the robot sky

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Britomart station vibrated with energy as the rolling trains came to a halt, for once they were on time. The white walls and black floors were a stark contrast to the well-dressed commuters a splash of colour to the lifeless building.

Sky had lived at Britomart station for 40 years she had watched the building age as did humans. Sky did not age, eat or sleep but she looked human. Many commuters wondered passed with a friendly wave, a smile or a “good morning” in turn her programming allowed two million possible replies.

Sky was a product of advanced technology a computer with a pretty face.

As the day grew late and britomart closed Sky would look at the mirror opposite her and wonder why she was not human. this was not part of her programming.

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Chapter 1 - First Thought

Submitted: November 23, 2016

To many Terry was ordinary; his tie never straight, his face a little long, his teeth a little big and his stomach a little round. T... Read Chapter