts of portraits on the wall, one of them was even Mona Lisa. He went back to the first floor, and took the stairs up.

He was in the second floor now. It looked like a giant living room. There were fancy deep blue couched with various patterns of gold plated onto the armrests. There was a huge fireplace set in the middle of the wall. In the front of the fireplace, there was a podium that held an open book. It was in a language He couldn't understand. There was a flight of stairs that went up on both sides of the room. He went to the right one.

He was in the basement. It was full of boxes and cobwebs and a few spiders and a few dead rats. He decided to look through some of the boxes. He found a torn stuffed bunny, a children's book, and a few other things He didn't bother to notice. He put it all back in the boxes they were in. He went back to the 2nd floor, and took the left flight of stairs.

He was at the 3rd floor. There was a very large picture of what seemed like the owner in the middle of the wall ahead of Him. Under it was a candle that wasn't lit, an there were various glass windows on the walls left and right. By the painting there was 2 flights of stairs that lead to a part of the 3rd floor with 4 rooms. 

He went to the first room counting from left to right. It was full of dolls, a painting of a girl, some toys, a pink pony, and a pink master bed. He went to the next room. 

The next room had a white master bed, a white sculpture or a person, and a cabinet with a rope on it. There was a painting of a cat on a chair. There was a stuffed cat on the bed.

The 3rd room had a black littler bed. There were 4 katana's hanging on the wall, with the picture of a samourai standing in front of a red sun. There was a Japanese fan on a cabinet that was next to the closet full of clothes. 

The 4th room was just a bare room with a flight of stairs going up. He took the stairs. It took Him a very long while until He reached the top of the building. He was on a flat checkered platform with the vein the same level of height as He was. He wound the music box and a bridge appeared before Him. He walked on it to the vein. The vein went straight, then it curved.

He was in a train station now. He waited a while before Pop came. He rode Pop to a brain. Pop went inside the brain, and He woke up.

When He woke up, He remembered something about the music box. It was the same music box that was singing during His mother's death. And He was on the same bed as His mother's, with the same cabinet, same room, same flowers. Same chandelier, same window, same sink. He tried to stop himself from crying, and failed. He burst into tears.He cried for a very, very long time.

After He stopped crying, He just sat on His bed, and stared blankly. He was remembering things, each memory getting darker, and darker. He remembered His abusive dad before the sound of the music box interrupted His thinking.

She entered His room. She put a plate of food on the tray next to His bed. It had apple sauce, a bratwurst, shredded cheese, and some bread. He ate it all, and She smiled, giggling. She left.

The host entered the room. She began talking about a new creature in Time's world they will be adding. She called it Infinity. She wants Him to explore Infinity once hey finished designing it. She said that the Blymthe's do not have permission to have acess to Infinity yet, so He will have to go to the metting place to prepare Pop to go to Infinity. She talked about how He may feel while in Infinity. She talked about a few more things before she left.

He was alone in His room again. it was so slient He could hear His heartbeat. He was yet again deep in thought. The thought of His dad flooded His mind. Hoe often he beat His mother. How angry He felt when he did. How often they argued, sometimes over nothing, and how merciless she was when she killed him. He remembered that moment vividly. Then, after His mother killed him, she found a stray doberman and make it the family pet. Him and the dog used to play together so often before the neighbor killed her when she was on their front yard. The music box sang. It seemed to know when and when not to sing. His thinking was interrupted by the sound yet again. He drank a bottle of water and walked home.

He looked at the cloud again. It altered shape, and now it was a rat skull. A big one. About the size of Time's head, and the ears were more on the side and more... bat-like. Yet it didnt move location. It was still there, watching. A loud yell interrupted the silence.

He went inside and ate some deviled eggs. After that, He sat in His room and thought about the cloud. He had so many questions about it. None of them He could ask. None of them could be answered. He was consumed by the mighty jaws of Confusion. The same yell again. Birds flew.

He got the headache from the old Time. This one lasted much, much longer, and it was much, much more painful. So much pain that the rest of His body went nmb and He couldn't move. He just sat there, on His knees, fingers digging into His skull. Crying. Screaming. And there was nobody around to help Him.

After the headache, He slept.

The yell woke Him up. He did not want to move. He forced himself to move to the kitchen and cook food.

He went outside. The cloud was the same, but it seemed.... closer. A gunshot just barely missed Him. It was a cop. They said something about a privacy law. It was that no matter what, a normal civilian must not ever talk about updates in Time or in Time's world. He never understood this law. Nobody did. Nor did the cop know that He was selected to test Infinity. The host heard about the cop - word travels fast in cities like His - and hurried to Him, explaining to the cop that He is the selected test subject. The cop said his apologies and left. He thought it was male. He couldnt tell.

He went inside His house, to His room. He put the music box in the little cabinet next to the chair. He liked the chair. He sat on it when He was deep in thought. He sat on the chair and recalled memories. Soon after, He slept, too deep in thought. He nearly fell multiple times. An unknown force kept Him up. He could feel the hand of it press against His chest when He nearly fell.

He had a dream. He was in Time's world, but there were no creatures. Only a moving yellow light. It moved, and seemed to wait for Him. He followed the light for a very long time. When He reached the end, the light flew into the darkness before Him, and an eye opened. It was pointed towards Him. It spoke only the word 'ash.' The eye closed, and a door near its chest appeared and opened. He walked in, and He woke up.

He was on the floor, back resting on the cabinet next to the chair. He heard the closet door close. He turned His head to see if anything was there. Nothing, He walkws to it, and opened the door to look inside. Nothing out of the ordinary. He walked out the room, the unknown creature peaking out His closet, following Him. Or so He thought.

His instincts kept yelling at Him that something is closely watching and following Him. Yet, each time He looked behind Him, there was nothing. He was absolutely certain something was watching Him.

He had this feeling all day and night. During shopping, while eating, while taking a stroll, while in the bathroom, anywhere He went He felt like He was being watched. He couldn't sleep because of anxiety. he hates being watched. Especially at this time of the year.

A few days later the feeling was gone. He was so happy the feeling was gone. He slept for an entire day and ate allot the day after.

He went on with His normal life for a few weeks. After those weeks, He got both and bad news.

Infinity is ready for testing.

(to be continued in my writing journal :P)

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