Color is beauty

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Short story that can be interpreted on how you look at it.

Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



The day the sky fell was the day I let things go. Why did this happen now? Of all the time it could have, it does it now. The more I thought of it, the more sinister it felt. If only it was a bad joke, yeah, if only. I had been walking for some time, watching for life. Anything to show I was no longer alone in this barren world. Everything gray and bland, a world without color, was a world not worth living. When was the color going to return to me, to the world. As I wondered merely for pleasure of the feel, I saw the gruesome color red. Why was it everywhere? On my clothes, on my hands, and feet, but most of all, why was it on the person in front of me. Why is no breath showing? How can a color so beautiful cause such pain? Maybe that is what it is to mean, hurt? The scene before me disappeared, as my legs took me to the place I had felt comfortable. The field without color was something that was nothing beautiful. Just a pool of grays, then why do I feel there is more to what I see? The supposed sky filled with a gray and white that was just the same as the desolate field, but why was something calling me. What would this feeling have to me anymore, nothing. It will not leave my skin, grasping me more and more. It was filling up, to the point it gave me a smile. Little by little things around me started to shine. This is something I have never seen, but why is it so alluring to me. As the feeling grows, as do the colors. My eyes observed as color returned to the world. A beautiful world it is. Make what you want with it.

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Color is beauty

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