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People are dying, and all you can do about it is read this story? I'm just kidding. You should read this story. Once I become rich and famous, I will remember back to these days of writing one minute stories every once in a while, and thank you people for being there for me. But if I don't get rich and famous, then not only will I suffer from I'm Not Surprised I'm Not Famous Disease, but I will also thank you people for being here for me. Wait, is anyone actually here? But to both of you who are still reading this far into this intro, remember that for as long as I live I will breathe and eat and drink. If you forget that, then you have a very skewed sense of reality. But so might I, so I won't judge.

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



The bell woke me up. I was confused. My dream felt so real! I lifted my head from my desk.

The bell woke me up. I could have sworn that I had just woken up, but...

The bell woke me up. Okay, now this was just getting annoying. I stood up and looked around my classroom. Dr. Diefenbaker Herpenderpen, my teacher, waved at me with two of his seven hands. I waved back. I didn't know whether or not he saw it because his single tiny eye was so far in his eye socket on his giant head that he probably couldn't see it. I walked out of the classroom door, and immediately fell on my head. I totally forgot about the gravity switch between the classroom and the hallway.

My neck hurt and I now had a headache, but I greeted my friend, Shjadkasd, who strategically flipped into one of the classrooms. I walked a bit more through the suddenly flowery hallways until I reached colossal golden gates. I was so glad class was over as I walked through the gates, because last time I went through the gates too early, I was attacked by a Snargfleshmarnie. Those things are pretty scary.

After walking home, past the waterfalls, the dessert, and a tiny ocean, I came home. I opened the door to my house and stepped through. With disappointment, I looked around. I was taken to a different dimension.

"Hey, wake up," I heard out of nowhere. I could have sworn it was my mom.

I woke up and saw my mom who had, of course, woken me up. I looked around me. Yep, I was back in reality. Across the ocean, dessert, and waterfalls, I saw the giant golden gates of my school. Yep, I was in reality.

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