toast at grans

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Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



"Would you like cheese on that?" my granny asked as she opened the fridge door. "Yes please!" the obvious response to any question about extra cheese.

I remember it clearly it was a warm summers evening, my older brother, 11 at the time, and i were over at my grans house, our parents had gone away for a few weeks and granny had the huge task of looking after us, keeping us in check. We were sat at the kitchen table, my brother on one side me on the other, gran was making sure we were fed as this is what grannies do best, on the menu tonight, toasted ham sandwiches, extra cheesy.

"Eat up boys, i'm just gonna take a bath" she was out the door.My brother and i sat there trying not to get too many crumbs on the kitchen table digging in to our sandwiches that were still a tad too hot but that didn't stop us. My brother was sitting with his back facing the main kitchen window, gran had just closed the curtains before she exited the room but these curtains were a little too short so the bottom of the window was still exposed. As i was sitting opposite my brother every now and then as he leaned over to take another bite of cheesy goodness  i would catch a glimpse of the darkness outside through the window where the curtain fell short.

"I'm done" my brother went in for the last bite, just as he did the window came into my view again, only this time i wasn't staring at the darkness outside."sshhhh" i quickly whispered to him, "don't move". "What, don't mess with me!" he shot back."There is something staring at us through the window" i tried to explain calmly, my heart replacing the ham and cheese in my stomach at this moment. Two deep dark brown eyes were looking straight into my soul as i uttered these words through my clenched teeth, only thing was these were no human eyes.

"Stop kidding around dude!" my brother said still stooped low."Grab that knife on your plate" butter knife was better than nothing i guessed. He grabbed the knife and started to turn his head trying to look over his shoulder. Contact. "What the heck is that!!!" jumps out of his chair mid scream. "RUN!!". At that moment the dark eyes staring at us through the window also dip down and disappear.

"What is going on in here??" gran find us cowering behind the sofa, butter knives at the ready for any creature of the night that dares to venture into the house."There is something outside! It was watching us through the kitchen window, it didn't blink once!!!You have to believe us gran!!", "Of course i believe you silly boys, that's just Max, he does that every time we have meals in the kitchen, do you wana see the paw marks on the wall outside the kitchen?" She led us outside and showed us where Max would lean against the wall with his two front paws and look through the little gap in the window.

Then i noticed it, in the middle of all those German Shepard paw prints was a very small hand print, a 3 fingered hand print. To this day I never eat in that kitchen at night.

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toast at grans

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