waking up

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Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016




Her morning at home starts at 11am. Mel wakes up and walks out of her bed with her fuzzy hair and bloated face. Her friends might have a hard time recognizing her with that face. She goes downstairs and breakfast is ready on the table. Her mom must have made it when she was asleep. And of course waking up late must come with a nagging from mom.

“What time did you sleep last night? It’s past 11 already. Even your sister woke up at 7am. I’m preparing for lunch already and you’re eating your breakfast.”

As usual, mom’s nagging should be listened only. Mel knows that she should not answer those rhetorical question. If not the nagging will just get longer.

Despite that, Mel feels good being at home during the weekend as her weekdays are spent at her university hostel. She likes of not having to think what to eat as the food would always be ready when it’s time to eat. And it always tastes good. Mom has that power.

Mel has a sister who is four years younger than her. Having two princesses in a family is like having a competition every day. They would fight for every little thing.

“It’s your turn to clean up the bathroom.”

“I had cleaned the bathroom more than you. You should do it!”

“Do the laundry.”

“I don’t want to. I’m tired today.”

“Then I will wash my clothes only.”

“Do as you like.”

“Do all the dishes. Not yours only.”

“I’m busy. No time for that.”

It is always the same argument every week. That is why her sister does not feel really good when Mel is at home. She knows that she would hear Mel’s nagging more than her mom’s.

Mel also has a dad who treats her like a princess. He will do anything for her. If Mel is driving in front of him, he would get really worried. Even when Mel is trying to take the car out of the porch, he would instruct her on what to do.

“Can I go to the outlet with Nelly?”

“Sure. Drive by yourself. I’ll stay at home with your mom.”

“You don’t want to accompany us?” Mel asks with the eyes like the cat in puss in boots.

“Okay then. I’ll drive you there.”

That is why even if a princess has a prince charming, she will always dear to her king.

Mel is very comfortable with her life until it suddenly changes. She gets married to the man she loves. But she did not know that it would change this much. In her newlywed house, there is no mom with her nagging, there is no sister who would argue with her and there is no dad who would spoil her. There is only this one man called husband.

Her morning is not the same anymore. Mell wakes up early as she realizes her responsibility as a wife to prepare breakfast for her husband. Now she understands her mother. She contemplates by herself.

“What should I prepare for breakfast today? Did he like to eat this for breakfast? Did he prefer tea or coffee?”

Even if her sister is not around to quarrel with her, she had found a new foe, her husband.

“Why did you put your dirty clothes everywhere? Here is the laundry basket!”

“You’re nearer to the basket, do it for me.”

“Can you please flush the toilet after using it?”

“Sorry. Forgot again.”

But then at least he is a good place to be spoiled. And a good place to lean on.

“Let’s go shopping. I’ll do the shopping and you’ll do the pay.”

“Sure. Anything you want.”

After married, Mel realizes the importance of her family and their respective role which surely are irreplaceable. But the good point is she gained a new family member who also has his special role in the relationship. Things surely will not be the same again but it will be better. The moment when the whole family is together, Mel feels the completeness.

Suddenly Mel wakes up, she looks around her. Her head feels hurt with the sudden waking up.

“Is it a dream? Or not?”

She looks outside the window of the orphanage.

“How I wish it was true!”

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