Bigotry: My Way or the Wrong Way

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I made a simple flag for bigots. The black and white symbolizes their mentality and the red symbolizes bloodshed.

This poem is for my mom, who was the inspiration for the flag.

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016




Teach me how to love beyond the surface.

Teach me how to accept the differences in each other so that we may stand united.

Teach me to understand that no one is perfect, but human.

Why didn't you teach me?


I learned what it truly means to love beyond the surface. And got to see the heart, and soul, and mind.

I learned what it means to accept people for differences, chosen or inherited, whether it was race, sex, religion, walk of life, or creed.

The hardest thing to learn, besides no one being perfect, was...

  • Not everyone who's blood is family.
  • Not everyone who's family stays.
  • And not everyone who says they love you accepts you. The only person who truly loves you is yourself.

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