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my greetings to whoever reads this.
i'm not going to spoil my story, but i will tell you that it involves about depression, so if you dont like that...

this is a story which i'm basing off of my real life expierences, not that everything is real though. seeing as i haven't written anything yet, so i'm not entirely sure where i'll take the plot


Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



It was a silent night.

The only thing that one could hear were the soft roars of cars riding past one's house.

Unless you listened really, really carefully. If so, you'd be able to hear silent cries coming from a certain house in a certain street. In that house lived the 'happy' Adabel family. The Adabel household was made of a father; Luke, a mother; Lisa, a daughter; Mara and one baby boy named Brendan.

Mara's POV (just so you know)

''Heh, just great'' I thought as i found the meaning of my name on the internet. ''Bitter and sad.. It hurts how much it fits me..'' I silently remembered my homework, but i lacked the motivation to begin. ''What's the point anyway? Lead a 'happy' life? Man, how i wish someone'd see through this damned mask i seem to can't take off'' We had another maths test tomorrow, but i really didn't care. Al I could think about was suicide. I started tearing up again. ''Dammit! Why the fuck haven't I died already, what the heck is keeping me from doing it?'' I started wondering about this as i slowly grew tired and then even more tired.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going of. The sound could be described as somethinug between a guttural cry and a shriek. It was infuriating, but very effective. I immediately got up as I heard my parents complain about my alarm for the umpteenth time. ''Yes mom dad, I know it's annoying, but I'm unable to wake up otherwise!'' I yelled back at my parent's complaints. 

How i wish to be able to live like you... Happy... What exactly is happiness? Does it even exist?

I found myself wondering about this as i dressed myself for school ''Let's see... Is there seriously only one pair of trousers left?! Oh well, i guess I'll let my mom know after school.''

I went to school. I was late so i was a tad stressed out as i gathered my books for the next lesson. I found myself having to run to try to make it to the classroom in time. I turn around the corner, eyes focussed on the ground so i wouldn't slip over anything unnecessary. Suddenly i stumble and feel soft cloth against my arms. I swiftly look up and see the face of a boy i haven't seen before. I find myself staring at the boy, he had messy fly-away dark blue hair, long for a boy but short for a girl, he was wearing a casual outfit made out of blue jeans, a green and white chekered shirt and black sneakers. I realised i was staring at him and slowly stumbled away. ''O-oh, I-I'm sorry, i didn't see you coming.'' I stuttered. My cheeks felt a bit hot and i really hoped i wasn't blushing. ''Oh, It's not your fault, we both didn't see each other coming..'' He said. I almost wasn't able to hear him as he talked shyly and looked away. I quickly tried to walk away, but he grabbed me by my wrist. No no no no no! i can't let this guy see me blush like this! It's embarrassing... Though... Why should i care? I snapped out of my thoughts as he mumbled something which i wasn't able to hear. ''What?'' ''N-name?'' He said. ''Mara Adabel, now can you please let me go? I'm already late for class'' ''O-oh I'm sorry for keeping you...''

As i walked to my class i had a bit of a struggle to concentrate.. I kept thinking about that boy...

Who is he? Why is he here? Is he a new student? Then why haven't i heard anything about it? New students are really rare in this school seeing as it only allows people from rich families. Though i hope he's like me, from a default family.

As i was walking i suddenly walked into the classroom, suddenly realising that I'd been thinking about this boy the whole time. I sat down in a random seat. Phew, just in time. The school bell rang, announcing that the lessons had began. Where's Haruhi? i thought to myself, then i spotted Haruhi speeding through the halls. ''Uhm, sensei?'' I said, trying to get the teacher's attention who seemed in deep thought. ''What?'' He stared me down. ''U-uhm, Haruhi's... There.'' I pointed towards the locked door and haruhi standing in front of it. Along with....


The very boy that I couldn't stop thinking about.




Hey guys! this is my first chapter and yes, i used the name Haruhi... Don't judge me k? I'm an otaku, so what? 


anyways, i hope you enjoyed it. Any comments, suggestions, critique is highly appreciated, as long as it isn't hate, cause i really don't care about that, haters on the internet be like: hey u suck. Hater irl are way worse :3

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