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This post is for all those who have lost their beloved pets this year and all time. This is just my take on how animals go to Rainbow Bridge. By Victoria L. Deming, MSW. Owner of Enchanted Dreams Alaskan Malamutes. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved

Submitted: November 22, 2016

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Submitted: November 22, 2016



I feel Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful magical place filled with peace, sunshine, green grass and lots and lots of animal friends to play with. There is no pain or sorrow over the bridge. Finally comfort has come to all who have made the journey.
At times, we get a glimpse of the energy from the happiness just past the Bridge. Boy do they have fun playing! Running! Jumping! Eating feasts and drinking the cool clear water from the streams coming off the mountains. It truly is a magical place to spend eternity.
But, every once in a while, those across the Bridge hear our sadness for their loss. They feel our grief over loosing their physical bodies here on Earth in the mortal plane of existence. We grieve over the loss of our pets and our companions. And they know this.
While our beloved pets try to tell us they are now happy, safe and not in pain or feeble any longer, its hard to let us know. Try as they might, we still cry. Sadness is our companion. There is no time limit.
Gathering together, the residents of Rainbow Bridge come together to discuss their concerns about us. The humans that loved them so dearly. They come up with a plan to let us know they are Ok now and they are having a lot of fun! Free from all physical limitations and healthy once again!
The dogs take the lead as they are so darn smart. Perhaps its the Clowns of the animal world, the Malamutes that lead this effort. I am unsure.
So we look up at the blue sky and feel sadness and sometimes cry. The warmth of the sun is only that. No smiles can be mustered for our sadness overtakes any sense of happiness or joy. We humans are numb to the happiness of the past. So we move on in life because there is no other choice. We remember our pets and the joy they brought to us. We may shed one tear, many tears or none at all.
Our beloved pets find it very hard to enjoy their eternal lives while we, the people they loved with all their Hearts, grieve. So, The Malamutes take the lead.
One of the Dogs, Cat's, Fish, Horses or other animals comes across a really big ball! I have no idea where the ball came from but its the perfect size for all to play with! Ok. Now they need another one to get their point across. Another animal finds another ball! A huge heavy ball! Now they have the tools they need to get our attention!
As we watch the sky, the clouds begin rolling in. A wether report comes across the media that storms are on the way. I, as a mere mortal Human use to follow the suggestions to go inside out of the weather. Be safe. Close the windows and doors. Sit inside. Then, for me, I would start feeling down. I would remember my pets and how they would look to me to protect them from this loud scary Thunder Storm. Just memories of past happier times.
One day, it occurred to me for no reason at all that Maybe, just Maybe there was another meaning to these powerful Thunder Storms. I mean I was always taught that Heaven was above the human world - - - Up in the sky somewhere. When we die, we go up to Heaven. Always meant to be a comforting image for Humans who have lost other Humans. But, what about our pets?
So I pondered this thought for a while one day after a very devastating loss of one of my beloved pets who was with me for over 15 yrs. He had told me that he was ready to cross the Bridge one day but his physical body would not let him go. He was in pain, tired and needed my help to leave to the comforts that were just on the other side of this beautiful golden Bridge. He looked into my eyes and I just knew I had to help him. So I did. We went to the vet and she helped him cross over to Peace, Happiness, Freedom and Play!
It was so very hard for me to do. To make that decision for my boy. But I owed this to him. I was his custodian. It was my job to look out for him. So I did.
I remember very clearly my boy take his last breath. The Vets were all around with their needles, stethoscopes and assistants. My boy's body relaxed. A few moments later, the Vet told me he was gone.
I sat with my boy holding his head for a while and stroking his beautiful fur. I have no idea how long I just sat with his body and his head in my lap. Then it was time to leave the Vet's office and bring him back home to be buried under a 100' gorgeous Cherry tree on my property - my boy's property. He was my dog for 15 years. What's mine was also his. He deserved this.
We came home and to my surprise, several of my neighbors at that time had heard what happened that day. They were waiting to help lay him to rest. He was one very special dog.
We brought him to the deep grave I had a backhoe dig under the Cherry tree. And I sat with his body for a while longer. Eventually I opened his eye and looked deeply to make sure there was no sign of life. I just had to be certain. I now was. He was gone.
My neighbors helped me lay him to rest and bury his body.
Later that day, the Severe Thunderstorm warnings came over the TV. I began to think about the timing. Ya know, every time I lost an animal, a very loud Thunderstorm hit that evening or within a week. Even in the winter. I thought about this for a while. I wondered what my past pets would be doing if Rainbow Bridge really did exist. Hummmmm . . . . Now that was an interesting thought.
I thought back to the beginning with pets when they were growing up. My Goodness! They were clumsy! Especially my Malamutes! They would go running down the hallway and forget to stop! BANG!! CRASH!! Perhaps a Yip but that never lasted. Back down the hall they would go having such a great time playing! BANG again! Well, that was a nice table, chair, TV or whatever. Now in pieces and those furry faces looking at me like "OoPs!" And away again they would go running, playing and running into each other having a blast!
I could tell because even if I was not looking directly at them, I just knew when they ran into something, threw the big ball with the handle on it and BANG!! It hit the house or broke a window or went flying down the driveway. CRASH!! There goes the garbage can! And Darn it! That just hit my truck or scared the Horses! Little things that sometimes made me laugh . . .
So, what if these loud Thunderstorms are more than just the weather? What if in the spiritual realm, there is a connection to the pets while they play? I mean IF we could hear our pets over the Bridge - IF it really exists, What would it sound like?
I thought about this a while and a while some more. Hum . . . I thought to myself that WOW! It would be loud for sure as they all played! Just think of a dog park! HaHaHa! There is nothing quiet about it! I began to smile.
This is all conjecture and perhaps just an image and explanation that helps me and me alone deal with the loss of these animals. I don't care what anyone else thinks. This image of them playing, throwing the balls, crashing into things and running, jumping and having a wonderful time just helped me lighten my Heart a bit. For the first time, I thought about how funny my boy was as a puppy! He cracked me up! LOL!!
So what IF he and the others were trying to tell me something? What IF the only way to get my attention on this mortal plane was to create something really LOUD over head? I mean what does a Thunderstorm sound like? What does it do for us humans? Well It gets our attention! Makes us stop whatever we are doing and look up at the sky. Am I right? Hum . . . .
Could it be a message? Totally spiritual message for us pet owners that lost our best friends? I mean, does it matter what you think if this helps me deal with the loss of my beloved pets? No. It makes no difference what anyone else thinks.
So I remember thinking about all this that night after we buried my boy. The more I thought about this, the lighter the pain in my Heart became. Grieving over my boy that night, a bit of magic happened. My dogs began to sing. They had never made these songs before - the sounds and tones were very different. I recorded it.
At the end of the singing from my pack, in rolled one heck of a Thunderstorm! WOW!! What a light show and the most amazing variations of Thunder! I had never seen this before but every one of my dogs and even the puppy UNO were totally calm. During a really bad and loud Thunderstorm!
I thought some more about this picture of these pets getting my attention and telling me to Stop Grieving! Kind of like how you use a water pistol or shake a can with rocks or coins in it to make your pets stop and look at you! Get their attention! Well, what IF these storms are meant for us mortals? What IF our departed pets are trying to tell us something?
What IF our pets are trying to tell us they are now Ok? There is no pain? The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom and the water is so cool and refreshing? The can now eat whatever they want and they can play again. What IF this could be true? And What IF sometimes the pets from across the Bridge saw an animal about to cross that had been very sick and confused. Its spirit was not healed yet. It was lost.
What IF they come in a huge pack and BANG! Get that critters attention? What IF they are there to escort that animal across the Bridge and give the grieving owner some comfort that their pet is NOT alone. And that NOW their beloved pet will be healed and happy once more and forever? What IF any of that was true in the Spirit realm? Can't prove it. Can't disprove it. So what IF???
Throughout my life, I have lost many of my pets. Each one took more and more of my Heart. It came to the point that I became numb to the grief. I couldn't feel happiness or sadness for anything. Everything was just the same. The same until I began to create this image and thought process in my head. Once I did, I actually felt myself smile a little bit. My numbness and grief began to lift and I thought about the happy times we had and perhaps the happy times they are having now. What IF???
This entire thought process and personal image of what life is like over the Bridge is mine. I am sharing this with you not to be ridiculed. I am sharing this in the hope that perhaps something I've written here touches a part of your grief and morning. Perhaps something in this story will make you stop, pause and look up at the sky when you see the clouds rolling in and hear the Thunder in the distance coming closer and closer. My hope is that this will give you at least some of what these images give me . . . some healing of my Heart and lessening of the Pain of Grief.
This story is my gift to those of you struggling with grief and the loss of someone or pet you have loved dearly. For I did understand your grief, pain and tears. I understand that feeling that something is missing in your home, at the table, outside in the yard or maybe snuggled up on your bed at night. I understand how much this hurts our soul and spirit. And I know now that it is possible to smile once again.
Today I listen for those Thunderstorms! I imagine happiness! I also can imagine my past beloved pets coming to help yet another new resident of the other side of Rainbow Bridge find their way home. As hard as the loss of my animals is for me, I know they also have a spirit that has ties to all the pets before them.
They may be lost and scared right after they cross the threshold from leaving this world to entering the next. I'm sure they are. After all, they can see us but we can't see them. But again, What IF help is on the way? And what IF the next time you hear a Thunderstorm you go outside and listen carefully. Are there any patterns in the rumbling that sound familiar? Maybe not. But What IF you do hear something - a rhythm you have heard before? Could it be??
Victoria L. Deming Owner of Enchanted Dreams Alaskan Malamutes. Copyright 2016
Dedicated to my furry pets no longer with me. I miss you so much.
My boy NaNook. My Boy, NaNook
His loss was so deep that I had to reconsider what the meaning of death of a pet was to me

© Copyright 2018 Victoria Deming, MSW. All rights reserved.

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