Oh, My Brother

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A poem about my brother and the way I've mistreated him and how much I regret it now.

Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



Oh, my brother

Who I saw as so small

Can you forgive me

Even a little... even at all?


I want you to look up to me

And see what good I can do

I want you to love me

These words, brother, are true


Young little brother of mine

Tell me what you want

And I can give you the world

Dear brother of mine

Tell me your biggest fears

And from them, I will shelter you


Oh, Brother of mine

I never could find

The words to say to you

I love you, little one

Like the flowers love the sun

And I will always be there for you


Oh, brother of mine

Promise me that when I'm gone

That you will be fine

And you'll carry on

Oh, brother of mine

Don't fear the dark

Just remember that you can shine

A light that will always burn as bright

And don't ever let them take

The light behind your eyes

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