the stake out

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Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



One dark and cool night, me and my younger brother and sister, Kody and Kylie decided to go sleep out on the trampoline in our dad's back yard. My dad is the kind of person who has a big job, but lives in a small town, so when we visit his house, we can see every single star at night, and it's beautiful, but my favorite part is when you can see satellites flying through the sky. We were going out to sleep out on our big circular skywalker trampoline with a blue rim and a big net around it and as we were setting up our sleeping bags on the trampoline, I could hear the constant song of frogs croaking, crickets chirping, owles cooing and the soft flutter of bats flying throughout the night.

After our sleeping bags had been laid out and our pillows had been fluffed up, we played a game we made up called ¨Best pose¨ in which one person names a pose for the other two to pose as and who ever best expresses the  chosen pose wins. So we played Best Pose for about half an hour and got bored so we all laid down and read out books. I`d say about ten minutes had gone by and I noticed that the animals had started to get louder, and louder, until, they stopped.


Then in an instant, AAAARRRGGGG! My dad jumps out and scares me and my younger siblings half to death. I swear that if there had not been a net in between me and my dad, I would have strangled him. As I was trying to get out of the door flap on the net of the trampoline, my dad was running into the house laughing hysterically. By the time had tracked him down to the living room, he was already drinking coke and watching The X Files.


I was so annoyed by him but then I thought that since I was already inside, I should just go downstairs and sleep in my room. I was still awake when about five minutes later, I heard kody and kylie come through the sliding door which leads to the back porch and within a couple of minutes, I heard snoring coming from the other rooms. But I slept with one eye open.

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