Into Darkness

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Entering blackness and there's no way out.

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



Into Darkness


There’s no escaping this. I have to find the will-power to make my legs keep moving me forwards, on and on towards the big gaping cave in front of me. At least that is what it feels like as I near that darkened chasm.


Not one glimmer of light breaks the blackness in front of me. I feel like I am entering a mouth; a large gaping maw of some kind of gigantic creature that is going to swallow me up, devour and digest me. If it spits me out it will be in bits; pieces chewed and bloody, so mangled that they could never be reassembled.


One step, another step. I’m entering into the blackness now, no more chance of turning back. My brain is screeching at me in panic – turn back, don’t take another step. I so want to turn my head, to be reassured that the lightness is still behind me. I want to know that you are still there, waiting for my return or to summon help should I not re-emerge. But I don’t do it. I do not look behind me.


It is quiet in the blackness but not silent. From somewhere there comes the sound of a drip, not constant but steady. It makes me feel even more like I am entering into a cave. There is also a strange rumbling sound, a grumbling that reminds me even more of a stomach. Am I really walking into the belly of a beast?


My palms sweat, nausea rises. If I wasn’t feeling so dizzy I’m sure I would turn and flee. I reach out my arms to the side. On my right there is nothing but a void within my reach; on my left there is some sort of surface, a wall maybe, but it is slimy, warm and damp. I pull my hand hastily away from it. Dizzy or not, I won’t let my hand rest there.


Somehow I manage to keep myself going forward one small step at a time. It is warm here, the air moist and clammy. I can feel sweat trickling down my forehead, soaking my back. And I am shivering, shaking; my teeth are chattering. I know this is from fear, terror, an ignorance of what I am about to be confronted by.


And then I feel a difference, an up-draft of cold air straight ahead of me. And there are lights, tiny twinkling lights that are flowing upwards like sparks. I feel as though I am standing in a back-to-front snowstorm with flakes of brilliance rising instead of snowflakes falling. It is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.


Am I spinning around? I feel as though I am, as though I am revolving. The sparks do not give off enough light for me to make out anything of my surroundings. Tentatively I reach out a hand to capture one of these sparkling things, half expecting to get burnt in the process. Nothing, that is what I feel. I open my hand and it looks empty. If I managed to capture one of these flaming things it has gone now, extinguished by my hand.


And then they disappear. All of them, all at once. It is just as though someone has flipped a light switch, turned them off. And it hits me hard – this total feeling of desolation and abandonment.


I need to leave. I need to turn, to go back the way I came, but I am lost. If I was disorientated before the light display has made it one hundred times worse. You said you would wait for me, that you would be there. I’ll call to you, shout out your name. From your answering voice I will be able to tell which way I need to go to get out of here.


I call to you. Once, twice, over and over, each time becoming more desperate. Why don’t you answer me? Where have you gone? You promised you would be there but you are not. You have abandoned me.


Whichever way I walk, whichever way I turn, everywhere is the same. Nowhere is leading to anywhere. It is hopeless. I sink to the ground, deserted and desolate, and wait for the monster to arrive.



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