The Children of Luciola Foresrt

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This is the legend of the children of Luciola Forest hope you all enjoy

Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



The Lost Children of Luciola Forest

This is the legend of the 10 children that got lost in Luciola Forest so be sure to listen well everyone. It all started on a dark night when 10 children and their parents were camping out in Luciola Forest and while they were out telling stories around a camp fire the children were roasting marshmellows while they adults were in there tents resting. The children were giggling while telling stories and having fun when one of them the oldest of the group heard a soft moan from the nearby lake. He stood up and the eldest girl looked up and asked, “What is it Tommy?” She asked curiously and Tommy looks bak at her, “Cindy did you not hear that sound?” Cindy simply shook her head and gave him a smile, “Are you trying to pull a fast one on us Tommy?” The young boy shook his head violently, “No I swear I heard something.” Cindy simply sighs, “Well Tommy I think you're trying to scare us and I ain't falling for it.” The rest of the group agreed with Cindy since Tommy was well known for pulling jokes like that in the first place. Tommy grew flustered and storms off, “Well I heard something and I'm going to go find out wh at it was!” He shouts and Cindy looked up, “Wait Tommy don't!” She shouts and the group chased after him not wanting him to get lost. 

While the group of kids were walking along Tommy heard the moaning again and still none of the other kids heard the sound he was describing and Cindy was growing more impatient with him, “Tommy we aren't hearing anything now lets go back!” Tommy glared, “No I heard something and I'm going to find out what it is! You all can go back if you want!” Tommy wanted to find out what this noise was and why he was the only one who could hear it and that's when they came to a old cabin and Tommy heard the noise again accept this time it was much louder and still none of the other children could hear this noise and Tommy wasn't sure why but he felt strange and he decided that he should go inside and investigate however Cindy grew more concerened, “Tommy we really should go back please!” Tommy looks back, “I am not going back until I found out who is making the sound! You all go back I don't need you!” Tommy then ran inside and Cindy looks at the rest, “You all go back I am going to go bring Tommy back.” However after Cindy ran inside the rest followed after her a few minutes back led back Jason the second oldest boy in the group. 

Tommy had made his way upstairs and was going threw some old papers not sure why but he felt like he had been here before. It was then something came up behind him and Tommy screamed as he looks back and he soon blacked out. 
Cindy had heard the scream and ran into the direction she heard it coming from unsure of what she would find. As she made her way threw the door way she saw scattered papers and Tommy's sneaker. She grew worried and started looking around more and it was t hen she heard more screams and soon figured out that the rest of the group had followed her inside She grew frightened and ran out of the room only to see Jason, Tabby, and Jake curled in a corner shaking and Cindy ran over, “What happened?! She shouted and Jason looks up, “Some sort of shadow came and took everyone! We barely got away!!” Cindy knelt down and hugs the three tightly whispering to them that it will be okay. 

As she knelt there comforting the children she looked around for any way out and noticed the door wasn't to far away and if she could get out she might be able to get the rest to safety and get the parents to help them. It was there only chance of getting away however she didn't want to leave the others here, “Okay listen I want you all to go and get our parents and bring them back here.... I'm going to look for the ot hers got it?” Jason nods nervously as he got ready

However as soon as she stood up and helped the others to their feet and she sighs, “okay everyone here we go.” They nod and move to for the door but  it slams shut and it was then that Tommy appears behind them, “Cindy you all aren't going anywhere... I told you not to follow but you didn't listen... Now you all are stuck here forever and ever.” Cindy gasps, “Tommy! This isn't you! Please!” She then heard 5 familiar voices, “Ciiiiinnndy come play with us! Jason looks over to see his friends standing behind Tommy laughing, “Please everyone come play with us!” Cindy began screaming as they kids got closer and closer.

It wasn't tell the next day the parents noticed the children were missing and they called the cops and man hunt was conducted for the 10 children. However to this day no one has ever found the children or the cabin they had explored nor did they find any trace of where the kids had gone to that night. However that isn't the strangest part of this whole story... The parents of the kids only reported 9 children missing Cindy, Jason, Tabby, Jake, Chris, Sean, Sophia, Adam, and Crystal... So if no one ever had claimed Tommy nor reported him being there who was this young man and where did he come from? Why was he with the children and what ever happened to all the kids? That is the Legend of The Lost Children of Luciola Forest.



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