Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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The day it all happened, started out like any other…


After I arrived at school, I hurriedly made my way to my first class which was math. Of all the subjects I’ve taken these past couple years, math has always been my least favorite. I can never seem to put two and two together when it came to any equation. Caine, my preschool acquaintance, managed to breeze through the class with ease. After he completed his classwork, he made sure to go around the room to see if any other student needed help. When he would make his way to me, I would always politely decline by telling him I wanted to figure the equations out on my own. He would always smile and pat my back before making his way to the next student. Even though I was terrible at math, I always seemed to figure everything out on my own.

I’ve always been this independent. From an early age, I refused to ask for help because I knew I had the capability to do anything I set my mind to. This thought process has gotten me this far in life, and I believe it will take me to many places. However, nothing would prepare me for the events ahead. No amount of independence would be able to guide me through a situation I was not familiar with. But right now, I am focused on finishing my work. After this class, was my favorite subject…history!

Once the bell rung, I packed my belongings and exited my desk only to be shoved back in it by Caine’s girlfriend, Chelsea. That bitch has made my life hell ever since I called her out in the 8th grade for stuffing her bra with tissue paper. Even still, whenever she gives me a hard time, Caine always gives her this look that screams, “Knock it off!”. This look of course births a dramatic eyeroll from the queen of goth before she grabs his hand and drags him from his desk. After they left, I composed myself and headed to my second class.

Today’s lesson was about greek mythology. To sum it up, all I got out of it, is that they were basically all dicks who enjoyed having sex 24/7. The story of Hades and Persephone did intrigue me though. I’m not sure if it was the kidnapping of this chick by this, seemingly handsome, man or the fact that eating the outside of pomegranate seeds magically had the power to make her stay with him for six months of the year. All in all, I already knew what I was going to write this unit’s paper on. I spent the remainder of class staring out the window and contemplating what I was going to have for lunch today (I do this all the time).

By the time the bell rung, I was starving and ready to get my next class over with so I could have lunch. For some reason, as I left class, I was met by Caine who asked if I would like to walk to art with him. Art was the second, of the four total, class I had with him, but I didn’t want to piss off his drama queen of a girlfriend. Not to mention, I usually kept to myself and sought no interest in speaking to anyone other than the small group of friends I had. Still, I wanted to me nice so I asked, “Are you sure Chelsea would be alright with that?”. Caine laughed, “She can’t control me Julia, I’m not a dog.” Reluctantly, I obliged to walk with him to our next class.

While in art, we were urged to finish our current project. We were instructed to create a painting that depicted what when through our heads. Since I spent most of my time with my head in the clouds, I created a picture of myself with the top of my head removed. Clouds arose from the opening in my head accompanied by swirls of color and mist. I was always happy creating these small works of art. Even though they didn’t have value to anyone else, they meant the world to me as I could express myself without words. Using my peripheral vision, I was able to see that Caine was staring at me from his chair across the room. Suddenly, he got up and gathered his art materials. Before I knew it, he plopped down beside me and tried to make small stalk. For some reason I blushed so hard that I thought my face was on fire. Instantly, I looked away so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

I guess he took the hint, because he resumed painting. When I finally regained control of my face, I decided to see what he had come up with. His canvas consisted of a single tree that was surrounded in blue and white flames. Underneath this tree looked to be a mass grave which made me slightly uneasy. I couldn’t see why our art teacher would allow such a painting, but perhaps there was a deeper meaning to it. “So, what’s your painting about?” I sheepishly asked. Caine’s ice blue eyes shot in my direction and he seemed surprised to see that I spoke first. “Well,” he began, “This tree symbolizes growth. The white and blue flames symbolize life and death as well as how they are related because the flames mix. As for the grave…”. “Does it symbolize maybe the changing of one’s mindset? Like if someone didn’t believe the symbolisms in the tree?” I asked without thinking. Shocked, he nodded before complimenting me on how smart I was.

“Julia, I think you should eat in the back of the library today.” He told me as the bell rang to go to lunch. I asked him why, but the only reason he gave me, was that he believed Chelsea was going to pull a prank on me in the cafeteria. This didn’t surprise me, but I never took her for a prankster. Chelsea was more of an “all bark and no bite” type of person. Still, I thanked him and assured him I would be in the library. I only agreed because I knew if she were to pull something on me, I would beat her ass and would thus, bring a swarm of unwanted attention.

So, after I grabbed my food, I headed to the back of the library. There was a part of me that was hoping Caine would be there (don’t ask me I have no idea why I wanted this). But Caine was nowhere to be found. More than likely, he went to find Chelsea to chew her ass out. Suddenly, the power went out which caused me to put my half-eaten apple down. Though this school was rather old, we don’t lose power unless there’s a large storm in the area. Just as soon as it came back on, I resumed eating my lunch. That is until a commotion began in the cafeteria. Since the cafeteria is just a few doors down from the library, it wouldn’t be difficult to hear anything that was going on. *BANG*. The sound startled my soul out of my body. What could it be? A part of me really wanted to go to the cafeteria, but my conscience advised me otherwise. The second time the sound was heard it came in a wave and I instantly knew that it was the sound of guns…

Submitted: May 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 KryptoOmicron. All rights reserved.


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