the day the world stood still

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september 11th, the day the world stood still. the 9/11 terror attacks.
how many people believe it? was it an inside job? what actually happened?

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



**This piece of work is my opinion and is not official**

September 11th, 2001, the day the world stood still, the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers, the Pentagon and a failed attempt on the White House. But was it terrorists?

While many people were at home, work, or shopping, an unforgettable moment happened, the world trade center was hit by two planes. The world stood still in horror and disbelief, and so they should, for how did the US government not know that this was happening? Well, I can tell you now, they did. Firstly, the US Air Force must've know that two planes were hijacked. Again, they did, the Air Force is monitoring the air space constantly,knowing exactly were every plane in US air space is. If an aircraft flies below a certain height, it appears off radar and the Air Force scrambles it's jets. Now, the Air Force were aware of an aircraft going missing from its air space, closely followed by a second aircraft. Did the Air Force do anything? No, no they didn't, I mean why would they? Oh yeah. Of course, it was an inside job, and they were told of any aircraft disappearing nothing is to be done, that's exactly what they did.

Secondly, let's go back to just before the attacks happened. We all know that America has one of the biggest military's in the world, and they claim it's the best, (me being from the UK, I disagree) now, if things get too much they tend to pull out of things, for example the Vietnam War, the only reason they won was because they ran away. Anyway, they were helping fight Russia with a group of people in the middle East, things got too much, so they decided to up and leave. This made Osama Bin Laden join Al Quieda, as the leader. But did he organise the attacks? Nope. He started to stand up to America and showing who they really are, of course America didn't like this, and oh, did I mention oil? Osama, being a very rich man had a lot of oil, America wanted said oil, but how? The only way America have always got oil, war. They wanted to go to war to get oil. More oil for them means more money. But they didn't have a valid reason to go to war, you can't just go to war for no reason, so how did America go to war? 9/11, that was the answer, if America create a terrorist attack on there own people and frame Osama they can go to war with him for his oil, that's exactly what they did.

Also, if you look into it closely, you'll find that the rich and most important people who worked in the twin towers were not in work that day, why is this? Because the government told them not to go to work that day. Also, on the flights, there were meant to a lot of celebrities aboard, funnily enough, they cancelled their flight. Obviously something bad was going to happen.

Also, to make their attack more realistic, they went to attack the Pentagon, however there was a flaw in this, one being the fact a live news team was there before the plane hit the Pentagon. Secondly, the hole, from which the plane hit, was not big enough to fit a family size car in it, considering the size of the Pentagon, how could a large passenger plane leave such a small hole and no plane debris?

Another plane was going for the White House, incidentally this plane was taken down by two civilians, however, it's kind of obvious at this point that it's an inside job as these "civilians" would've been killed when they attacked, along with the pilots.

Where did the plane go? Yeah, where did it go? At the speed the aircraft was going it would've gone straight through the twin towers, however, when the plane hit, it disappears, with no debris left, that's a bit suspicious don't you think?

Thank-you for taking the time to read this and feel free to leave a comment with your opinions.

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