Libel To...!

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Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



I used to worry about slandering a certain someone,

but now I fire away with words, because it's so damn fun.


But in order to slander someone, it must be untrue,

and everything he's spouted at one time, is true, so boo-hoo!


They're going to have to hire a lot more guys,

"cause he's universally loathed and worldy despised.


In fact, I have trouble whittling and narrowing them down,

the moronic and ignorant things he's said, this unfunny clown.


He's so laugh-out-loud moronic, yet dangerous at the same time,

that limiting his stupid statements is a workout for my mind.


I notice certain people feebly trying to explain and defend

all his indefensible comments, that are, after all, lies in the end.


But that doesn't stop them from trying to say he's a normal politician,

no, he's far from it, just as he returns to Earth, off he flies again!


I hope it makes you feel okay about supporting this unhinged dude,

who is abrasive, ignorant, egotistical, and rude!



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