TWO-FACED: Not Again.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
This is my second short story of my series: TWO-FACED. It is also written in first person.
What happens is that I, the main character, try to save a young lady from a grievous situation but the consequences of the decision I had taken are rather terrorizing.

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Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



In the city that I live in, security-guards are distributed every evening. The reason is apparent — the number of people roaming around the streets decreases when it gets late and so vulnerability increases. One would swear that the guards are useless, though.

When it gets darker and darker, they come together and roam around with their batons – the only weapons they have. This means when they are blended in one place, the other place is vulnerable.

One midnight, I was walking from the library to my flat when I saw two figures from a distance — at least 50 feet from me — walking in the same direction as me. At first, I thought they were a couple because there were no signs that the lady was feeling uncomfortable, considering the fact that it was late and the guards were out of sight.

I’m not sure if I started to walk faster or they started walking slower, but the distance between them and I was getting less. Then something tremendously frightening happened. I still don’t know if I was the cause or it was meant to happen at that moment. I don’t even know if they had planned it together or not. My heart raced and I could hear the sound of my heartbeat as I was looking at the guy trying to wrench the lady’s purse.

I suddenly stopped walking and watched in shock – if they were really a couple, that guy wouldn’t have ran away after ripping the purse off of the young lady’s shoulder, no matter how mad he was. It only got worse when she screeched. But still, the guards were out of sight.

I was once in a helpless situation like hers and I couldn’t stand there watching her cry. So, I ran after the guy as fast as I could. My backpack was doing me no good but slowing me down and so I decided to drop it – hoping that I will come and get it back after the scene. Inside it was my cellphone, wallet, lecture slides, and a couple of textbooks. I still couldn’t catch up with the guy even without my backpack as we went in-and-out of streets in a race. It was amazing how fast he could run because his body was as twice as mine and even taller. The guards were still off sight. It was as if he knew were to- and not to run. The pitch of the screech emitted by the young lady decreased until it was no more. She was out of sight, too. The guy I was chasing seemed not to get tired. And, so, I decided that I’m going to give-up because I had to take a breath. I was even dripping sweat. The race lasted no longer than 10 minutes, I assume. Just as I was about to stop, he stopped and turned around to face me . The moment got more frightening because he was no longer even carrying the purse. I don’t know where he dropped it. I had to choose between running away and continuing with what I’ve gotten myself into, regardless of being tired. I made my decision within a couple of seconds. Balling my hands and heading towards him was the decision I had taken.

We went head-to-head and I somehow managed to knock him off of his feet. Immediately after trying to get on top of him and finish him off, I heard whistles being blown as a signal to an emergency. It was a large number of guards running towards us. I stopped beating him but I tightened my grip so that he couldn’t run away. He neither tried to run away nor fight back at that time, though. Instead, he cried very loudly.

Not knowing who the real suspect is, the guards judged everything by the way it looked like. And maybe because the clothes I was wearing weren’t much appealing than those of the real suspect, the tables turned and I was suddenly a suspect. The guards spoke various languages and they didn’t want to hear anything coming out of my mouth as I was going to be held in custody.

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