Together We Fall

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Cryptic manifest of my inner survival in 4 stanzas.

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



Together We Fall




The day has come,

we stand upright in front of void itself.

We’ve reached times when we stand at

the edge of war.

As we stand - we doubt,

fear not, maybe we’ll be anihilated,

we may be disrupted,

we may be finished,

but as we stand here,

remember, you are not dying without purpose,

...but still,

As we stand - we doubt,

will it be worth to become nothing - you may think,

fear not, because as you stand,

you stand with your loved ones,

along with them, arm to arm.

...but still,

As we stand - we doubt,

You may doubt, but remember,

as you stand,

you are not doubting alone,

if we shall fall,

Together we fall.




If we shall fall - they say,

If we shall fall, together we fall - they claim.

As if this war was doomed to failure.

As we stand, we stand upright - we say,

As we stand, we doubt - we claim.

Do we?

Since the speech is doubt itself,

we doubt not.

But we find it soothing.

But today,

Today we crouch,

We are crouching, avoiding bullets,

Bullets do not kill,

Regrets are those who gives the final shot.

As we crouch - we regret.




My final breath,

no one will know,

no one will notice,

no one will care.

But as we crawl - we fight.

We fight against those who

want our loneliness.

They want us to vanish,

we shall not vanish,

we shall not fall.

Because we’ve found what

we want.

We’ve found sense.

We’ve found goal,

goal being in our sight for so long,

in sight of our life time,

It might be temporary,

it might vanish,

but I think...I hope…

I’ve found the bright light,

I’ve found the way to believe.

And now, when it’s over - my heart

is bleeding.

My heart has been pierced.

But bullet didn’t kill me,

Nor regret.

Because as I lie - there are others, and

As we lie - we are dying,

and they are regretful

But as I lie - I believe.


Today was the day my decisions

and fears were priced.

They were worth nothing.

Everything vanished,

everything collapsed.

So do I.

War fought with bare hands.

Only thing we gained are

opened wounds which will

heal for a long time.

But will they?

We know not.

The thing we know for sure

is that to believe is worthless.

I am worthless.

I was not right,

I lied to my companions,

I’ve found nothing.

At least it’s over.

To my family,

to my friends,

to my brothers in arms,

my comrades,

and to my loved ones:

I have achieved nothing.


© Copyright 2017 Svenn Forfberg. All rights reserved.

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Together We Fall

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