pay the poet

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Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



I finally came to a point where I must confess

I tried to hide it inside me because I thought I had no choice

But it’s now burning so hard

Truth is so obvious like eggs-fart

If I take it out they will feel it, No doubt!

I can soothe billion souls with my own life experience

I know that everyone grows but I can make them feel like children

But, that’s only if poverty will no longer be an issue

Only if humanity is valued more important than statutes

The world valued misused intellectual powers more important than the useful

This is such a havoc

I mean, how can maths be more important than people

That’s confrontational

Poets use no physical objects from mother nature to do their products

But society chose destruction of mother nature over construction of a better future

We (poets) need to be paid more because we’re teachers and tutors

Mentors, inspirations for others not to be intruders

I can pour my heart as raw on these sheets and save child’s life

And the other poet can do the same but with entertainment to the very same child.

But corporations sell Gold of the same size with the same texture but different price increasing exponentially over time. And still you think you’re wise??? Nah fam, just “pay the poet”!

Think about it...


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