I Remember

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A father left his daughter and wife. This is what happens after he left. Please review and check out my other stories! Thanks for reading!

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



I remember it like it just happened and would never stop replaying. Mommy's screaming at you, telling you to stop and think of what this would do to me, the BOOM BOOM of your footsteps as you rushed downstairs with the pounding of your suitcase that followed behind. I heard you yelling back at mommy but louder like you wanted the people in Alaska to hear your conversation.

The last thing I wanted to hear was the BANG of the door. Then it was over, the BOOM BOOM of your footsteps, the pounding of your suitcase that followed behind you, and the yelling, it all ended with a bang. I opened the door of my bedroom and saw mommy heading downstairs, so I followed her. As I reached the end of the staircase I saw mommy drop to the floor, crying, I didn’t like that so I ran to her and gave her a big a hug. I told her, 'It's ok, you don’t need to cry, mommy, you still have me.' As I smoothed her hair hoping to make her feel better. We sat like that for few minutes until mommy was well enough to speak.

Then she finally spoke, 'But, sweetie, you don’t have your daddy by your side anymore and it’s all my fault. I should’ve tried harder to stop him,' she began to cry louder. I didn't want my mommy to feel like this anymore.

I hugged her even tighter trying to comfort her, 'Mommy, it's not your fault, it's not mine either, nor is it daddy's. It’s no one's fault it was just time for him to leave and sort out if he wants us or not. If he doesn’t then it's his loss and if he does it's our win. So please mommy stop crying… please?' Mommy finally stopped sniffling and pulled me closer to her, with tears still rolling down her face and soaking my shirt, she hugged me tighter than she ever had… I couldn't breathe. “Mo-mommy, can’t bre-breath,” but she didn’t hear me, in fact, she hugged even tighter.

'My precious baby girl, when did you become such a wise and grown up person or were you always like that,' she said jokingly. We laughed till our sides hurt (it wasn’t that funny).


That night was the last time I saw my dad again, so it was his loss after all. I don't care about that anymore, now I have a new family who I love dearly, but don't get me wrong I still love my dad. He chooses not to see me, so whatever. I still really want to know why my dad left, what was his reason and was it a good one?  

The End


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