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Continued from BFF!

Cheata is running towards an office, where she needs to save her friend's reputation. But she doesn't know that her friend, Dalyna, is the one helps her back.

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016




I am Cheata, 21, a year-four student. Right now, I am running forwards the place where I might encounter the person I am afraid to meet the most. It has been 7 years. I don’t think he would remember me, not after what I have done. Whatever it takes, I have to save my friend’s reputation, my only dearest friend I ever have in life. She may be stupid, doing things recklessly, but this time I know she has intention to help me getting back with someone who might have already hated me. But this is still stupid! 


I have arrived at his office. The door is opened; I look inside. There is someone standing near the desk. I swallow hard, walking slowing forwards him, nervously. I can’t tell who he is. My vision is getting blur since I left Dalyna a moment ago; I don’t know why. He turns and says something, but I can’t hear a thing. I think my ears are numb, or When did water get into my eyes?. I just look straight at him. Suddenly, my whole body just collapses. Before it reaches the floor, he rushes to grab it with both hands, but I guess my body is too heavy. We just fall on the floor together, still he is holding me so tightly that I can hear his fast-beating heart and feel his warm body. Finally, I can hear his words. “are you okay? Answer me, please! Cheata!” he repeats it many times before I find my words to reply back. “I am fine” “No, you are not!” he immediately shot it back. “Just what happened to you? Why are you crying? You were okay in the class this morning”. I don’t want to answer him because I don’t know what happened to me either. Instead, “Can you lift me up?” I avoid his question. “don’t forget the word ‘lecturer’ and ‘please’” he lifts me up. Finally, I can feel myself back. I stretch a little bit to make sure my body is back to be under control. Then I remember the letter, I turn to his desk, but my body turn another way to his direction. Then I realize his hands are on my shoulders, grabbing so tight. “Are you alright?” he looks at me intensely. His looks, for sure, urges me to answer his questions. “Yes, I am okay, lecturer.” I do not meet his eyes. “Then what just happened?” he continues. I wish I can answer his, but I don’t know it myself either. “Dizzy! I think.” I just came up any thought I can think of. “Sit down then. I am going to get you some water, or you need some medicine like headache.” “Water is enough, thank you!” I interrupt him. I go on to sit down, wandering my eyes on his desk. “There it is!” Then I look at him. Damn! He is still looking at me. I clear my throat a bit and ask him politely, “Where is water, lecturer?” He is surprises and says, “Oh sorry! Stay here a bit!” and he runs out. “My chance!” I get up, rush to his desk, fetch the letter and want to leave as soon as possible before he is back. But I just stop, “Did I just see ‘Dear Cheata’ on the letter?”,  I think. “I have no time. Gotta go!” I am about to leave but my body refuses me and my hands start to open the letter widely, my eyes start to look at the letter, and my mind starts to read it aloud in my heart.


~In the letter~


“Dear Cheata,

First, I am sorry that I lie to you. This is not the love letter. This is a confession, not to him, but to you.

For all these years, I never forgave myself, not until you get back with him. Because of my stupidity, I hit by the car while playing in the street with you. I was diagnosed by a rare disease while I was hospitalized. I knew you never stopped blaming yourself for what happened. But this is not your fault at all. I had the disease before I got the accident. It took me only 6 months to heal the wound. I am still alive, but just won’t be long. That’s why I want you to find the happiness before I leave.

When he said he was going to abroad and you two did a pinky swear to meet again for marriage, it broke your heart, didn’t it? You still responded his mail, not until my accident. You stopped keeping in touch because of me, right? You took all your time worrying and caring about me, right? You devote yourself to care your dying friend. You know what? I know because of my disease, I become reckless and thoughtless, in other word, become stupid. But You are more stupid! If you put yourself in my shoes, are you happy that your dearest friend broke up with her only man to care only for you? Being a best friend, your happiness is my happiness. 

When you saw his name written in the designated lecturers in our class, you weren’t sure it is him. But I know deep down in your heart was delighted. You were long awaiting to see him. But you are afraid that he is mad at you for ignoring him so far. Am I right? 

Don’t worry, dear! I confirmed it is him and told him the whole story. He understood everything. I asked him if he still loves you. Well, I know the answer but you gotta talk to him for yourself. 

Talk to him, will ya? Confess everything that you hide so far, pure it out, cry it out. Say how hard it is to take care of this dying friend and try to forget the unforgettable guy of your live. Say that to a man You are waiting for 7 years. Do it for your only best friend! It is my only happiness you having been talking about so far. 

P.s. I cant say these words to you directly. I am bothered by your tears and mine too. 

your only friend, Dalyna"


At the back of the paper, her writing is becoming rushed, 

“In class this morning, you pretended not to recognize him, stayed away for him. But I can tell in your eyes that you almost cry with joy that it is him. XD” (That idiot, she just added the back writing a moment ag.)


By the time I finish her paper, it is ruined by my tears already. His coming sound snaps me out of the dramatic moment. I look at him with my tearful eyes. 


“Look back at your shoulder and start to talk to him. Stop running” Her last words in the letter. 




He stands there silently and worriedly says, “Have you finished reading?”

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