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Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016





There was everyone except Aila at the dance hall , manager Dani was standing in front of them and talking to the dancers, they were sitting on the long chair and listening to her.

Manager Dani - This is a day when the whole country go to the concert,

the day when the journalists arrive from the other countries.This is

the concert which will be the gold card for us in the future.

We have to show them unbelievable, unimaginable show which

they have never seen before. I will promise you that at the second day

you will take an official contract. I know and understand that

some of you have a problem with money but if you want to drink

a champagne you must do it.

Dancers agreed with Dani, only Sophie was thinking.

Sophie - If they will not give us a contract?

Manager Dani - Then I will sell my house and pay you the salary.

Displeased Sophie whispered something and she told here.

Sophie - ok, I agree.

Manager cheerfully applauded and shouted.

Manager Dani - ok! You are free now.

Everyone went from the hall, just Nicholas and Dani stayed. He put his things in the bag and came to the manager.

Nicholas - Dani! Thank you very much for everything what you do for us.

Manager Dani - Because I know that soon I become rich.

They laughed and Nicholas left her and at the same time when Nicholas closed the door she suddenly stared dance.

Manager Dani - It is done, done, done

Then she stopped looked around, she took her handbag and went from the hall.




As usual in the morning Aila bought two cups of hot coffee and went to the square to see her grandfather. It was the second day of the spring and the sun was worming everything around. Aila came behind the grandfather quietly and asked him in a low voice.

Aila - Am I late grandfather?

Grandfather - My young star, came.

He put the newspaper near, took the coffee and smiled.

Grandfather - You are shining today, I think you have a good news for me.

Aila - Finally our show will be on the big stage, on the real stage.

We got the invitation to take part in the Gala concert, grandfather.

Grandfather - The star moving up slowly - slowly, and then it will open the rays at the sky.

She smiled and suddenly become sad, Aila put her head on the grandfather's shoulder.

Aila - I feel that, I have the height fear.

Grandfather - It is not the height fear my girl, this is other fear.

Aila - Other?

He looked at her, he smiled again and told her.

Grandfather - When will you bring me a ticket.

They laughed, Aila hugged him, closed her eyes and said.

Aila - be always with me, to never feel cold and to be always warm.

He kissed her on the head.

Grandfather – Someone has forgotten about the rehearsal.

She looked at her wrist watch, stood up and ran.

Aila - Till tomorrow, grandpa

Grandfather - Till tomorrow, young star.


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