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Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016





These letter you write to me i hold them so


Every word i reread everyday

?knowing that you wil never stay.

?15 years was long enough for me the


it sure was tough.

You went away when i was five

?i remember that one last drive.

Grandpa driving mom next to him me in the middle

?ofmom and you.

After court was all said and done

mom came put crieing grandpa too.

For t tht i age i didnt n


that i was loosing the man

?that i loved so.

Every week you wrote to me.

drawign me pictures as pretty

?as could be.

I have every single drawign

every single letter

so that i can remember how

my daddy use to be.

A daddy who cared and loved me

for me.

but times have changed

since that day.

the letters stoped as did the


now all i get is lecture.

A childhood with no dad

is what i had

now is that not sad,

so that is these letters you write to me

they are so dear to me.

becaus eat one point and time i was your

little girl your everything.





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