A Stranger in the Woods

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Ah, the perfect forest, the perfect friends, and then the stranger came. Who, what, when and where from, came the stranger?

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016




In the forest of Fellowship there was a creature that some said was a wolf, some said a fox, and still others said that it must be a sorcerer in disguise. The creature had been a dweller within the woods for a few seasons, yet no-one knew anything about it. The forest mights have had something to do with this mystery because it was not just any old forest, it was enchanted.

Yes, the forest had all sorts of magical stuff going on all the time. Down at the east end of this forest there was a thing called, "The night of the Horns," and this took place about once a year.

Nobody knew who was sounding the horns, but when they were sounded a third of the forest vines would unwind and pixie's would emerge from the windings and they would dance. They would dance until the moon turned a soft shade of blue, then they would turn into fairies and fly away. (It was quite a sight to behold.)

One Owl, Hooward, quite often held star-gazing seminars whenever the moon was low on the horizon, or on New Moon nights. The seminars were mostly for nocturnal woodland creatures, but everyone was invited and no one needed to register; they were seldom booked full.

The trees and woodland creatures all spoke and understood one language and often they would gather by the seven ponds to discuss local news.

The seven ponds were a wonder unto themselves. Four of them were larger and were always the perfect temperature to bath in, and the other two were cool and refreshing to drink.

Then there was the Singing Stream that sang lullaby's at noon and in the evening hours.

Yes, it was quite an interesting and fun place. Everyone knew everyone else, well, they did until The Stranger arrived; The Stranger is that strange creature that I spoke of earlier.

No-one seemed to know where The Stranger came from, if from anywhere, and no-one seemed to know if it was leaving any time soon. It had a tendency to make creatures nervous. Why they felt that way, I do not know. It had not hurt anyone, it just sat and quietly stared.

Forest meetings were called on numerous occasions, council sit-downs sought to instill calm among the wildlife too, but nothing seemed to do any good. The Stranger's presence just managed to make almost everyone feel uneasy.

Finally Hooward came up with an idea, "Why don't we just ask The Stranger all these questions that we don't have answers for, you know, to set everyone's mind at ease. We can all be there, so if The Stranger does something dangerous then we can over-power it quickly."

Well everyone thought that that was a great idea, so a Porcupine messenger was sent to fetch The Stranger; that is, if The Stranger was willing to come.

Within the hour the Porcupine brought The Stranger before the gathering.

The Stranger moved back and forth in front of the group for some time, then stood before them and said, "From summer to summer I have lived in these woods with you, and not one creature has graced me with a good morning, or even a hello. When I would draw near to greet someone, they would scurry, or fly away; obviously in fear of the unknown.

Now you summoned me here and want to question me as if I am on trial for something. What folly!

You should all be ashamed for your fear and hostility towards strangers, and your unwillingness to reach out to others. I have heard reports of your mistrust and lack of hospitality towards outsiders, and that is why I came to these woods.

So, do you want to know who I am? I am the Magus of Lamb-stone. I am the designer and conjurer of this wondrous sanctuary that you have called your homes for many generations.

Now you want to ask questions? Well then, ask yourselves why you did not extend a hand of friendship to me and other strangers before me.

And in a few moments you can ask yourselves why I decided to do what I am about to do, but you need not bother because I will tell you, now.

Because you all need to better understand how it feels to be a stranger in a foreign place" --- Poof!

And so it was, the Magus and the Woods were gone. And the creatures of the woods found themselves in a foreign land, void of trees.


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  11-20-2016

© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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