Why Did Mars Die?

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Why is mars a dead Planet?

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



Why Did Mars Die?
Douglas D. Beatenhead
How Planet Mars lost its Magnetic Field?

Approximately, when the earth was able to form liquid water, so too did mars. Life forms began on/in the planet earth, possibly mars too. Mars and earth may have been evolving in the same way, but something happened to mars which could happen to earth also…at any micro moment in time.

In Wyoming, there’s a place called Yellow Stone Park. I’ve heard it has beautiful topography and geological structures. Warm water baths, some places boiling water making streams and spurting hot clouds of it high into the air. And of course, ‘Old Faithful’. Did you know the average depth of the earth’s crust, or mantel, in Yellow Stone Park is only 5 to 10 miles deep in many places. However, the average thickness of the mantel around the world is approximately 60 miles deep, or thick.

In the long past of billions of years ago in mars geography, microbes may have evolved in liquid water. When there is no liquid water, then there is no life. However, liquid water has been discovered to be known to once exist on mars in a liquid form from all the experimental information obtained thus far. Mars also should have an atmosphere.

Millions come to visit The United States just to see and experiment in and around Yellow Stone Park. It is a very beautiful place, I’m sure, but the unknown God’s truth is: it’s a deadly time bomb. I would love to see this place while soaring high above. 

In the very past when earth and mars where young, both contained liquid water. Mars, just like earth, had a hot spot. It’s a place on a planet where the mantel is thin and it could, at any moment, explode. I’m talking about the hot molten cores of rocky planets.

There may be other planets throughout the universe that also explode from near surface bulging core densities. The life source from the surfaces of other worlds may also depend on how thick the planets crust is. This crust traps the internal heat from their planet’s core improving the possibility for life to survive. If the crust of a planet is too thin in some place(s), the planet may explode in a huge volcano that could also be very large and extremely violent. It destroys their world!

Earth has a terrific Magnetic Fields that protect our planet’s safety from many deadly objects which hit the surface from outer space. A magnetic field is what deflects the harmful rays and debris away from our planet. The magnetic fields are created as the planet’s molten core rotates. It’s very important that a planet have a rapid rotating iron core  If a planet doesn’t have a rotating magnetic field, then that planet is dead or dying.

Most of us understand that mars does not have a hot magnetic core. Not enough energy to support a magnetic field to protect mars from objects and deadly radiation that accretes on it’s surface. So what happened to mars could also occur on earth.

What Happened to Mars could also Happen to Earth.

Mars core was just as hot and magnetic as earth’s core was at some time in the beginning of their creation. The two worlds even had atmospheres. But something happened to mars, which one day may happen to earth. The danger may not be from an asteroid or any outer space object, no,…not from without, but from within. Yellow Stone Park may someday prove speculations that mars also had a ‘Yellow Stone Park’, that didn’t last as long as earth’s.

Mars has a huge, permanent and dormant volcano called, Olympus Mons. It’s a very enormous structure that makes a big mark on the planet. Since it’s discovery, and with time, Olympus Mons was determined to be a dead volcano, and I believe this to be true. It’s one of the biggest features on the surface of the planet. But why is it so big?

Scientist know that the surface under Yellow Stone Park is extremely dangerous; it has a hot spot of about 50 miles in diameter, and it could possibly be the biggest potential volcano to ever erupt in the history of the earth.

On the surface of mars, some time in the past, it also had it’s own “yellow stone park”. However, it may be that mar’s Olympus Mons was the result of a hot spot of the core moving too near to the surface of mars, which led to the biggest volcano to ever erupt in the history of our planetary solar system. It destroyed itself when much of the core of Olympus Mons flew out into space. This not only killed much of life on the surface of mars, but also allowed the planet to cool down very quickly. It’s core was blown out into space, leaving the remaining to cool down and become non-flowing.

This caused mars to lose it’s ability to shield itself from the deadly radiation of space. I’m still not sure how Tara forming mars could work, because there is no more magnetic field to protect the planet. How long will the planet continue to survive without a life-saving magnet field like the one that resides around earth? 

On a beautifully clear morning in the spring time of Wyoming, Yellow Stone Park starts erupting with the strength of an Olympus Mons on Mars. Earth is destroyed quickly and follows the same path as the mar’s Armageddon. Our planet could die with it’s own “Olympus Mons“. Ejecting all of our precious resources far out and away into outer space! This could happen on earth at any given moment, Planet Earth could die at any moment in time. Maybe the Judgment Day might come from inside the planet instead from outer space.


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