The 4 missing children

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It is the 4th of July and 4 kids go missing. Cops are everywhere. Will they be found before death, or will they all die. Tick tick times running out.

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



"BOOM" sounded the fireworks. It was the 4Th of July and I had just moved to Los Angeles. The streets were crowded. All of a sudden " Aaahhhhh, please leave us alone." I ran as fast as I could to the sound. I stopped in my tracks, goosebumps ran up my arms and my hands we're shaking. There lied 4 dead adults next to each other. One was missing a finger. I walked toward each of them, however something caught the corner of my eye. I turned and saw a man with blood coming out of his mouth. I ran over to him and asked what happened, " save the 4 children they are in danger. My wife she will kill them. They are located at Mill Stream Fa...." " Mill Stream what, where are they, sir, SSSIIIRRR." I cried. " CALL 911, SOMEBODY HELP ME." I screamed at the top of my lungs. " "Is that all you remember" asked the officer. " Yes, Sir.

However I do remember how I got in this position of almost dying." The officer replied in a calm voice, " Any information that will help us find those 4 kids, you must tell us." So I continued, " as I was yelling for help I didn't notice someone was hiding in the corn field, right behind me. Then I began to feel as if I was being watched so I turned around. There right in front of my face was a man with a bloody knife, before I could yell for help he stabbed me in the shoulder. I pulled away and began to run. It hurt so bad, I could feel the blood tripping down onto my flowered blouse as I ran. He was running after me so I had no choice." The officer asked, " What happened after that?" I replied, " Sir I am in a lot of pain, I need to rest. May I tell you the rest tomorrow?" "Of course." I felt my eyes shutting. (336 words)

  I woke up to a bright shinning sun. It took me a while to realize where I was. Then it all came back to me, I was in the hospital. I looked at the clock to see the time. It surprised me that it was 10:34am. I picked up the phone and called the cafeteria for breakfast. Just then the officer walked in and said, " Are you ready to finish the story?" I replied, " Yes, Okay so where was I, oh yeh so I had no choice but to pretend to be dead. So I fell onto the ground and whispered help, as if to be out of breath and then I blinked a lot and acted as if I was dead. I saw him coming up so I stopped breathing and blinking. He had the knife in his hand, when he said to me, " serves you right, now my secret is dead just like you." " Wait, but your shoulder isn't the only thing damaged." Replied the officer. " I know, so he took the knife and started stabbing me in the legs and once in the stomachs, with that he said, " just to be sure your dead." " if it wasn't for my Mom who was walking by I would of died. However she saw me there and called 911." " is that all you remember, would you reconize him if you saw the killer again."

Before I answered I saw something out of the corner of my eye, something an officer wouldn't have. I looked closer and realized it was a finger on his key chain. He was the killer. How did he get in here. I was so confused and had so many questions. I quickly responded, " may I please make a phone call." What am I doing, he could tell I was scared. He knew something was wrong. Did he know that I knew he was the killer. " yes, of course you may make a phone call." I reached for the phone, but before I could get it he said, " you can make a phone call in heaven, because I'm going to ger rid of you. This time you will not be faking. Before you die though I want you to know those 4 kids, they are in the basement of my house." I screamed, " HELP, NURSE" a nurse came running in just in time to see him Holding the knife up to my neck. As he turned to the door startled I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the chest. ( 457 words, I think, I counted by finger after I typed)

My eyes began to water as I watched him die. Was it all over. Is he dead. The nurse stared at me crying," what happened." I replied, " Don't worry about me, he told me were the 4 missing kids are." " where." Asked the nurse looking scared. I responded, " send the ambulance and police to his house and go look in the basement." Then she ran out and yelled this to all the nurses and police. I could here the sirens as they left. I turned my head to see the mans face. No,it can't be I thought, it is my my my my b-boyfriend. He stood up and said, " you didn't really think it was going to be that easy to kill me did you." I screamed. I woke up sweating in my bed. It was all just a dream. Crying I ran to my moms room and got in her bed. She woke up and gave me a hug. " Are you okay?" " No mom, I had a really scary dream. I want to sleep with you tonight." "Okay, goodnight, I love you." She replied. (212 words)

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