The Struggle of Forgotten Mist

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

By, Shae Kamerer and Zackery Budau

Table of Contents

Emotional night

This story is about 3 young Royal's and a Rogue. The Royal's who were just comming of age
to assume the throne were tired of the war between The Underworld ANPU, The Vampire land Nightingale and The Fairy Dragon Land Fey. This bloody and messy war left thousands even million of innocent
Humans, Feys, Witches, Dragons, Monks and Sages. Wizards and Succubus either dead or near dead, The sage did everything they could healing the wounded. They were drowning in the injured while
praying for a miracle. The king of the Underworld Ahren father of Aeolus started the war, Ahren's reasoning is he was bored and wanted some fun. Ahren is very scary looking, with his jet black hair
that goes to his shoulderblades. His blood red eyes and very pale skin, with faded grey t-shirt and black leather jacket. He wears skinny black leather pants, with black military boots. If his
height of 8'9"and 200 lbs. Don't scare you his razor sharp pointed
teeth might! Aeolus is slightly more scarier with his werewolf ears, glowing ice blue eyes, Dark grey fur in black leather pants, and black ripped t-shirt. Aeolus has a ton of sharp knives all over
his body.

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City of Fey

Once there he went straight to the palace where he told the King what had happend, The king Alvar looked at the remainder of the people o... Read Chapter

Aadain and Nyx's Adventure

As the sun was rising Nyx went to Aadain's room and woke him up with a worried look. Aadain instantly asked "Are you okay? What's wrong?"... Read Chapter

The falling of Fey!

On there way to the city they saw a suspicous looking wagen, even though they wanted to investegate they knew they had to get back to the... Read Chapter

Into the passage

Abraxas began to lead the survivers into the passage way, just in time as a meteor hits the palace. With them saftly in the passage ways ... Read Chapter

The familiar face

With shock and happieness Aadain found someone who he thought had died. It wasn't just anyone it was Princess Layla of Nightingale his yo... Read Chapter

The Forgotten Misted

As they began to enter the Forgotten Mist, they were greeted by everyone with welcoming arms. After Aadain sent Ace and Abraxas with the ... Read Chapter

Ch. 8 The new Queen of Fey

After Aadain and Dante swam for a little while. They started walking back towards town. As they got back into town, the celebration had a... Read Chapter

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Remember to read the chapters in order please thank you!

Thu, November 24th, 2016 9:57am


This chapter submitted funny and no matter how many times I try to correct it. It doesn't do anything.

Sat, July 8th, 2017 7:13pm

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