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Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



Today I woke with such fright, ran to the loo with all my might. Threw down my PJ's then did perch, upon this seat made of birch. Then there arose such a clatter, as my ass did give a splatter.. Without a push or shove or strain, out from my buttocks came such pain. Hells fire is escaping from my booty, and by George its smelling fruity. Oh dear god its in a hurry, I should of skipped that bloody curry. I'm crying now the tears do come, that's it I cry I've lost my bum. I'll need a surgeon to repair, the damage to my derrière. I give a push and with a shiver, I think I've given birth to my liver. I need a ice pack, I need it stat and now I've gone and scarred the cat. It hisses, growls and then it vomits, thanks to my fur ball for being honest. So now I'm stuck upon this throne as my tummy gives a moan. I may be here for some while, so I shall read what's on these vial's. It happens to the best it's true, so for now I'll say good day to you. Pray for me...........

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