After Shock

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Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016




I run my hands down his back as he pushes harder letting a soft moan slip from my lips "Faster." I mutter through rapid breaths his hips pressing into me faster making me grip the sheets as I arch my back in pleasure. His lips run down my cheek to my neck softly kissing me ",I love you Nick." I whisper before quickly grabbing the back of his head and kiss him passionately. He pulls back and stares at me as his rhythm slows "I, I love you." he whispers before quickly moving back away from me. I quickly sit up confused "you, you've never said that," I mutter softly searching his face for a reason "I have," he says as he stands from the bed "not while we're having Sex." I say with a smile "yah well, I do alright." he snaps as he turns and walks to the bathroom. Why's he getting so mad? He has been acting weird here lately I hope he isn't getting cold feet. Nick stands in front of the mirror head hung when I slowly open the door "Hey, you ok?" I ask peeking my head in "yah I'm fine, sorry. I just, well love you so much. I should probably tell you that more." he says with a chuckle as he turns to face me "well it couldn't hurt." I smile as I walk over to him "are you sure that's all?" I ask "yah. I just can't believe how lucky I am." he smiles as he wraps his arms around me "well you aren't the only one." I smile then bury my face in his chest "yah sure," he says softly I look up at him "hey you hungry?" he asks before I could ask what he meant "um, ah yah sure." I say a little thrown off when he quickly walks around me out of the bathroom. What the hell is going on with him? I think feeling a little frustrated, I'll just let it go for now. I don't want to start a fight or something. I walk into the bedroom and see him looking out the window "what you looking' at?" I ask and he quickly turns to face me "nothing, just a neighborhood cat." he says quickly "awe, I want a kitty. can I have it?" I ask as I walk towards him to see but he quickly puts his hand out pushing me back "sure, let's go to the pet store after dinner." he says with a smile "what is your deal Nick?" I snap "why can't I look at the cat?" I ask with a frown. He stands staring at me a moment as if in a panic before moving to the side "you can look at whatever you want." he says with a sigh. I give him one last glare before walking to the window and scan the backyard, nothing "I guess the cat ran off, thanks." I snap "I'll go get ready." I mutter with a sigh before walking out of the room. 

What the hell is his problem, why does he keep acting so weird then like nothing ever happened. It's getting a little annoying. I glance over at him as he focuses on the road, maybe I should just ask? I stare at him a little longer before he glances at me "yes?" he asks rising his eyebrows "nothing, just thinking." I mutter then return to looking out my window, I don't want to fight if he wants to talk about whatever it is he will when he's ready. A few moments later we pull into the driveway, he turns off the car and sits staring at the house "something wrong?" I ask looking from the house to him "no," he says quickly glancing at me with a slight smile then quickly gets out of the car. I step out as he walks inside the house I stand a moment and stare at the now closed door, What on earth has gotten into him. I think before I slowly walk over to the door "Nick! it's locked!" I shout as I jiggle the handle "Nick" I say again after a moment of no response after waiting another moment I walk over to the window and look inside and see Gabriel standing a few feet away from Nick. My heart starts beating so fast I can hear the thump in my ears, oh god, no. why is he here? I go back to the door and violently shake it "Nick! Gabriel!" I shout hoping one of them would finally open the door. After a few minutes of me trying to bust the door down it slowly swings open and I fall through onto the floor. I hear foot steps coming from the kitchen and look up to see Nick standing with his kiss the cook apron on and a bowl of something in his hands "are you ok?" he asks before he quickly sits the bowl down and rushes over to me "I'm fine. Where's Gabriel?" I ask as I stand "Gabriel? you mean your angel friend? I haven't seen him, have you?" he asks with a confused look "well I couldn't get in the door and I looked through the window and you and Gabriel were standing there talking or something so I tried to open the door again to see what he wanted but it was still stuck then all the sudden it just swung open and I fell in." I mutter as I scan the living room "Did you hit your head?" Nick asks as he slowly picks up the bowl from before "NO I didn't I know what I saw. Are you sure he wasn't here?" I ask turning to look at him "I haven't seen the guy. I promise but maybe you should lay down, I'll have your favorite fudge cake done in an hour or two." he says with a small smile before walking back into the kitchen. "no I know what I seen!" I snap as I quickly follow him "Well I haven't seen him so I don't know what to tell you." he says as he pours the contents of the bowl into a cake pan I watch him a moment when a sudden realization comes over me, it wasn't more than a few minutes. How did he get the cake mixed and ready to bake so fast? It just doesn't make sense. "Nick?" I say hesitantly "yes," he says as he turns back to look at me "how did you get that cake mixed so fast?" I ask stepping back he looks at me a moment with a serious expression "yes tell her how." a voice says making me jump and turn around to see Gazriel "you would have to show up now." Nick scoffs "fine you caught me. I guess he finally went and told you." Nick adds as he takes the apron off and throws it on the counter "no, I've been watching and waiting that's all." Gazriel says before walking over to me "it is nice to see you again." he adds looking down at me with a smile "Fuck you." I snap with a glare "well that's rude." he says with a sigh then continues over to Nick "so are you going to explain Lucifer?" he asks as he takes a seat "I don't really think I have to but," he says then glances over at me "Lucifer? really?" I say with a sigh "you fucking angels I swear." I mutter before taking a seat across from Gazriel "you don't seem to shaken at the new information." Gazriel says "no I'm really not, I'm kinda accustomed to this now." I say before I lay my head down on my arms "well Nice to see you can handle something like this with such grace." Gazriel says with a chuckle "Fuck  you." I mutter "such vulgarity. I believe you've been around Lucifer to long." Gazriel says with a small groan "Nah, that's just her. trust me." Lucifer chuckles "I see. well it seems you two have became close." Gazriel says "not willingly." I say quickly "true." Lucifer sighs "but it was fun playing house huh?" he asks looking over at me with a smile "Fuck you too." I say before laying my head back down "you already have." he chuckles I quickly jump up at step towards him slapping him in one motion "you monster. how can you play this off like a joke!? I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and now I find out it was all a lie!" I shout with a huff. He stands staring down at me blankly "who said it was a lie?" he asks softly. I stare at him for a moment in confusion when Gazriel stands "may I have a moment with Lucifer?" he asks as he steps towards me I nod not breaking eye contact with Lucifer then quickly turn and hurry from the room.

I sit in thought for a few minutes before I hear Lucifer raise his voice prompting me to stand and peek into the kitchen "you can't." I hear Gazriel whisper "no you can't I don't have to listen to you Gaz." Lucifer snaps before glancing over at me then leans towards Gazriel and whispers something I can't make out and with his words Gazriel turns and looks at me "you would really do that?" he asks as he looks back at Lucifer who nods with a smirk "fine, have it your way but mark my words nothing good will come from whatever you're planning Lucifer." he says before quickly disappearing. Lucifer stands a moment staring down at the ground then looks up towards me as I move to walk into the room "you said it wasn't a lie" I say softly, he scoffs at my words then turns with a spin and walks to the fridge he opens it pulling out a cake and turns presenting it to me "I kinda made you this," he says with a laugh as he places it on the table in front of me "you're alright. You kinda grew on me." he adds as he slides his hands in his pockets "so you making me a cake shows you care?" I ask as I look from the cake to him "duh. I'm the devil I don't just go around baking cakes for people." he says shaking his head slightly "ya I guess that is true." I mutter then run a finger across the top of the cake "but maybe you poisoned it?" I say with a sly smile "you caught me." he chuckles I lick the frosting from my finger and stand in silence for a moment "guess not," I say with a shrug then walk around the table and stand directly in front of him. I stare up at him a million thoughts rushing through my head "so I guess we won't be getting married now." I say with a sigh "we could, but I suppose the whole devil thing is a turn off right?" he asks "nah not really but the lying thing is so," I say with a frown he nods and looks down then quickly back up but not at me but someone behind me I turn and see a unfamiliar man standing behind us "who are you?" I ask as I back up behind Lucifer. The man smiles and looks between us a moment before stopping on Lucifer "do you not recognize me brother?" he asks making Lucifer narrow his eyes at him "Belial?" he asks and the man nods "ok well now that introductions are out of the way can I ask why you'd show up here?" Lucifer asks as he crosses his arms "I'm here to kill you brother." Belial says with a small smile "let me guess Gaz?" Lucifer asks with a sigh, Belial nods. "ok I get it but you really? he thinks you stand a chance?" Lucifer asks shaking his head slightly "Oh I do brother and I will because this is my redemption." Belial says as he slowly steps forward "what because you fell? hm? and I assume that was my fault too right?" Lucifer asks glaring over at him "It was and you know it! you tricked me and our other brothers Lucifer!" Belial shouts as he lunges forward. I look around as I find myself still beside Lucifer but on the other side of the room now "listen Belial, Gaz isn't going to forgive you and father doesn't care." Lucifer says with a sigh "NO! you lie you snake! Just like back then." Belial says before taking a deep breath "prepare yourself brother because we talk no more." Belial adds "very well, but for the record I didn't want to kill you brother." Lucifer says then drops his arms to his side "wait a second," I say stepping forward "what the hell is this about?" I ask looking between them "none of your concern human, I'll deal with you after Lucifer." Belial says his glare still locked on Lucifer "I like your confidence brother. It will be missed." Lucifer says with a smile as he steps forward.

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