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This story is about love and murder

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



Once there lived a Family, in a small town in California, named Grader. In this family was the father, Mother and daughter. The family Was a nice family' but the mom Was an abusive drunk secretly There were times at night when She would drink a whole 1/5 Of vodka before dinner, then When dinner came she would Throw it at her husband for no Reason. Now see the daughter Was young at the time: but as She gotten older, the abuse came her way. So naturally she Gravitated towards her dad so Naturally the mother was jealous So the abuse got worse' so she Just grew more attached to her Father. Months later he mysteriously died, so the daughter felt hurt and alone. But at least the abuse stopped For a small time, because her Mother has gotten a boyfriend But the mother is still the abusive one, and the boyfriend Believe it or not, was really protecting the daughter from The abuse. Now see, this guy had two sons from a previous Relationship, but his ex wife And kids left the country, and he Can't find them; so he was a Family man, which is a good thing because, Alice (the daughter) grown attached to him So naturally her mother was Jealous, But one day he just Vanished" word was he went back to his family " but no one Really knows. But as Alice grew Older it was the same thing, her Mother would get a boyfriend And the abuse would get worse' So the boyfriend would protect Alice, and her mother would get Jealous. Until she finally says That she is tired of her daughter Stealing her, boyfriend's. Which Was very untrue, they just felt Sorry for Alice and wanted her To be safe. One year before College her mother kicks her Out, so now she's in a foster Home finishing highschool, Now she feels confused, but safe.

Alice graduates highschool so College her she comes, but her Mother mysteriously dies. 4 years later Alice graduates college, There's a guy around town that Was very popular, he had a great Job, great home,great friends and a big bank account. Now See he owned the home but, His mother lived with him aswell Because he was caring for her. (In this town there was a serial killer, killing single women) but We will talk about that later.

One sunny afternoon Alice" fresh From college " was in the mall Shopping, with a friend of hers Alice was looking at the jewelry Display at the jewelry store: Then she hears a deep voice Coming from behind her, saying That ring looks nice on your Finger, but it would look nicer if I put it there, Alice likes what was Said to her, so they exchange Numbers. Now they are getting To know one another, going out All of the time, she would stay At his house times, even his Mom liked Alice, but only for a short time" Because Alice never Told anyone about the abuse Growing up, and she never got Help, so she had serious issues Secretly. One of those issues Was having a mother figure Around. So one night she is out Without her boyfriend (Jay) but Jay's mother was out with her Church group, eating dinner. She saw Alice but Alice didn't See her. And Alice was acting Very sluty" saying things you Would only hear in porn movies. So naturally the mother was Surprised, because that was out Of character, for Alice, so she Thought. If that's not enough She See's Alice go into the Restroom with 2 guys, but Gertrude the mother " her friend Was in the restroom aswell. She Came out and said, to the rest Of the ladies: did you know there Is an orgy going on in there. Gertrude felt disgusted and Deceived but she didn't tell her Friends that was her son's so Called girlfriend in the restroom. So the church group left It was the next morning and the Door bell rings. So Gertrude Answers it, look who it is it's Alice" not knowing J's mother Seen her last night" Alice has a Big smile on her face: asking for Her future husband, Gertrude Just rolled her eyes and walks Away from the door, then Alice Follows in asking have I done Something wrong, Gertrude Doesn't answer, and gives Alice The cold shoulder, then finally J walks down the stairs. So you two are going out, Gertrude asked J: in a meanly manor, then J asked his mom What's gotten in to you, she Replies oh nothing just feeling A little sick, so Jay rushes to his Mother's side, asking if she needs him there, and she replies That would be nice" At this time Alice is thinking another mother Wants to ruin her life. Remember I said a Alice had issues' well this Was one of them. Jay cancelled Their date and stayed with his Mom: ALICE ANGRILY LEFT. Later that day Jay gets a call from his friend, asking if he Wants to play ball at the gym Jay replies yes, just let me get My gear together. While looking For his gym bag, he happens to Find Alice's cell phone she left By mistake, but Jay doesn't Go through it. Jay finds his things, so he's off to the gym. Jay finally makes it to the gym, And the middle of his game he Hears other guy's involved in Another game, talk about some Woman named Alice. Jay thinks I don't know these guys why Would they be, talking about my Alice. But Jay ease drops a little Harder, and over hears them say That their Alice mom died, and She just graduated college. So Jay gets jealous and tries to call Alice but her phone is at his house. So he finishes the game And rushes home, while at home Jay asks his mother her honest Opinion about Alice, Gertrude Just smiled and said I thought You would never ask, and her Opinion of Alice was totally different from what he thought. She basically told him he should Find someone, he can trust. Jay Says that's funny because I Heard so guys at the gym talking About Alice, and the stuff they Said were off the wall crazy. So Gertrude says I'm only you This because I love you, so she Tells him what she has seen. And in a fit of rage Jay yells" "Why would you lie to me like that, Gertrude says I'm not lying, Jay says I don't believe you. So Gertrude calls her friend from The church group over for coffee. Twenty minutes pass, and Gertrude's friend finally arrived. Welcome" Nancy" that's the Friends name, I'm glade you Can make it, So you remember My son: replied Gertrude, Jay Is standing there with his hand., Extended as if to shake Nancy's Hand and she does. While saying I haven't, seen you since You where little monster raising Hell. What do you know the door Bell rings' this time Jay answers It, and look who it is, it's Alice so Jay gives her a kiss and invites Her in. Then tells her, theirs someone he wants her to meet. Alice says I can't wait. Si Jay Walks Alice into the family room We're Nancy is but ,Jay doesn't Know about what Nancy saw in The restaurant that night, but Alice does, so Nancy& Alice's Eyes lock for maybe twenty Second.staring at each other So Jay looks at them back and Forth as if he's watching a tennis Match, then finally he says Alice, This my mom's good friend Nancy. Alice nervously extends Her hand but Nancy hesitates, Then finally Nancy takes a deep Breath and shakes Alice's Finger tips, then Nancy says you Look very familiar " then Alice Replies I'm from Grader and That's not far from here, then Nancy says oh really. Then Alice Exuses herself grabs Jay's hand And leaves the room. Nancy whispers to Gertrude, You haven't told him yet, Gertrude said yes but he doesn't Believe me. Alice and Jay went Upstairs to get Alice's phone but Jay comes back downstairs Because he left his phone in the Kitchen, but overhears his mom And Nancy talking, so he walks Into the room saying I don't Believe what, then Nancy whispers to Jay" you need to get Rid of that thing you have upstairs right now, because she Is a slut, then Jay says in a Disappointing manner, not you Too. Then Nancy replies I've Seen it with my on eyes. At this Point Jay is very confused. Alice has her phone, so she comes down the stairs, then Jay Ask Alice WHO THE FUCK ARE U Then Alice says excuse me. Then Jay says we should take A break, So Alice Cry's saying Is it because of what that bitch Said, Jay says no, my mother Is just getting sicker and I want To focus on her. So Alice is Crying and walks to the front Door, but passes the family room And See's Gertrude pointing And laughing, now Alice is Thinking revenge. Months have Passed and Jay is getting a new Contract for a security job, at A nightclub, perfect just what he Needs, or so he thinks. It's a Saturday evening and Jay Is starting his new job, at the. Nightclub and it's a packed House, luckily Jay hires 4 other Guys to work with him which turned out perfectly. Because it's A crazy club. While working The front door Jay See's a lady So beautiful it looked like she Fell from heaven, and the closer She got, the more stunning she Became, until she got close Enough to see, And what so you Know, it's Alice. Jay is very surprised because he hasn't seen her in months, and really Misses her.but he doesn't like Being played for a fool But Alice with revenge on her Mind, says Jay I love you and Miss you, And Jay buys it. So Jay Ask his employee to take over, So Jay can take a break.. Now Alice & Jay are in the club, Catching up, over a few drinks. Until Jay finally gives in to Alice's Charm, and starts to rekindle What they had. But Alice is hell Bent on revenge, because of Her issues. After his first night of work Jay Returns home, but he is not alone. Jay walks in his front Door, saying I'm home, and Gertrude says wellc but stops in Her tracks because she she's Alice, but Jay doesn't see Alice Pointing and laughing at his mom, the way his mom was pointing and laughing at Alice When she was leaving, when they broke up. Gertrude rolls Her eyes' Jay walks to the kitchen for wine glasses, and Some very expensive wine for Special occasions. Alice & Jay are in the room drinking and doing their thing, but Jay doesn't know Alice put Something in his drink to knock Him out, and it works. While Jay Is out, Alice gets up and go's to The kitchen for the biggest knife She can find, and covers her For tracks, not leaving any evidence she was there: then She walks into Gertrude's room But Gertrude is a light sleeper so She wakes up and See's Alice Standing their with her hand behind her back, so she screams For Jay but he doesn't answer, Gertrude tries yelling again but Alice grabs her mouth and stabs Her repeatedly until she, was dead, then Alice walks back into Jay's room and places the knife In his hand, calls the police then Leave. 5 minutes pass and the Police rush to the house and Knock on the door but no one Answers, so they kick in the door Since The moms room is in front The cop instantly see a bloody Mess, so now the cops have their guns drawn searching the House. Then finally see Jay's Room, and he is still knock out With the knife in his hand, they Yell freeze but no response, Yell it again still no response,... So they shake the bed and see He is sleeping, so they remove The knife from his hand, then Snatch him up from the bed, then Puts the cuffs on him. Remember Jay doesn't know What's happening " so Jay says What the fuck is your problem. Then he looks around and asks Where's Alice, but the cops don't Say anything they walk him outside on the way out they Pass Gertrude's room, the bloody Room, and Jay See's it but now he is going crazy, screaming that Bitch Alice, then the cops say You don't remember killing your Mother, Jay yells Alice did it,. Then the cop said why were you Holding the knife. Now Jay is in The police station crying vowing To kill Alice, Did Alice get away With murder, and will she strike Again, Remember I told you About a serial killer in their town, And Alice want's to kill again, So she put an ad in the paper Saying she was single wealthy Woman, so guess who answers It, the serial killer, so the meet and the both have murder on their mind, BUT IN THE DISTANCE YOU CAN HEAR GERTRUDE SAYING JAY WAKE UP AND HE DOES! EVERYTHING YOU READ WAS A. BAD DREAM JAY WAS HAVING ABOUT A WOMAN HE MET THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!¡!!!¡!!



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