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This short story is a overlook of the tragic life ending experience from someone who is an aspiring music artist named Leo. From the time you meet Leo to the time he forgets himself, the timestamp is too close for emotional attachment. This quick story is designed from some of the thoughts and actual events in an Indie Music Producers life, I would know. Please learn from this and don't attempt any negativity from this piece on you or anyone else, just learn from it, and enjoy it.

Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



Chapter One: Knowing Leo


"How to format .WAV to .MP3" was the googled beginning of Leo's career as an Indie Music Producer. "I don't understand why these files wont work on my iPod" said Leo to his dad, Will. "I don't know bub, isn't the mp3 thingy supposed to be exclusive to mobile devices?" "I think so but wav files are like the most high quality files that you can have, straight from the source!"  Laughed Leo to his dad. "I'll tell you what bud, how about I buy you some more sound kits and while there downloading we figure out what we want to eat" said Leo's dad while walking out the bedroom doorway, "I guess, but ill just google how to convert the things later" said Leo as he googled it now while his dad was getting his card. See I feel like if I could find a audio converter online then I can convert them, manually put them on my iPod, and bump my new songs around town! Leo jumped out his noisey office chair to the surprise that he actually figured out a nerdy thing, "thats one step closer to fame!" Leo said to himself?. "Come on Leo, lets go get PIZZA!" dad yelled. "ITS LIT!" replied Leo.

As Leo and his dad called in there orders and drove to the local pizza joint in a way too small town, Leo smiled and plugged his iPod into his dads radio with an aux cord. "what are you doing?" dad said, Leo just smiled and played his new song he made that he called (Many Feelings). See, Leo produces music on whats called an MPC or MIDI Production Center and edits it to reveal his final music product labeled Trap Music. Leo's dad just smiles and looks back at the road. They finally arrive at the pizza place and Leo walks to the counter and says "Meatball Sub meal please!" as does his dad. "So did you like it?!" said Leo, "It was pretty good bub" Leo's dad says with a mouth full of sub. "Cool" Leo says to himself while he eats his dinner like a king. Seems well to this point in Leo's head until he realizes he's on crunch time. Why? Because before Leo even got his MPC for Christmas he made a promise to his fans on social media that he would release a whole entire EP album within a week of Christmas... Bad move.

"Oh hell dad we have to take this home now please!" Cursed Leo, "Why whats up bub?" said his dad. "Because dad I have to drop the rest of my album on YouTube and Soundcloud and stuff like now!" Rushed Leo as he stood up to put his coat on walking to the door. "Ok bud hold on and let me pay them" said Leo's dad. As there driving back with there half-eaten food, Leo's mind is racing on what the hell he's going to do. They walk up to the front entry and Leo unlocks the door and says "Thanks for dinner dad, love you!" "So I need to find a public domain website for some free loop downloads pronto" Leo says to his nervous self. I think I found one right here! Desktop DJ huh? Lets see what you got boys. As Leo searches endlessly for tasty loops he can use in his tracks for the new EP, he gets a feel for which ones are good and which ones he just couldn't use. "Dad I think I got a good website for loops here!" Leo screams, "Dad?!" Leo gets up only to find his dad in bed, mainly because its 2 in the morning. Where the hell did the time go?!


Chapter Two: Grinding the EP


Days go by in a flurried rush of endless headphone wearing and finger tapping until what seems to be like an EP was birthed, missed texts, calls, emails, relatives sports events, none of which Leo was paying attention to nor even thought about at the time. "I think I'm done now" said Leo under his breath while clicking this and that, to and fro. "The masterpiece is here baby!" Said Leo at the top of his lungs. "Oh yeah, dad isn't home till 3:30" mumbled Leo. I'd love to get these posted right now but as soon as 3 'o' clock hits, the internet will be trashed cause of all the kids getting off school. I guess, get a head start then, then Leo laughs to himself. As Leo is uploading the songs of his, not so EP, EP, he catches a glimpse of the upload dates. "IT'S 2 WEEKS AFTER CHRISTMAS?!" Shouted Leo while piercing his own ears with noise. "Damn it!" Said Leo, "Whats wrong Leo?" Rushed his dad from outside. "Im overdue on my tracks that I promised my fans!" Said Leo somberly. "It's ok bub just post them now" Assured Leo's dad, "I am but your not supposed to be late to a first date you know?" Said Leo.

What felt like days went by as Leo clicked here and clicked there to upload his music and advertise to various social platforms. Then once everything had been uploaded, in came the constant refeshing to check for that extra view here and there. "I got them all up, now I just got to listen to the responses" said Leo to his dad, "just give it a while Leo, fame doesnt come from seconds" said Leo's dad. Leo knew was his dad was trying to say but he had this feeling, not this happy feeling but this feeling of just casting something he spent a lot of time on into a void. A void that no one is in, only dead content that isnt being watched, looked at, listened to, just dead silence. And he would be almost right because although it takes time for a video piece of yours to gain traction on social media, thats breaks the barrier thought of "how long does it take to get noticed?" Too long for Leo at least because in the rush of him to put content out for his fans, his music was absolute trash! His content was so bad he fastly grew sicly of listening to his own pieces. And the comments/like to dislike ratio shows it.

All he wanted to was release tastefull pieces for his fans but with no former experience and no time to really bounce around practice wise on his new device he did the very thing he set out to NOT do, drive his fans away. Over the time he was told to wait by his dad came trash talking, false accusations, and offset like to dislike ratio along with digressing views on his content. I understand your supposed to take criticism and build off it, Leo says to himself, but these comments! They dont know about my timebelt I was on, Damn it! Leo slams his hands on the table and picks his phone up to call his best friend Gerald, (phone call insues) Hey Gerald, yeah man im good you? Nice man, hey I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out, ok ill see you then!


Chapter Three: The Deal


"Hey man whats up?" Leo says to Gerald as he walks towards Geralds car, "nothing man ive just been playing call of duty and vaping, I seen you put up your album man how did that go? I bet you celabrated all night!" Gerald laughed to Leo as Leo sat down. "Man im literally freaking the hell out! I dropped the EP in a rush and I didnt want to but I told my fans *oh this Christmas I promise* like a freaking idiot and it came out like ass!" Snarled Leo to Gerald. "I didnt think it was that bad really" promised Gerald, "really man?" "Yeah Leo like, it wasnt fantastic but you just got your MPC a couple of weeks ago and you were able to do that, I thought is was pretty neat" "Yeah, I guess." As Leo trys to understand if Gerald is being serious or not, they go into Leo's house, then his room so Leo can show Gerald the setup. "There it is, damn dude!" Gerald says to Leo as he sits and marvels at the puny music setup that Leo setup basically overnight. "This is so lit right now Leo, you know, I could rap to this stuff you know?" "Really? Lets hear it man!" Leo says while he loads up the softwares.

Hours go by of Leo making beats and both of them walking back and forth rapping until the room is so smoky from vape that its hard to breathe, and at the end of the night as they lay on the bed in the smoke filled room they silently decide that they NEED to work together! True potential was built that night with a new vamp of determination for Leo's musical talent and a calling for Geralds skill of rapping, but what Leo didnt know is that with the trash he released, he almost lost all his fans so all of these plans that he had for his career would be only his attempt at a come up. So here begins the real life compilation of monotinious back-hunching computer work, countless song created just to be scrapped and rebuilt again, endless take outs and missed opportunities for girlfriends or relations with anyone for that matter. Finally Leo had came to a second solution on his sequel to the music career he's striving for so badly.


Chapter Four: Round Two


*Gerald picks up his phone* "Hello?"

© Copyright 2018 Ian M Holbert. All rights reserved.

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