to my friend

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my poem is based on real feelings and a very good friend.

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



My soul is dying and I am crying, lying on the floor. Violent tides of pain and fear, ever consuming what I hold dear. My hopes, my dreams, my very being. Alone I stand there is no fleeing. Downwards I'm pulled with such force, this depression has no remorse.   I'm weak and tired from this fight, I lye here and wonder will I be alright? My eyes can see the world around me, but no pleasure does surround me. Empty, hollow, full of pain. I don't want this feeling to remain. I'm tired, sick and so withdrawn, the world carries on like I wasn't born. Invisible to those who do not know, how very low that I have grown. I look happy to you, because you cant see, what's buried deep inside of me. It eats you from the inside out, god don't it pack an awful clout. Your soul goes first, then the rest, it has skills above the best. But I have things that it knows not, a fight in me it will not blot. I'll twist it around and use its pain, I have far more than it to gain. I will cry and I will fall, but ill always end stood tall. For I have a weapon it can not see, a single light that follows me. I have you my friend. Your hopes, your love. Your very being. You my friend are that light. Together we shall stand and put up a fight, because your light is so very freeing, together we shall send this fleeing. I have a light it will never break, and a fight it will never take. Soon I'll be free to fly again, free from this burden it wont remain. Then you shall turn and say, well done my friend I am so proud, we fought that beast and tore it down. Thank you my friend for being strong, I needed you all along. Together we are stronger than depression.

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